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Introducing Legal Managed Services

Ushering in a new era of Pangea3 legal outsourcing

Financial trade documentation

Our services help global financial institutions draft, negotiate, and manage obligations for relationship and transactional documentation by supporting them in streamlining processes, controlling costs, and reducing risk.

Drafting and negotiation

Our team offers flexible, scalable, and consistent approaches to supporting our clients in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating mounting volumes of financial documentation.

Obligations management

Our highly trained legal and financial domain experts can help your legal and operations teams better manage obligations in OTC agreements. Gaining greater visibility into nonstandard and/or potentially risky contractual language could protect your organization against reputational risk and early terminations.


As a result of several global initiatives, including structural reform, ring-fencing, push-outs, special resolution regimes, and changes to margin rules, many market participants must amend their master documentation to reflect the current environment. Our team helps financial institutions comply with these directives by providing quick, accurate, and efficient drafting and negotiation support for new documentation and amendments.

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Expert insights

Resources to get started with the new OTC Margin Requirements.

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ISDA Documentation Bottlenecks – Complying with the New Margin Rules

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OTC Documentation – Managing Pressure, Mitigating Risk

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"Drafting, negotiating, and executing the required documentation is a critical element in complying with the Margin Rules and could prove to be a major bottleneck in terms of meeting compliance deadlines."

Anthony DiMatteo

Director, Financial Market Solutions

Thomson Reuters Legal Managed Services

Anthony DiMatteo

Industry trends

Global financial institutions are engaging Thomson Reuters to help them address key regulatory-driven issues, including:

  • Collateral optimization
  • MiFID II
  • Living wills
  • Uncleared derivatives margin rules
  • Ratings triggers changes
  • Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive/Resolution Stay Protocol/special resolution regimes
  • Liquidity coverage ratio
  • SEF confirmation and record-keeping requirements

Reference data management

Our technology-enabled legal professionals specialize in data extraction - aggregating and organizing financial data by streamlining and standardizing processes, performing cleanup, and resolving system integration challenges related to legacy contracts. After an intensive technology-assisted review and analysis of relevant terms and clauses, our teams can help provide greater transparency into the terms of your agreements, helping to create a "golden source" of client data.

Capacity and authority

With an ever-growing number of securities in which clients are interested, improving visibility into eligibility requirements in a timely manner might seem like a daunting task. Our experts have significant experience reviewing complex securities provisions, uncovering information often buried within dense prospectuses, constitutional documents, and confusing language.

Review of legal opinions for netting and collateral enforceability

It is pivotal to have all the legal documentation aligned with local regulations in each jurisdiction. Legal clauses may change depending on the jurisdiction of incorporation of each party entering into a legal agreement. Our skilled and experienced team members with strong legal backgrounds are able to review and understand any legal opinion and implement such requirements into the legal documentation so that the legal arrangements the parties are entering into are legally binding and enforceable.

Collateral management

In the current market environment, it is essential to comprehensively understand the variations of complex collateral arrangements. A misinterpretation of a collateral set-up or legal language could have detrimental consequences. Thomson Reuters professionals provide you with the ability to analyze and act with confidence across all departments when dealing with complicated wording or collateral set-up.

  • Full Transfer Title CSA
  • Security Interest CSA
  • Credit Support Deed
  • Bilateral vs Unilateral CSA
  • Capped Credit Support Annex
  • Initial Margin Linked to a Certain Rating Downgrade Trigger
  • Ineligible Credit Support
  • Frequency of the Margin Calls
  • Eligible Credit Support: Cash, Securities, Concentration Limits, Haircuts
  • Valuation Agent Wording
  • Exchange of Collateral
  • Negative Interest
  • Definition of Exposure

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A wide range of reference data and documentation
management experience

  • ISDA Master Agreements
  • Credit Support Annexes
  • Credit Support Deeds
  • Prime Brokerage Agreements
  • Global Master Repurchase Agreements (GMRA)
  • Master Repurchase Agreement (MRA)
  • Listed Derivative Agreements
  • Cleared Futures and Options Agreements
  • Global Master Stock Lending Agreements (GMSLA)
  • Overseas Securities Lending Agreement (OSLA)
  • Deutscher Rahmenvertrag
  • Federation Bancaire Francaise Agreements
  • Contrato Marco de Operaciones Financieras
  • ISDA Confirmations and Master Confirmation Agreements
  • Parent Company Guarantees
  • Investment Management Agreements
  • Fund Prospectuses and any other type of constitutional documents

Which engagement model is right for you?

Managed services

Outsourcing of negotiation and related processes from your organization to ours

  • Domain expertise
  • Scalability
  • Process improvement
  • Cost optimization


Our skilled legal professionals provide services onsite from your premises

  • Real-time results
  • Quick scale-up of resources only when you need them

Engagements for discrete projects

Mitigating circumstances require our readily available resources to address a critical issue for you quickly

  • Improved ability to meet regulatory deadlines
  • Faster, more accurate results

What does an engagement look like?

In the case of this Tier 1 bank, it looked like this:


Operational team of resources in less than 6 months


Reduced onshore/offshore split from 90/10 within a year


Documents reviewed and analyzed for regulatory compliance

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Leadership spotlights

Dinesh Sawant

Dinesh Sawant
Vice President and Global Head
Financial Risk & Compliance

With over 15 years of experience focused on improving operational excellence for large, high-stakes institutional client relationships, Dinesh manages delivery operations for global investment banks concentrating on regulatory compliance, including SEC audits, KYC for institutional accounts, and ISDA data management.

Daniel Marks

Daniel Marks
Director and EMEA
Financial Risk & Compliance

Dan has over 10 years of experience working in a major investment bank, running global teams, processes, and change initiatives in equity derivatives, documentation, and regulatory reform. He has a deep understanding of the challenges facing OTC documentation and regulatory compliance, and has taken a leading role in industry working groups to help address them. Dan is responsible for helping expand our client footprint and business strategy for risk and compliance solutions.