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Deadline Assistant Court Rules Coverage

Deadline Assistant Court Rules Coverage

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Deadline Assistant Court Rules Coverage – Litigation

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Litigation Updates

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Important Changes to the FL – Rules of Procedure - Family

Due to changes recommended by the Florida Family Law Rules Committee and approved by the full Committee and the Board of Governors of The Florida Bar, the Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure have been amended to be a stand-alone set of rules, independent of the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure. Currently, rules set FL -- Rules of Procedure - Family is written as a child rules set of FL -- Rules of Civil Procedure. Thomson Reuters is releasing a new, stand-alone rules set, FL -- Family Law Rules of Procedure, this month with the June 2017 Litigation release.

Customers creating new Florida Family Law matters should use the new rules set, FL – Family Law Rules of Procedure. For matters currently using rules set FL-Rules of Procedure - Family, if the matters are on-going, we suggest using the new rules set and redocketing all events in those matters. For closed matters, and matters which are winding down, the old rules set will be available through December, but will be removed with the December 2017 Litigation release.


Litigation Rules


0FRCP Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
C0AMF USDC -- Admiralty and Maritime
2PWMU USDC -- Multidistrict Litigation
9LCRI Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure
3AUBF Federal Rules of Bankruptcy
6KBNK Federal Rules of Bankruptcy - Adversary Proceedings
9HBA1 U.S. Bankruptcy Appellate Panel - First Circuit
9HBA6 U.S. Bankruptcy Appellate Panel - Sixth Circuit
9HBA8 U.S. Bankruptcy Appellate Panel - Eighth Circuit
9HBA9 U.S. Bankruptcy Appellate Panel - Ninth Circuit
9HB10 U.S. Bankruptcy Appellate Panel - Tenth Circuit
1OCFC United States Court of Federal Claims
03TAX United States Tax Court
05SCT United States Supreme Court
2BFRA Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure
4H1CR United States Court of Appeals - First Circuit
152CR United States Court of Appeals - Second Circuit
G33CR United States Court of Appeals - Third Circuit
0O4CR United States Court of Appeals - Fourth Circuit
41FC5 United States Court of Appeals - Fifth Circuit
7TUA6 United States Court of Appeals - Sixth Circuit
J17TH United States Court of Appeals - Seventh Circuit
2WFC8 United States Court of Appeals - Eighth Circuit
3BUA9 United States Court of Appeals - Ninth Circuit
1JA10 United States Court of Appeals - Tenth Circuit
63F11 United States Court of Appeals - Eleventh Circuit
9VDC United States Court of Appeals - D.C. Circuit
2NAFC United States Court of Appeals - Federal Circuit
JAMS1 JAMS -- Comprehensive Arbitration Rules
9BAAA AAA -- Commercial Dispute Resolution Procedures
H3AAX AAA -- Commercial Dispute Resolution (Expedited)
9RNAS FINRA -- Code of Arbitration Procedure (Customer Disputes)
Alabama - Federal
8ENDA USDC -- N.D. Alabama
8HMDA USDC -- M.D. Alabama
8OSDA USDC -- S.D. Alabama
8ABND USBC -- N.D. Alabama
8ABMD USBC -- M.D. Alabama
8ABSD USBC -- S.D. Alabama
Alabama - State
7YALP AL -- Rules of Civil Procedure (Circuit Courts)
85ALM AL -- Civil Court Mediation Rules
7ZALD AL -- Rules of Civil Procedure (District Courts)
8BALA AL -- Rules of Appellate Procedure
Alaska - Federal
08AKD USDC -- District of Alaska
D2AKA USDC -- District of Alaska Local Admiralty Rules
9AKBK USBC -- District of Alaska
Alaska - State
40AKS AK -- Rules of Civil Procedure
4CINA AK -- Child in Need of Aid Rules
4APSC AK -- Rules of Appellate Procedure
4APCR AK -- Rules of Appellate Procedure - Criminal
Arizona - Federal
5SUAR USDC -- District of Arizona
K9AZB USBC -- District of Arizona
Arizona - State
4NACP AZ -- Rules of Civil Procedure (Superior Courts)
K5AZA AZ -- Apache County Superior Court
I2AZC AZ -- Cochise County Superior Court
I3AZN AZ -- Coconino County Superior Court
0BAZG AZ -- Gila County Superior Court
I6AZG AZ -- Graham County Superior Court
I8AZL AZ -- La Paz County Superior Court
3NARI AZ -- Maricopa County Superior Court
K4AZT AZ -- Tax Court Rules of Practice
6ZAZM AZ -- Mohave County Superior Court
I9AZJ AZ -- Navajo County Superior Court
5UARP AZ -- Pima County Superior Court
0AZPC AZ -- Pinal County Superior Court
I0AZS AZ -- Santa Cruz County Superior Court
K1AZY AZ -- Yavapai County Superior Court
K2AZU AZ -- Yuma County Superior Court
K3AZA AZ -- Rules of Civil Appellate Procedure
Arkansas - Federal
1MARK USDC -- E.D. and W.D. of Arkansas
8EARK USBC -- E.D. Arkansas
8WARB USBC -- W.D. Arkansas
Arkansas - State
G1ARP AR -- Rules of Civil Procedure
California - Federal
26USC USDC -- C.D. California Local Civil Rules
8TPLA Standing Order -- Mag. Paul L. Abrams
8TPA Standing Order -- Judge Percy Anderson
8TJGB Standing Order -- Judge Jesus G. Bernal
8TXAB Standing Order -- Judge Andre Birotte Jr.
