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Alternative Dispute Resolution

New edition Strategies for handling complex insurance claims from both the insured's and the insurer's perspectives.

Book (Full Set)   $541.00 $486.90
ProView eBook   $541.00 $486.90

This title provides you with Professor Yarn’s guidance on ADR of all types, along with forms for your use.

Book   $180.00 $162.00
ProView eBook   $180.00 $162.00

This guide includes federal statutes and rules, case law, forms, checklists, American Arbitration Association rules, customs, and procedures.

Book   $2,294.00 $2,064.60
ProView eBook   $2,294.00 $2,064.60

This comprehensive practice tool explains alternative dispute resolution methods including mediation, collaborative law, private judging, and contractual arbitration.

Book (Full Set)   $488.00
ProView eBook   $488.00

This title addresses all aspects of litigation practice from a unified perspective.

Book (Full Set)   $355.00 $319.50

Unravels the complexities of employment for anyone who deals with employment disputes.

Book   $160.00 $144.00
ProView eBook   $160.00 $144.00

A practical guide to estate settlement in North Carolina.

Book (Full Set)   $325.00 $292.50
ProView eBook   $325.00 $292.50

Commentary, useful mediation forms, and all of Indiana's rules regarding alternative dispute resolution are included in this convenient pamphlet.

Book   $444.00 $399.60
ProView eBook   $444.00 $399.60

This text focuses exclusively on ineffective assistance claims, including state and federal constitutional standards for ineffectiveness.

Book   $857.00 $771.30
ProView eBook   $857.00 $771.30

New edition In-depth coverage and analysis of mortgage liens in New York, supported by controlling cases and pertinent statutes.

Book   $388.00 $349.20
ProView eBook   $388.00 $349.20

This resource covers every phase of the probate and estate management process from the time a death occurs through distribution of an estate’s assets.

Book (Full Set)   $263.00 $236.70
ProView eBook   $263.00 $236.70

Covers the transnational litigation process from case formulation to trial and enforcement of judgment. Discusses legislation, treaties, and procedural issues.

Book (Full Set)   $1,055.00 $949.50
ProView eBook

Covers federal requirements, selected state and municipal requirements, and Environmental Protection Agency regulations. Practical scientific references also included.

Book (Full Set)   $1,028.00 $925.20

Constitutional, statutory, judicial, and administrative laws are integrated for a complete analysis on every aspect of California law.

Book (Full Set)   $14,421.00 $12,978.90

This treatise is among the most comprehensive and complete treatments of reinsurance law in the marketplace.

Book   $395.00 $355.50

This book helps users develop procedures to resolve employment-related disputes without litigation.

Book   $319.00 $287.10

This book provides a complete discussion of the theory and practice of ADR, including preparation strategies and practice-tested tips and tactics.

Book   $432.00 $388.80
ProView eBook   $432.00 $388.80

This publication provides you with practical materials on commonly used Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) techniques.

Book   $359.00 $323.10

This comprehensive practice tool explains alternative dispute resolution methods, including mediation, collaborative law, private judging, and contractual arbitration.


This volume deals exclusively with alternative dispute resolution.

Book   $483.00 $434.70

Provides you with a comprehensive discussion of alternative dispute resolution, examining techniques, procedures, and underlying statutory and case law.

Book (Full Set)   $299.00 $269.10
ProView eBook

Publication is a comprehensive text statement of Texas law completely revised and rewritten in light of modern authorities and developments.

Book (Full Set)   $16,632.00 $14,968.80

Clear, practical information on more than 2,200 courts, keeping you up-to-date on all local rules and procedures.

Book (Full Set)   $718.00 $646.20
ProView eBook   $718.00 $646.20

This text includes standard legal and business forms most commonly used in Florida.

Book (Full Set)   $4,421.00 $3,978.90

This product provides step-by-step guidance through all phases of New York civil and criminal practice.

Book (Full Set)   $15,101.00