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Legal Solutions by Thomson Reuters offers a wide-ranging selection of legal treatises, including law books, ProView eBooks, legal encyclopedias and legal software solutions. Discover law resources to support all your legal research needs.

This product provides comprehensive discussion of each Federal Civil rule, including practical applications, practice tips, limitations, and traps to avoid.

Book   $304.00 $243.20
ProView eBook   $304.00 $243.20

This title provides an inclusive evidence manual for use in Florida courts.

Book   $547.00 $437.60
ProView eBook   $547.00 $437.60

Completely reorganized, expanded, and updated handbook sets the standards for citation of various legal materials, including electronic and online resources.

Book   $16.95 $13.56

This title provides authoritative guidance on New York practice, reflecting statutory and caselaw changes, and amended disclosure provisions.

Book (Full Set)   $302.00 $241.60
ProView eBook   $302.00 $241.60

Contains the full text of Ohio’s probate laws and related statutes.

Book   $149.00 $119.20

This title summarizes all facets of automobile insurance law in Georgia, with an emphasis on tort cases involving automobile insurance.

Book   $676.00 $540.80
ProView eBook   $676.00 $540.80

This title lays out legal principles and approved law office procedures for those who have previous experience in the legal fields.

Book   $75.00 $60.00
ProView eBook   $75.00 $60.00

The Blockchain: A Guide for Legal and Business Professionals provides professionals with the information they need to know in order to understand how it might be able to help their business.

Book   $59.95 $47.96

This title provides an in-depth analysis of the issues typically encountered in family law in Georgia.

Book   $676.00 $540.80
ProView eBook   $676.00 $540.80

Extensive reference providing step-by-step guidance for every phase and all types of New York criminal cases.

Book   $601.00 $480.80
ProView eBook   $601.00 $480.80

This title is a quick-reference guide to the rules of evidence in Georgia courts. It fully incorporates the 2013 Georgia Evidence Code.

Book   $370.00 $296.00
ProView eBook   $370.00 $296.00

This guide to Florida family law includes preparation strategies and practice-tested tips and tactics.

Book   $246.00 $196.80
ProView eBook   $246.00 $196.80

This manual contains the text of the United States Sentencing Guidelines, Policy Statements, and Commentary, amended and effective November 1, 2015.

Book (Full Set)   $174.00 $139.20

This publication is the same manual followed by U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) examiners for processing or prosecuting patent applications.

Book (Full Set)   $49.00 $39.20
ProView eBook   $49.00 $39.20

New edition Trawick explains the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure, taking a case from discovery through trial.

Book   $573.00 $458.40
ProView eBook   $573.00 $458.40

This is a comprehensive guide to civil practice in the Georgia courts.

Book   $664.00 $531.20
ProView eBook   $664.00 $531.20

New edition A leading authority on evidence, Justice Mark B. Simons offers insightful guidance on evidence issues litigators will encounter in court.

Book   $376.00 $300.80
ProView eBook   $376.00 $300.80

This text covers constitutional provisions, statutes, and rules of court pertaining to Florida criminal law and procedure.

Book   $330.00 $264.00
ProView eBook   $330.00 $264.00

Redfearn Wills and Administration in Georgia is a complete guide to wills, probate, and the administration of estates from the petition-for-letters to the final discharge of the personal representative.

Book (Full Set)   $218.00 $174.40
ProView eBook   $218.00 $174.40

This practice reference supplies practical advice and analysis for successfully negotiating and trying DWI cases in New York state courts.

Book   $574.00 $459.20
ProView eBook   $574.00 $459.20

New edition This title provides you with essential information about Texas construction law.

Book   $205.00 $164.00
ProView eBook   $205.00 $164.00

This title lays out legal principles and approved law office procedures for those who have previous experience in the legal fields.

Book   $98.00 $78.40
ProView eBook   $98.00 $78.40

New edition This handbook contains the full text of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and insightful commentary.

Book   $1,219.00 $975.20

New edition This title simplifies the process of preparing and presenting immigration petitions, forms, and applications.

Book (Full Set)   $1,592.00 $1,273.60
ProView eBook   $1,592.00 $1,273.60

New edition Practical and procedural guidance you need for Louisiana family law practice.

Book   $592.00 $473.60