8TCJC Standing Order -- Judge Cormac J. Carney
8TDOC Standing Order -- Judge David O. Carter
8TXJC Standing Order -- Mag. Jacqueline Chooljian
8TJDE Standing Order -- Mag. John D. Early NEW
8TCFE Standing Order -- Mag. Charles F. Eick
8TVBF Standing Order -- Judge Valerie Baker Fairbank
8TDSF Standing Order -- Judge Dale S. Fischer
8TMWF Standing Order -- Judge Michael W. Fitzgerald
8TJCG Standing Order -- Mag. Jay C. Gandhi
8TDMG Standing Order -- Judge Dolly M. Gee
8TAJG Standing Order -- Judge Andrew J. Guilford
8TAGP Standing Order -- Judge Andrew J. Guilford - Patent NEW
8TPSG Standing Order -- Judge Philip S. Gutierrez
8TTJH Standing Order -- Judge Terry J. Hatter, Jr.
8TXSK Standing Order -- Mag. Steve Kim
8TKKK Standing Order -- Mag. Kenly Kiya Kato
8TWDK Standing Order -- Judge William D. Keller
8TSHK Standing Order -- Mag. Shashi H. Kewalramani NEW
8TRGK Standing Order -- Judge R. Gary Klausner
8TJAK Standing Order -- Judge John A. Kronstadt
8TJKP Standing Order -- Judge John A. Kronstadt - Patent NEW
8TRSL Standing Order -- Judge Ronald S. W. Lew
8TAFM Standing Order -- Mag. Alexander F. MacKinnon
8TCBM Standing Order -- Judge Consuelo B. Marshall
8TDFM Standing Order -- Mag. Douglas F. McCormick
8TJEM Standing Order -- Mag. John E. McDermott
8TFFM Standing Order -- Mag. Frederick F. Mumm
8TBRO Standing Order -- Judge Beverly Reid O'Connell
8TFMO Standing Order -- Mag. Fernando M. Olguin
8TRAO Standing Order -- Mag. Rozella A. Oliver
8TSJO Standing Order -- Judge S. James Otero
8TSOP Standing Order -- Judge S. James Otero (Patent Cases)
8TVAP Standing Order -- Chief Judge Virginia A. Phillips
8TDDP Standing Order -- Judge Dean D. Pregerson
8TXSP Standing Order -- Mag. Sheri Pym
8TJLQ Standing Order -- Judge Justin L. Quackenbush
8TMLR Standing Order -- Judge Manuel L. Real
8TAGR Standing Order -- Mag. Alicia G. Rosenberg
8TJPR Standing Order -- Mag. Jean P. Rosenbluth
8TXAS Standing Order -- Mag. Alka Sagar
8TKES Standing Order -- Mag. Karen E. Scott
8TSHS Standing Order -- Mag. Suzanne H. Segal
8TJVS Standing Order -- Judge James V. Selna
8TCAS Standing Order -- Judge Christina A. Snyder
8TGJS Standing Order -- Mag. Gail J. Standish
8TJST Standing Order -- Judge Josephine L. Staton
8TKLS Standing Order -- Mag. Karen L. Stevenson
8TPJW Standing Order -- Chief Mag. Patrick J. Walsh
8TJFW Standing Order -- Judge John F. Walter
8TMRW Standing Order -- Mag. Michael R. Wilner
8TSVW Standing Order -- Judge Stephen V. Wilson
8TAJW Standing Order -- Mag. Andrew J. Wistrich
8TODW Standing Order -- Judge Otis D. Wright II
8TOWP Standing Order -- Judge Otis D. Wright II - Patent
8TGHW Standing Order -- Judge George H. Wu
27USE USDC -- E. D. California
J4XDB Standing Order -- Mag. Deborah Barnes NEW
J4SAB Standing Order -- Mag. Stanley A. Boone NEW
J4XAC Standing Order -- Mag. Allison Claire NEW
J4CKD Standing Order -- Mag. Carolyn K. Delaney NEW
J4DAD Standing Order -- Judge Dale A. Drozd
J4MCE Standing Order -- Judge Morrison C. England, Jr.
