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Fraud prevention and investigations

Whether you're investigating individuals or companies, get fast and reliable results with these public and proprietary records tools.

CLEAR investigative software

CLEAR is the premier online research tool that helps you easily find the facts and connections you need for investigations, fraud prevention, fraud monitoring, and skip tracing.

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All fraud prevention and investigation solutions

Batch Processing of Public Records

With a few clicks, your investigation covers millions of current and historical public records. Scan data from government agencies, consumer bureaus, and businesses to learn about people and their assets, potentially adverse information, criminal records, and USA PATRIOT Act compliance.

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Company Investigator

Company Investigator lets you visualize corporate family tree structures, determine relationships among corporate entities, and generate reports and alerts for companies of interest.

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Court Express

When your investigation needs court documents or records from the U.S., Canada, and other countries – documents that are not currently available online from any court, agency, or library – turn to Court Express.

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Augment your investigation by uncovering a party's legal history using the Westlaw online collection of court dockets – the most extensive available. Track the status of cases, obtain court filings, and search more than 1,100 courts from 35 states and all federal jurisdictions.

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Discover information about people and their connections quickly and confidently. Easily filter your search of millions of public records to see the most relevant results at the top. Content includes criminal records, real property, work affiliations, social networks, and more.

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Everyday Heroes

The simple act of searching public records with PeopleMap, CLEAR, or Batch can have a powerful impact on your clients and community. Our Everyday Heroes program honors those who have made a difference using these tools.

Share your Everyday Heroes story, and we'll send you a thank-you gift of a coffee mug and a cookie.* Three winners receive an award for the charity of their choice.

* When applicable. See contest rules.

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