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Offers fast, accurate answers to questions of procedure and evidence at trial.

Book (Full Set)   $463.00 $416.70
ProView eBook   $463.00 $416.70

Comprehensive coverage of both substantive and procedural law of Louisiana workers' compensation gives you the whole picture in less time.

Book (Full Set)   $404.00 $363.60
ProView eBook   $404.00 $363.60

Authoritative, up-to-date coverage of significant issues in the fast-changing areas of automobile, life, health, property, and liability insurance.

Book (Full Set)   $256.00 $230.40

Provides a practical, authoritative explanation of issues involved in “lifetime giving.”

Book (Full Set)   $150.00 $135.00
ProView eBook   $150.00 $135.00

Deals with the processing of civil litigation in Louisiana district and appellate courts, focusing primarily on the ordinary proceeding.

Book (Full Set)   $258.00 $232.20
ProView eBook   $258.00 $232.20

Offers insights into intestate successions, capacity to give/receive donations inter vivos and mortis causa, forced heirship, legacies, and more.

Book (Full Set)   $219.00 $197.10
ProView eBook   $219.00 $197.10

This volume analyzes all applicable legal doctrine, legislation, and cases dealing with usufruct, habitation, and limited personal servitudes in Louisiana.

Book (Full Set)   $214.00 $192.60
ProView eBook   $214.00 $192.60

This title identifies, organizes, and analyzes the state and federal statutory and jurisprudential developments governing the employment relationship in Louisiana.

Book   $198.00 $178.20
ProView eBook   $198.00 $178.20

Provides a discussion of Louisiana criminal law, trial strategies, and citations to current authority.

Book (Full Set)   $249.00 $224.10
ProView eBook   $249.00 $224.10

This title is both an expansion and a continuation of the coverage on civil procedure provided in Vol. 1.

Book (Full Set)   $261.00 $234.90
ProView eBook

This volume discusses all Civil Code provisions relating to legal ethics and rules of professional conduct.

Book (Full Set)   $360.00 $324.00
ProView eBook   $360.00 $324.00

Treatise designed to analyze interplay between evidence and proof at every stage of civil litigation, from pre-suit discovery through trial.

Book (Full Set)   $382.00 $343.80
ProView eBook

This title is a compilation of criminal forms drawn from attorneys within Louisiana and throughout the rest of the country.

Book (Full Set)   $388.50 $349.65

A comprehensive, diverse collection of authority on tort law topics.

Book (Full Set)   $201.00 $180.90
ProView eBook   $201.00 $180.90

Provides formal civil jury instructions that can be used in most major areas of litigation.

Book (Full Set)   $242.00
ProView eBook   $242.00

These volumes deal specifically with the assessment of damages in Louisiana law, including in-depth analysis of the theory of damages.

Book (Full Set)   $678.00 $610.20

Authoritative, up-to-date coverage of significant issues in all areas of business and corporate law.

Book (Full Set)   $540.00 $486.00
ProView eBook   $540.00 $486.00

Includes jury instructions for virtually all criminal cases in Louisiana State Courts.

Book (Full Set)   $182.00
ProView eBook   $182.00

This title contains annotated Louisiana statutes, annotated state constitution, LSA civil procedure forms, state court rules, and index.

Book (Full Set)   $11,392.00 $10,252.80