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Constitutional Rights of the Accused, 3d


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Constitutional Rights of the Accused, 3d


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Constitutional Rights of the Accused analyzes federal constitutional rights, focusing on frequently litigated topics such as arrest, search and seizure, and confessions. Organized to follow the course of any criminal action, it provides insight on topics such as:

    • The pretrial process, trial, and posttrial situations

    • The Sixth Amendment

    • Capital punishment

    • Probation, parole, and pardons

    • Double jeopardy

    • Electronic tracking devices

    • Search warrants directed at attorneys

    • Entrapment as a constitutional exception to Miranda

    • Supreme Court cases and lower-court decisions reflecting constitutional rights of accused or convicted persons with a multitude of citations

Features of this title include:
    • Practice aids and tips for research and court proceedings

    • Research references at the beginning of each chapter

    • Cross-references throughout the text

    • Table of cases