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Firm Central

Practice management that works for your practice and your business

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Case Study:
How Firm Central helped Roeder Smith Jadin enhance client satisfaction, promote efficiency, and drive growth

Cloud-based practice management solutions like Firm Central from Thomson Reuters are a direct response to the pressing need for small law firms to be more efficient at every stage of their business. They make it possible to bridge the gap between operating a profitable business and running a first-class, client-focused firm.

Alex Jadin

Roeder Smith Jadin

“In a smaller law firm, you have to wear multiple hats. I have to be both a lawyer and take care of the clients – all with an eye on both the short-term and long-term costs and goals of our firm.”

Thomson Reuters recently interviewed Alex Jadin, a partner at Roeder Smith Jadin (RSJ,) a small law firm that adopted Firm Central. RSJ focuses on litigation, real estate, construction, insurance, and community association issues. The Minneapolis-based firm is a case for weighing the long-term benefits vs. the short-term challenges of installing software that affects virtually every person in the firm.

“It was our view that clients could be better serviced with a law firm that had a lot less overhead and was able to have better attention to detail.”

Jadin said his firm was looking for an integrated solution and saw the integration of Firm Central with Westlaw as a primary benefit. “The accessibility, the integration, and the full suite of services from Firm Central were really deciding factors in why we went with it,” he said. “All of our work could be integrated right into the system.”

“I can access the entirety of my office from anywhere, and that gives my clients more accessibility to me and ultimately drives down the costs.”

In addition, Jadin and his team value the ability to work from anywhere in the world. For example, since matters and documents in Firm Central are securely located in the cloud, staff members can access matter information anywhere, anytime. It enables RSJ to drive down costs associated with office space and supplies, IT servers, and technology. And it gives attorneys more flexibility into how, where, and when they work. “It’s made our attorneys’ lives easier, as well as our clients’,” said Jadin.

“When you’re efficient at your work, you’re ultimately saving that client money by spending less time getting the same amount of work done.”

RSJ and their clients are experiencing savings throughout their entire workflow. “Firm Central frees our attorneys from task-based work to spend more time on the value-adding activities like developing legal strategies, nurturing client relations, and growing the business,” Jadin said. “If you’re spending less time on those activities, you’re billing less time to that client.”

In three short years, RSJ has grown from the original three partners to a 12-person law firm. From the beginning, the firm invested in the tools and technology that helped drive growth. For RSJ, the ability to control costs while increasing client satisfaction and delivering quality legal work was key to choosing a practice management system.

“The amount of time we’re able to save (using Firm Central) makes the product worth
the cost.”

Hear a partner’s perspective

Hear what Alex Jadin has to say about adopting a new practice management system with minor disruption and major benefits. Use the link below to watch any of the eight videos (all well under two minutes) or use the live links in the text above to access a video on a specific point of interest.

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Firm Central practice management software:
This is how you can do more with less

Firm Central simplifies your workday by centralizing the tools you need to better manage your firm and provide even better service to your clients – all within a secure, data-protected environment. You can access everything from anywhere you have an Internet connection. In fact, Firm Central makes every task more efficient and every firm member more productive.

  • Centralized case file and client management
  • Time & Billing software
  • Deadline Assistant legal calendaring and scheduling
  • Legal forms drafted quickly and efficiently