J4EPG Standing Order -- Mag. Erica P. Grosjean NEW
J4AWI Standing Order -- Judge Anthony W. Ishii
J4BAM Standing Order -- Mag. Barbara A. McAuliffe NEW
J4KJM Standing Order -- Judge Kimberly J. Mueller
J4KJN Standing Order -- Mag. Kendall J. Newman NEW
J4TLN Standing Order -- Judge Troy L. Nunley NEW
J4SKO Standing Order -- Mag. Sheila K. Oberto NEW
J4LJO Standing Order -- Chief Judge Lawrence J. O'Neill
J4MJS Standing Order -- Mag. Michael J. Seng NEW
J4WBS Standing Order -- Judge William B. Shubb NEW
J4SMS Standing Order -- Mag. Sandra M. Snyder NEW
J4JLT Standing Order -- Mag. Jennifer L. Thurston NEW
29USS USDC -- S. D. California
9SJMA Standing Order -- Mag. Jan M. Adler
9SMMA Standing Order -- Judge Michael M. Anello
9SDHB Standing Order -- Mag. David H. Bartick
9SCYB Standing Order -- Judge Cynthia A. Bashant
9SAJB Standing Order -- Judge Anthony J. Battaglia
9SCAB Standing Order -- Judge Cathy A. Bencivengo
9SRBB Standing Order -- Mag. Ruben B. Brooks
9SJLB Standing Order -- Mag. Jill L. Burkhardt
9SLAB Standing Order -- Judge Larry Alan Burns
9SKSC Standing Order -- Mag. Karen S. Crawford
9SGPC Standing Order -- Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel
9SMDD Standing Order -- Mag. Mitchell D. Dembin
9SWVG Standing Order -- Mag. William V. Gallo
9SWQH Standing Order -- Judge William Q. Hayes
9SMLH Standing Order -- Judge Marilyn L. Huff
9SXJL Standing Order -- Judge James Lorenz
9SBLM Standing Order -- Mag. Barbara Lynn Major
9SJTM Standing Order -- Judge Jeffrey T. Miller
9SDMS Standing Order -- Judge Dana M. Sabraw
9SAGS Standing Order -- Mag. Andrew G. Schopler NEW
9SBGS Standing Order -- Mag. Bernard G. Skomal
9SNLS Standing Order -- Mag. Nita L. Stormes
9STJW Standing Order -- Judge Thomas J. Whelan
1KADR USDC -- N.D. California -- ADR
28USN USDC -- N.D. California Local Civil Rules
0SWA Standing Order -- Judge William Alsup
0SSBA Standing Order -- Senior Judge Saundra Brown Armstrong
0SSAP Standing Order -- Senior Judge Saundra Brown Armstrong (Patent Cases)
0SXLB Standing Order -- Mag. Laurel Beeler
0SCRB Standing Order -- Senior Judge Charles R. Breyer
0SEMC Standing Order -- Judge Edward M. Chen
0SMMC Standing Order -- Judge Maxine M. Chesney
0SXVC Standing Order -- Judge Vince Chhabria
0SJSC Standing Order -- Mag. Jacqueline Scott Corley
0SNMC Standing Order -- Mag. Nathanael M. Cousins
0SEJD Standing Order -- Judge Edward J. Davila
0SEDP Standing Order -- Judge Edward J. Davila - Patent
0SXJD Standing Order -- Judge James Donato
0SJF Standing Order -- Judge Jeremy Fogel
0SBLF Standing Order -- Judge Beth Labson Freeman
0SHSG Standing Order -- Judge Haywood S. Gilliam Jr.
