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Firm Central reviews

Hear our Firm Central customers' legal management software reviews.

Firm Central: TechnoLawyer Top 25 Products winner • Easy-to-implement
software in the cloud practice management space

TechnoLawyer Top 25 Products Award

Providing innovative new features and integrating the tools small firms need for the practice
and business of law were just two of the reasons Firm Central received the TL NewsWire
Top 25 Products of 2016 Award.

Discover what makes a winner

TL NewsWire describes the Firm Central interface as “uncluttered and minimalist“ and notes that its first-in-class support is one of “the advantages of dealing with a big company.”

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A partner's perspective

"We're able to work from home, work from the coffee shop, or work from a courthouse. The accessibility that we're able to give our clients is probably one of its largest benefits."

Alex Jadin

Roeder Smith Jadin

A legal assistant's perspective

"One of the main challenges for a small law firm is to be able to portray themselves at a professional level, like the big law firms around the corner."

Staying competitive with Firm Central (0:59)

Gain a competitive edge:

On client and matter organization (0:40) Conversations with colleagues (0:58) On efficiency and time savings (1:03)

Simplify and centralize your practice:

Training and implementation (0:45) Confidence in the cloud (0:44) On Firm Central and mobility(1:31)

Sherry Rydberg

Legal Assistant
Molloy Law, Fort Myers, FL

A solo practitioner's perspective

"I would estimate I save about 20 hours a month by using Firm Central and I’m able to use that time to work on projects for clients and spend more time with my family."

Watch Steven's testimonial (1:23)

Steven Little

Solo practitioner

Staying competitive with Firm Central

On client and matter organization

Conversations with colleagues

On efficiency and time savings

Training and implementation

Confidence in the cloud

On Firm Central and mobility

Why choose Firm Central?

Benefits of practice management software

Investing in your business

Improving client retention

Integrated suite of products

Mobile accessibility

Deadline Assistant

Time & Billing

Steven Little on Firm Central

"I used to carry around a milk carton crate with my case files. Now, with Firm Central, I can access my files from anywhere! Opening Firm Central is the first thing I do every day. You are wasting your time if you don't have Firm Central and Form Builder. You aren't making the money you can. You aren't being efficient."

Tina Davis Rincones
Law Offices of Tina Davis Rincones

"Firm Central has helped reduce my IT costs. I've done most of my IT work on my own personally, but obviously as I get more clients, that has become less of an option. So this allows me to keep track of all my clients, all my billing, without having to turn to an outside source."

"I'm able to manage my practice much more efficiently, keep all my information in one location, and I can bill from the same spot and with the same information. It definitely gives me an edge."

Stephen P. Hoffman, Esq.
Hoffman Law Office

"We find Firm Central and Time & Billing a great solution to running our firm. It's remarkable how we survived all of these years without them."

Ku Yoo
Partner Chang & Yoo LLP

"Firm Central has become a primary organizational tool for my solo practice. Not only can I access matter summaries, contacts, and task lists from computer and mobile devices (in other words, from anywhere!), I can also open, edit, and save uploaded documents. Firm Central saves me time and provides some peace of mind as my expanding practice moves forward."

Brent A. Woody, PL
Brent Woody Law

"Firm Central has assisted with organization by keeping all programs integrated and easily accessible. We are now able to start going paperless to keep up with the court's initiative to eventually be paperless.

"We are extremely happy with the Firm Central single login for the attorney and office personnel to streamline workflow and billing. Time is money - and Time & Billing makes keeping track of my billing easy, and monthly invoicing takes little time and effort.

"Firm Central provides document upload, along with cloud storage and retrieval that has greatly improved efficiency and redundancy. The streamlined integration and cloud access via multiple devices has saved hours a day and freed up time needed to spend with clients."

Vonda Kay
Law office of Vonda Kay

"Firm Central is very convenient. I'm able to access my documents from anywhere - the mobility of Firm Central is like having a portable file."

Tyler J. Chasez
Triumvirate Law Group

"We are able to go paperless with Firm Central without investing in a local service that would most definitely be very costly. Firm Central has allowed us to remain 70% – 80% paperless at a reasonable price.

"In my opinion, the best feature Firm Central has that is a cut above other products is the research with Westlaw and the integration to save the cases to the designated matter folder, without an additional step of printing or saving to desktop first.

"Firm Central saves time by allowing me to save documents and correspondence, including email, directly to my matter folders. Being able to open and edit documents from anywhere is an amazing feature."

Sunni L. Daigle
Newsom Law Firm

"Firm Central has not only become my primary organizational tool, it's enabled me to take my entire office with me when I travel. Gone are the days of hauling heavy boxes of documents to depositions or hearings. With Firm Central, I can use my mobile device to access any document I need, when I need it. Firm Central saves me time and money, especially when I'm preparing for trial, and the Time & Billing function makes it quick and easy to capture my billable hours."

Phillip M. Stone, Esq.
The Stone Law Firm

"Firm Central is an invaluable asset to our practice management. When we first opened, we looked at products that were geared toward larger practices and simply didn't fit our needs. Our Thomson Reuters representative introduced us to Firm Central, which is exactly what we were looking for.

"Firm Central integrates our time & billing, our research, and our client documents in one central location. It permits us to work from anywhere there is an Internet connection. I never have to worry about forgetting a vital piece of evidence at the office because I can simply bring it up in court. Everything is organized, and centralized and maintained by the professionals at Thomson Reuters.

"It has saved much more than money. It has saved the hassle of intricate software and needless functions. It is a one-of-a-kind solution to small firm applications. I would recommend this product to any new, solo, or small firm practitioner. I use it every day."

Jarica B. Cairns
Cairns Law, P.A.