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A better, more efficient way to manage your law practice and business

Simplify the management of your legal business and resolve workflow inefficiencies so you have more time to practice law with Firm Central, a fully integrated, user-friendly, secure legal practice management solution.

Firm Central User Interface

Access your matters anytime, anyplace, anywhere

Enjoy 24/7 access to your entire firm’s information via your desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or smartphone. Learn more about Firm Central matter management.

Integrate with Westlaw – the world's most preferred legal research solution

Ensure accuracy and reduce costly research errors with the industry-leading Westlaw online research platform. See all integrations.

Track time & expenses quickly and create accurate invoices

Firm Central time and billing enables you to track and record your time and expenses, and provides a secure online portal to issue invoices to clients.

Streamline your intake process by using custom forms

Customize, build, and save your firm's forms directly into Westlaw Form Builder. Learn more about custom legal forms.

Reduce your risk of legal calendaring errors, and easily calculate and manage court deadlines

With Firm Central, you’ll never miss a court deadline thanks to enhanced scheduling and rules-based calendaring.

Firm Central helps with today's
practice management challenges:

Manual workflows are time-consuming and error-prone

Today’s clients are expecting more for less and, in order to get work done, everyone is taxed with nonbillable, administrative work. Juggling manual processes, email records, and deadlines is time-consuming and creates opportunity for error. You need a solution that streamlines your process and frees up time to practice law.

How Firm Central can help

Firm Central is designed to help you adjust to the changing legal landscape and automate manual activity for efficiency and easy collaboration. Track and record every billable minute of your day, even when offline, with Time & Billing. Easily customize, build, save, and share your legal documents with your team or clients with Custom Forms. Deadline Assistant allows you to easily calculate litigation deadlines based on applicable federal, state, and local court rules – then add the information directly to your calendar.

Reduce inefficiencies across your entire law firm with Firm Central

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Storing client data in paper files, on local servers, or in unsecured cloud environments is a security risk

Across small businesses, cyber security has become an urgent priority, and today’s small law firms are struggling to ensure the safety and confidentiality of large volumes of highly confidential information, while keeping the lines of communication open to their clients.

As outlined in the ABA Model Rules attorneys have a duty to ensure the security of their client communications and exercise reasonable efforts when using technology to communicate about client matters.

How Firm Central can help

Firm Central uses state-of-the-art technology and industry-leading cloud security standards to keep your information safe, confidential, and accessible. Firm Central uses data encrypted in transit and in storage, SOC 2 compliance and certification, U.S.-based servers owned by Thomson Reuters, and a support staff that is available 24/7/365. The Firm Central client portal is a secure, Web-based feature that allows client communication through an easy-to-use online interface.

Firm Central has the highest security standards and is SOC2 certified

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Multiple piecemeal systems are slowing your workflow

It’s not uncommon for smaller law firms to create their own processes or cobble together their own low-cost process with multiple software providers. But using disparate tools that each require their own login can cause the chaos of repetitive or unnecessary tasks. Plus, each connection point between different software providers can expose a firm to potential security threats.

How Firm Central can help

Firm Central connects all parts of your work flow into one integrated system for unparalleled efficiency. By connecting your workflow in one integrated system, you can move seamlessly from one task to another, fact-checking case documents, drafting documents, recording your time, and drafting invoices as you go. Your legal practice and business operations are connected like never before.

Streamline your entire workflow in one integrated system

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Your clients are demanding more for less.

Physical storage, server maintenance, and other IT costs can have a significant budget impact. Finding the right legal technology is crucial to decreasing overhead costs, automating tasks clients aren’t willing to pay for, and ensuring long-term success.

How Firm Central can help

In the long run, investing in Firm Central is a way to cut costs. You won’t be paying for server space, or an IT support staff. Firm Central is cloud-based, which allows you to work from anywhere. Since no physical space is required, you could even save on office overhead costs. And by maximizing your time you’ll accomplish more for your clients, satisfying their demands and their bottom line.

Gain control of your overhead costs and firm administrative tasks that are slowing you down

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See how Firm Central works:

Learn more about the power of Firm Central (3:08)

Manage overhead costs and meet client
demands with Firm Central

“Firm Central allows me to work as a sole practitioner without having multiple staff doing tasks that I’m now able to do myself. It has cut my overhead costs by 50%.”

Steven Little, Solo Practitioner
SRL Law Office

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