0SPJH Standing Order -- Chief Judge Phyllis J. Hamilton
0SPHP Standing Order -- Chief Judge Phyllis J. Hamilton - Patent
0SSI Standing Order -- Judge Susan Illston
0SMEJ Standing Order -- Mag. Maria-Elena James
0SXSK Standing Order -- Mag. Sallie Kim
0SLHK Standing Order -- Judge Lucy H. Koh
0SEDL Standing Order -- Mag. Elizabeth D. Laporte
0SHRL Standing Order -- Mag. Howard R. Lloyd
0SWHO Standing Order -- Judge William H. Orrick
0SYGR Standing Order -- Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers
0SYRP Standing Order -- Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers - Patent
0SDMR Standing Order -- Mag. Donna M. Ryu
0SRS Standing Order -- Judge Richard Seeborg
0SJCS Standing Order -- Chief Mag. Joseph C. Spero
0SJST Standing Order -- Judge Judge Jon S. Tigar
0SNJV Standing Order -- Mag. Nandor J. Vadas
0SSVK Standing Order -- Mag. Susan Van Keulen
0SKAW Standing Order -- Mag. Kandis A. Westmore
0SJSW Standing Order -- Judge Jeffrey S. White
0SJWP Standing Order -- Judge Jeffrey S. White (Patent Cases)
0SCW Standing Order -- Senior Judge Claudia Wilken
California -- Federal -- Bankruptcy
65UBC USBC -- C.D. California
44UBE USBC -- E.D. California
43UBN USBC -- N.D. California
1AUBS USBC -- S.D. California
California -- State -- Appeals
8KCRC California Rules of Court -- Appeals (includes the California Supreme Court Rules)
7FCA1 California Court of Appeals -- First Appellate District
2ICA2 California Court of Appeals -- Second Appellate District
7ICA3 California Court of Appeals -- Third Appellate District
7UCA4 California Court of Appeals -- Fourth Appellate District
9DUA5 California Court of Appeals -- Fifth Appellate District
6Q6AP California Court of Appeals -- Sixth Appellate District
California -- State -- Superior
01CCP California CCP and CRC
02ALF CA -- Alameda County Superior Court
AS1AL CA -- Alameda County - Asbestos
6ALPL CA -- Alameda Probate Litigation
2GALP CA -- Alpine County Superior Court
9AAMS CA -- Amador County Superior Court
1BBUS CA -- Butte County Superior Court
3ECAL CA -- Calaveras County Superior Court
3GCOL CA -- Colusa County Superior Court
04CCF CA -- Contra Costa County Superior Court
4GDLN CA -- Del Norte County Superior Court
69EDF CA -- El Dorado County Superior Court
06FRF CA -- Fresno County Superior Court
7CGLE CA -- Glenn County Superior Court
56HBS CA -- Humboldt County Superior Court
6HIMS CA -- Imperial County Superior Court
8GINY CA -- Inyo County Superior Court
32KEF CA -- Kern County Superior Court
1CKIN CA -- Kings County Superior Court
53LKS CA -- Lake County Superior Court
5GLAS CA -- Lassen County Superior Court
4FLAF CA -- Los Angeles County Superior Court
ED1LA CA -- Los Angeles County - Eminent Domain
6LAPL CA -- Los Angeles Probate Litigation
78MDC CA -- Madera County Superior Court
68MRF CA -- Marin County Superior Court
6GMAR CA -- Mariposa County Superior Court
2EMEN CA -- Mendocino County Superior Court
91MRC CA -- Merced County Superior Court
0CAMO CA -- Modoc County Superior Court
2JMOS CA -- Mono County Superior Court
99MTF CA -- Monterey County Superior Court
30NAF CA -- Napa County Superior Court
5KNEV CA -- Nevada County Superior Court
89ORC CA -- Orange County Superior Court
6ORPL CA -- Orange Probate Litigation
7OCPX CA -- Orange County - Complex Litigation
55PLS CA -- Placer County Superior Court
90PLF CA -- Plumas County Superior Court
14RIF CA -- Riverside County Superior Court
6RIPL CA -- Riverside Probate Litigation
16SAF CA -- Sacramento County Superior Court
6SAPL CA -- Sacramento Probate Litigation
66SBF CA -- San Benito County Superior Court
33SB CA -- San Bernardino County Superior Court
