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Motions in Federal Court, 3d


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Brand: Lawyers Cooperative Publishing
Pages: 2338
Copyright: 1996-2014
ISBN: 0762001003

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Motions in Federal Court, 3d

Book - hardbound (Full Set)
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Use Motions in Federal Court to find more than 125 of the most frequently used pretrial, trial, and posttrial motions made under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and federal statutes. The set analyzes procedural issues encountered in connection with a motion, and includes extensive citations to pertinent cases and other authorities.

This title features quick practice points and furnishes supporting authority from particular federal circuits, as well as applicable local district court rules. Authority and editorial discussions highlight established principles of law for easy scanning. Motions in Federal Court covers:

  • Strategic implications of a motion
  • Time, method, and grounds for making a motion
  • Factors considered by the court in ruling on a motion
  • Answers to commonly asked questions
In addition, this publication includes:
  • A detailed index, ample cross-references, and thousands of supporting citations to speed up research
  • Checklists on preparing, serving, and filing motions