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Use KeyCite to instantly verify whether a case, statute, regulation or administrative decision is still good law or whether a patent or trademark is still valid. Exclusively on Thomson Reuters Westlaw™, KeyCite is the industry’s most complete, accurate and up-to-the-minute citator.




Get the complete picture when reviewing primary law

KeyCite editors review cases, statutes, regulations, administrative decisions, patents and trademarks, so you can use KeyCite at every step of your research to help you find, understand and analyze the law.

  1. KeyCite Flags at the top of the document let you see at a glance the status of a case, statute, regulation, administrative decision, patent or trademark.
  2. KeyCite Tabs provide quick access to citing references, negative treatment and other information related to your selected document.
  3. KeyCite Alert monitors the status of your document and automatically sends you updates when KeyCite information changes.

Know your KeyCite flags

To learn about KeyCite flags for statutes, regulations, patents and trademarks, view the KeyCite User Guide.

No longer good law for
at least one point of law.

Document has some
negative treatment.

Case has been appealed to
the U.S. Court of Appeals
or the U.S. Supreme Court.*

* KeyCite is the only citator that provides federal appeals notification.

Citing references

The KeyCite Citing Reference tab shows how other authorities have interpreted that document so you can quickly see the depth of the discussion and the topics discussed in the citing case.

  1. Depth-of-Treatment Bars show you how extensively a cited case or administrative decision has been discussed by the citing case.
  2. Quotation Marks, a Westlaw® exclusive, indicate that the citing document directly quotes the cited case or administrative decision.
  3. Headnotes indicate which point of law the citing document discusses.

Know your Depth-of-Treatment Bars

EXAMINED – Contains extended discussion of the cited case or administrative decision; usually more than a printed page of text.

DISCUSSED – Contains substantial discussion of the cited case or administrative decision; usually more than a paragraph but less than a printed page.

CITED – Contains some discussion of the cited case or administrative decision; usually less than a paragraph.

MENTIONED – Contains a brief reference to the cited case or administrative decision; usually in a string citation.

Celebrating 20 years of excellence

Since 1997, KeyCite has provided the trusted expertise and commitment to accuracy you need to build the strongest argument with total confidence. Take a deeper look at the evolution of KeyCite over the last 20 years:

See KeyCite innovation timeline

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Why You Need KeyCite

Why You Need KeyCite

Research more efficiently and always stay up-to-date. Discover what KeyCite can do for you.

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