18SDF CA -- San Diego County Superior Court
6SDPL CA -- San Diego Probate Litigation
20SFF CA -- San Francisco County Superior Court
AS1SF CA -- San Francisco County - Asbestos
6SFPL CA -- San Francisco Probate Litigation
22SJF CA -- San Joaquin County Superior Court
93SLO CA -- San Luis Obispo County Superior Court
67SMF CA -- San Mateo County Superior Court
77SBF CA -- Santa Barbara County Superior Court
39SCF CA -- Santa Clara County Superior Court
92SCR CA -- Santa Cruz County Superior Court
1GSHA CA -- Shasta County Superior Court
5ESIE CA -- Sierra County Superior Court
7GSIS CA -- Siskiyou County Superior Court
83SOF CA -- Solano County Superior Court
36SOF CA -- Sonoma County Superior Court
51STP CA -- Stanislaus County Superior Court
72SUT CA -- Sutter County Superior Court
86THF CA -- Tehama County Superior Court
3TCSC CA -- Trinity County Superior Court
70TLF CA -- Tulare County Superior Court
88TUF CA -- Tuolumne County Superior Court
76VEF CA -- Ventura County Superior Court
38YOF CA -- Yolo County Superior Court
8CYUB CA -- Yuba County Superior Court
California - State - Probate
66CPR California Probate Rules
6ALPR CA -- Alameda County Probate Rules
6LAPR CA -- Los Angeles County Probate Rules
6SAPR CA -- Sacramento County Probate Rules
6SBPR CA -- Santa Barbara County Probate Rules
6SDPR CA -- San Diego County Probate Rules
6SFPR CA -- San Francisco County Probate Rules
California - State - Family
FCA01 CA -- Family Law
FCAAL CA -- Alameda County Superior Court - Family
FCACC CA -- Contra Costa County Superior Court - Family
FCAFR CA -- Fresno County Superior Court - Family
FCAKR CA -- Kern County Superior Court - Family
FCALA CA -- Los Angeles County Superior Court - Family
FCAMR CA -- Marin County Superior Court - Family
FCAOR CA -- Orange County Superior Court - Family
FCARV CA -- Riverside County Superior Court - Family
FCASR CA -- Sacramento County Superior Court - Family
FCABE CA -- San Bernardino County Superior Court - Family
FCASD CA -- San Diego County Superior Court - Family
FCASF CA -- San Francisco County Superior Court - Family
FCASM CA -- San Mateo County Superior Court - Family
FCASC CA -- Santa Clara County Superior Court - Family
FCASN CA -- Sonoma County Superior Court - Family
FCAVN CA -- Ventura County Superior Court - Family
California - State - Other
1CACR CA -- California Criminal Procedure
82WKC California Workers' Compensation
7HWD California Unlawful Detainer
K8CWR CA -- DIR Prevailing Wage Hearing Regulations
L5OAH CA -- Office of Administrative Hearings Rules
Colorado - Federal
4IUCO USDC -- District of Colorado
0DCOB USBC -- District of Colorado
Colorado - State
6ICOP CO -- Rules of Civil Procedure
FCORP CO -- Rules of Procedure - Family
6VCOL CO -- Rules of Appellate Procedure (includes the Colorado Supreme Court Rules)
Connecticut - Federal
3SUCN USDC -- District of Connecticut
2CTBK USBC -- District of Connecticut
2CTBB USBC -- District of Connecticut, Bridgeport Division
2CTBH USBC -- District of Connecticut, Hartford Division
2CTBN USBC -- District of Connecticut, New Haven Division
Connecticut - State
6SCNC CT -- Superior Court Rules of Practice (Civil)
Delaware - Federal
7KDEL USDC -- District of Delaware
K8DEB USBC -- District of Delaware
Delaware - State
G0SCP DE -- Superior Court Rules of Civil Procedure
GDEKC DE -- Superior Court - Kent County
GDENC DE -- Superior Court - New Castle County
GDESU DE -- Superior Court - Sussex County
G0DEC DE -- Rules of Chancery
District of Columbia - Federal
7SCOL USDC -- District of Columbia
7BCDC USBC -- District of Columbia
District of Columbia - DC
6TDCA DC -- Rules of Appellate Procedure
