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Deadline Assistant Court Rules Coverage

Deadline Assistant Court Rules Coverage

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Update Summary October 27, 2017:

The following new Rules Sets were created:

J4SMS EDCA Standing Order -- Mag. Sandra M. Snyder
J4JLTEDCA Standing Order -- Mag. Jennifer L. Thurston
8TSHK CDCA Standing Order -- Mag. Shashi H. Kewalramani

The following Rules Sets were removed:

0STEHNDCA Standing Order -- Sr. Judge Thelton E. Henderson

The following Rules Sets were renamed:
No Rules Sets were renamed

The following Rules Sets were revised:

0FRCPFederal Rules of Civil Procedure*
2PWMUUSDC -- Multidistrict Litigation
K9AZBUSBC -- District of Arizona
4NACPAZ -- Rules of Civil Procedure (Superior Courts)*
K5AZAAZ -- Apache County Superior Court
I2AZCAZ -- Cochise County Superior Court
I3AZNAZ -- Coconino County Superior Court
0BAZGAZ -- Gila County Superior Court
I6AZGAZ -- Graham County Superior Court
I8AZLAZ -- La Paz County Superior Court
0AZPCAZ -- Pinal County Superior Court
I0AZSAZ -- Santa Cruz County Superior Court
K1AZYAZ -- Yavapai County Superior Court
8TBROCDCA Standing Order -- Judge Beverly Reid O'Connell
8TGJSCDCA Standing Order -- Mag. Gail J. Standish
0SHSGNDCA Standing Order -- Judge Haywood S. Gilliam Jr.
0SJSTNDCA Standing Order -- Judge Jon S. Tigar
0SJWPNDCA Standing Order -- Judge Jeffrey S. White - Patent
0SXLBNDCA Standing Order -- Mag. Laurel Beeler
9SAJBSDCA Standing Order -- Judge Anthony J. Battaglia
44UBEUSBC -- E.D. California
01CCPCalifornia CCP and CRC*
FCASFSan Francisco Superior Court - Family
L5FBNUSBC -- N.D. Florida
L5FBSUSBC -- S.D. Florida
7A04CFL -- 4th Judicial Circuit*
7A04LFL -- 4th Judicial Circuit - Clay County
7A04DFL -- 4th Judicial Circuit - Duval County
7A04NFL -- 4th Judicial Circuit - Nassau County
7A07CFL -- 7th Judicial Circuit (Flagler, Putnam, St. Johns, Volusia)
7A18BFL -- 18th Judicial Circuit - Brevard County
2FLA4FL -- Fourth Appellate District
H5SDGUSDC -- S.D. Georgia
L3GBSUSBC -- S.D. Georgia
L3GBNUSBC -- N.D. Georgia
6GSCFGA -- Supreme Court
0QHIBUSBC -- District of Hawaii
2IDC5IA -- District Court of Iowa 5th Judicial District
34IFPIA -- Forfeiture Proceedings
L7KSBUSBC -- District of Kansas
L7K04KS -- 4th Judicial District
L7K10KS -- 10th Judicial District
I8ELAUSDC -- E.D. Louisiana
I8MLAUSDC -- M.D. Louisiana
G4MDCUSDC -- District of Maryland (Criminal)
6UBWMUSBC -- W.D. Michigan
5D46CMI -- 46th Circuit Court (Otsego, Kalkaska, and Crawford)
F8MSUMS -- Uniform Circuit and County Rules (Civil)
73DCNNV -- District Court Rules*
7ANCLNV -- Eighth Judicial District (Clark County)
5OFJDNM -- Local Rules First Judicial District
K7N04NM -- Local Rules Fourth Judicial District
3EDNYUSDC -- E.D. New York*
ENNGEDNY Standing Order -- Judge Nina Gershon
SNPAESDNY Standing Order -- Judge Paul A. Engelmayer
3CNYFNY -- Uniform Rules for the Family Court
5FRCPOH -- Franklin County Common Pleas - General
5MOCPOH -- Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas - General
5WACPOH -- Warren County Court of Common Pleas - General
0ROHPOH -- Probate Code*
D3ORAUSDC -- District of Oregon Local Admiralty Rules
1HPAEUSDC -- E.D. Pennsylvania
C8WPBUSBC -- W.D. Pennsylvania
L2LACPA -- Lackawanna County Court of Common Pleas
L2LANPA -- Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas
L2PHIPA -- Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas
8XWDTUSDC -- W.D. Tennessee
B0TX5TX -- Fifth Court of Appeals (Dallas)
H2PRPTX -- Residential Construction Liability
4EVABUSBC -- E.D. Virginia
9IADWWA -- Adams County Superior Court
9ZCKWWA -- Clark County Superior Court
D0GRTWA -- Grant County Superior Court
17ISLWA -- Island County Superior Court
07WKCWA -- King County Superior Court
E5LEWWA -- Lewis County Superior Court
E7MASWA -- Mason County Superior Court
E9PACWA -- Pacific and Wahkiakum Counties
F1WHTWA -- Whatcom County Superior Court
FWAKNWA -- King County Superior Court - Family
2VWISWI -- Rules of Civil Procedure
L1BRCBritish Columbia Rules of Court


*All related rules sets must also be updated (including Standing Orders where applicable) for the amendments to be reflected therein.