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Bankruptcy Law Products

Legal Solutions from Thomson Reuters offers comprehensive legal resources for bankruptcy law practitioners.

This work contains a compilation of bankruptcy law and related provisions from the United States Code Annotated®.

Book   $241.00
ProView eBook   $241.00

This product is a portable, quick-reference guide to bankruptcy laws and rules.

Book   $184.00
ProView eBook   $184.00

Expert guidance on law and procedures governing debt collection and enforcing judgments. Also includes provisional remedies, bankruptcy considerations, essential forms.

Book (Full Set)   $450.00

New edition

This product provides an overview of alternatives for distressed businesses, including state-specific parts relating to ABCs (assignments for the benefit of creditors) and receiverships.

Book (Full Set)   $280.00

This work contains federal statutes, codes, and rules relating to bankruptcy and debtor-creditor issues.

Book   $237.00

This set mirrors the official text of the United States Code, annotated with relevant cases, historical notes, indexes, and cross-references.

Book (Full Set)   $16,494.00

This guide provides full Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act coverage and guidance through the four California Bankruptcy Court districts.

Book (Full Set)   $696.00

These volumes guide you through every stage of the bankruptcy process – initial contact through final resolution – from the perspectives of debtor, creditor, and trustee.

Book (Full Set)   $851.00
ProView eBook   $851.00

An easy-to-use practice reference that helps you handle collections cases in New York state courts.

Book   $305.00

New edition Get answers to your questions regarding the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure.

Book   $332.00
ProView eBook   $332.00

This manual reviews of former and revised bankruptcy law, and provides strategies for handling domestic relations claims in bankruptcy.

Book   $295.00

This book gives the practitioner or mortgage lender assistance in foreclosure actions, with forms.

Book   $172.00

This product covers the substantive and procedural law governing the resolution of the most frequently argued matters in commercial bankruptcy cases.

Book   $327.00

The new second edition is a guide to virtually everything you need to know about practicing law under Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code.

Book (Full Set)   $316.00

This Aspatore legal title provides coverage of how credit cards are originated, financed, billed, collected, and sued upon.

Book   $100.00

This work answers questions arising in bankruptcy, debt collection, consumer credit, and secured transactions.

Book (Full Set)   $692.00

This Aspatore legal title is a guide for understanding the entire bankruptcy process, with the goal of receiving a discharge.

Book   $40.00

Comprehensive set of pleading and practice forms for Arizona attorneys.

Book (Full Set)   $2,651.00

This guide is a leading authority on evidence as it pertains to bankruptcy proceedings.

Book (Full Set)   $542.00
ProView eBook   $542.00

New edition A thorough, clear, and concise discussion of procedures and law regarding spouse and child support in New York.

Book   $410.00

This source provides analysis of the Code sections effective October 17, 2005, plus cross-references to relevant and current authority.

Book   $298.00

Contains timely information on every aspect of bankruptcy exemption law.

Book   $309.00
ProView eBook   $309.00

This reference provides a thorough discussion and analysis of the interplay between bankruptcy and environmental law.

Book   $318.00

Bankruptcy code, state and local rules, court orders, and practice resources - in one plan to save you time and money.


This Aspatore legal title provides an authoritative perspective on best practices for advising secured and unsecured creditors during insolvency proceedings.

Book   $95.00