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Using a legal research app can increase productivity

Joe Kerber
National Client Representative, Thomson Reuters

It seems too obvious to say that attorneys – like everyone else – use their smart phones to stay up to date and increase their efficiency. Email, calendar, networking... everything in the palm of your hand. So why not stay connected with your practice and your clients when it matters most?

The Westlaw app allows you to do just that. If you use Westlaw to conduct your online legal research, you can increase your research productivity and stay on top of your practice by incorporating the Westlaw app into your arsenal of legal research tools.

With the Westlaw mobile app, you will be able to:

  • Conduct core legal research leveraging WestSearch®
  • Check the status of the law using KeyCite®
  • Seamlessly synchronize with your devices
  • Access search history and folders anytime, anywhere

This means that research begun on your laptop can be continued on any mobile device, allowing you to finish what you started by taking advantage of downtime while away from your office.

“As increased use of smart phones has come into play, [attorneys are] using access to the internet for so many other ways of staying in touch with other parts of their lives. We decided now was the right time to introduce an iPhone app that was focused on keeping them up to date on their practice area, industries, and what’s going on with their clients… even when they’re away from their desks.”

-Erik Lindberg, Sr. Director of Westlaw Product Management

With that in mind, the Westlaw mobile app supplements your legal research with the ability to get customized current awareness updates and news in your practice area. On top of that, you can receive your Westlaw Alerts within the app, and setup notifications. You can also track and follow companies for up-to-date news and docket updates. What does this mean for you? The ability to stay on top of your clients’ world and your legal research with a glance at the palm of your hand.

Have an iPhone? Access Westlaw features customized for your iPhone:

  • Run searches and filter results
  • Receive customized current awareness updates and view Westlaw alerts
  • Track and follow companies
  • Save, annotate, and view documents online and offline

Download the Westlaw app now! It’s free for current Westlaw customers.

Don’t have Westlaw? Sign up for a free trial to see how Westlaw can help you conduct legal research efficiently from anywhere.

About the author

Joe Kerber

Joe Kerber is the NCR for Andrea Russo’s region and is the NCR team lead for Bankruptcy materials. Joe graduated from DePaul Law in 2012. Prior to joining Thomson Reuters, Joe was an eCommerce analyst working for an athletic and outdoors company, and he likes to get outside and enjoy nature as often as possible.