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How do I determine the price of Thomson Reuters
Westlaw content?

The Subscriber Pricing Guide in Thomson Reuters Westlaw provides pricing information for searching and viewing documents while conducting your legal research. Information varies depending on your subscription.

Accessing the Subscriber Pricing Guide

To access the Subscriber Pricing Guide in Westlaw, navigate to the Tools tab (Figure 1), then click on Subscriber Pricing Guide.

Figure 1: View a breakdown of Westlaw prices in the Subscriber Pricing Guide.

Understanding the Subscriber Pricing Guide

The Subscriber Pricing Guide is categorized by content types, such as Primary Content, Secondary Content, Premium Litigation Content, Reports, Public Records, etc.

For most content categories, the first column shows the general type of content for that specific row of pricing (Figure 2). The second column shows examples of what type of content falls into that subcategory (Figure 3). And in the right columns, you’ll see the associated pricing for that content (Figure 4).

Figure 2: List of general content types

Figure 3: Samples of content in each content subcategory

Figure 4: Pricing for each content type

The applicable pricing column depends on whether you are billing Hourly or Transactional. If you’re unsure whether you’re billing Hourly or Transactional, go to your Preferences on the bottom-left corner of any Westlaw screen (Figure 5), then select the Billing tab to view your settings (Figure 6).

Figure 5: Navigate to your Preferences from
the bottom of any Westlaw screen.

Figure 6: View your settings under the Billing tab.

Most types of content will have prices for both Hourly and Transactional billing; however, some content will only allow Transactional billing (Figure 7), even if you are set to bill Hourly.

Figure 7: Some content will only allow for Transactional billing.

The farthest right column provides the combined view/delivery charge for Transactional billing. If you don’t see the Hourly information on delivery charges, look for the Offline Delivery of Documents section (Figure 8) towards the bottom of the guide.

Figure 8: See Offline Delivery of Documents for hourly information on delivery charges.

Finding information in the Subscriber Pricing Guide


If you’re looking for the price of a document from Federal Practice and Procedure, you’d find it under Secondary Content > Secondary Sources > Premium State and Specialty Titles (Figure 9).

(NOTE: The list of titles in the Content Examples column is meant as guidance on what type of content falls in a specific category; it is not an exhaustive list.)

Figure 9: Find the price of specific documents under the content type section.

What about prices listed for content that is included in your Westlaw plan?

Within the Subscriber Pricing Guide, you’ll see rates for searches, browsing, KeyCite, etc. Many of these features/content are already included in your Westlaw subscription at no additional charge, but prices are listed should you decide to use them as a basis for cost recovery. Depending on your Westlaw plan, these rates might appear in the Other Charges section or the Chargeable Event section (Figure 10).

Figure 10: See the Other Charges section or the Chargeable Event section for prices of content already included in your Westlaw plan at no additional charge.

Video tutorial

For a five-minute “Using the Subscriber Pricing Guide” video tutorial that walks you through the process, or for additional training and technical support, visit our Westlaw Training & Support page.