45DCR DC -- Rules of Civil Procedure
Florida - Federal
1UMFL USDC -- M.D. Florida
8LSDF USDC -- S.D. Florida
21FFN USDC -- N.D. Florida
L5FBM USBC -- M.D. Florida
L5FBS USBC -- S.D. Florida
L5FBN USBC -- N.D. Florida
Florida - State
11FCP FL -- Rules of Civil Procedure
7A02C FL -- 2nd Judicial Circuit (Gadsden, Franklin, Jefferson, Leon, Liberty, Wakulla)
7A04C FL -- 4th Judicial Circuit
7A04L FL -- 4th Judicial Circuit - Clay County
7A04D FL -- 4th Judicial Circuit - Duval County
7A04N FL -- 4th Judicial Circuit - Nassau County
7A05C FL -- 5th Judicial Circuit (Citrus, Hernando, Lake, Marion, Sumter)
7A06C FL -- 6th Judicial Circuit (Pasco, Pinellas)
7A06P FL -- 6th Judicial Circuit - Pinellas County
7A07C FL -- 7th Judicial Circuit (Flagler, Putnam, St. Johns, Volusia)
7A08C FL -- 8th Judicial Circuit (Alachua, Baker, Bradford, Gilchrist, Levy, Union)
7A09C FL -- 9th Judicial Circuit (Orange, Osceola)
7A9BC FL -- 9th Judicial Circuit Business Court
7A9OR FL -- 9th Judicial Circuit - Orange County
7A9OS FL -- 9th Judicial Circuit - Osceola County
7A11C FL -- 11th Judicial Circuit (Miami-Dade County)
7A11B FL -- 11th Judicial Circuit (Miami-Dade) - Complex Business Litigation
7A12C FL -- 12th Judicial Circuit (DeSoto, Manatee, Sars)
7A13C FL -- 13th Judicial Circuit (Hillsborough County)
7A15C FL -- 15th Judicial Circuit (Palm Beach County)
7A17C FL -- 17th Judicial Circuit (Broward County)
7A18C FL -- 18th Judicial Circuit (Brevard, Seminole)
7A18B FL -- Brevard County
7A18S FL -- Seminole County
7A20C FL -- 20th Judicial Circuit (Lee, Collier, Charlotte, Hendry, Glades)
2EFLF FL -- Family Law Rules of Procedure NEW
0EFLP FL -- Probate Code
1EFAP FL -- Rules of Appellate Procedure
2FLA1 FL -- First Appellate District
2FLA2 FL -- Second Appellate District
2FLA3 FL -- Third Appellate District
2FLA4 FL -- Fourth Appellate District
2FLA5 FL -- Fifth Appellate District
Georgia - Federal
2UNGA USDC -- N.D. Georgia
H4MDG USDC -- M.D. Georgia
H5SDG USDC -- S.D. Georgia
L3GBN USBC -- N.D. Georgia
L3GBM USBC -- M.D. Georgia
L3GBS USBC -- S.D. Georgia
Georgia - State
6GSCF GA -- Supreme Court
6GACA GA -- Court of Appeals
4UGEO GA -- Rules of Civil Procedure
6UGAU GA -- Uniform Superior Court Rules (Civil)
6GAAL GA -- Local Procedures Atlanta Judicial Circuit
F6GAS GA -- Uniform State Court Rules (Civil)
Guam - Federal
M1GDC USDC -- District of Guam
Guam - Territorial
M1GCP GU -- Rules of Civil Procedure
M1GSC GU -- Local Rules of the Superior Court
Hawaii - Federal
7QHAW USDC -- District of Hawaii
0QHIB USBC -- District of Hawaii
Hawaii - State
0HITC HI -- Tax Appeal Court
5LHAW HI -- Rules of Civil Procedure
7LHCC HI -- Circuit Court Rules
0LHDP HI -- District Rules of Civil Procedure
0KHDC HI -- Rules of the District Courts
6LHAP HI -- Appellate, Intermediate, and Mediation
Idaho - Federal
75IDF USDC -- District of Idaho
9IDBK USBC -- District of Idaho
Idaho - State
H1IDP ID -- Rules of Civil Procedure
7XIDA ID -- Rules of Appellate Procedure
Illinois - Federal
9UNDI USDC -- N.D. Illinois
9UILP USDC -- N.D. Illinois - Patent
A0ILC USDC -- C.D. Illinois
A9ILS USDC -- S.D. Illinois
A1INB USBC -- N.D. Illinois
7CDIB USBC -- C.D. Illinois
A1ISB USBC -- S.D. Illinois
Illinois - State
A5SCP IL -- Rules of Civil Procedure
A4ILC IL -- Circuit Court of Cook County
BIL3M IL -- 3rd Judicial Circuit (Madison)
ABIL3 IL -- Madison County - Asbestos
BIL4C IL -- 4th Judicial Circuit (Christian)
BIL4A IL -- 4th Judicial Circuit (Clay)
BIL4I IL -- 4th Judicial Circuit (Clinton)
BIL4E IL -- 4th Judicial Circuit (Effingham)
BIL4F IL -- 4th Judicial Circuit (Fayette) NEW
BIL4Q IL -- 4th Judicial Circuit (Jasper)
BIL4M IL -- 4th Judicial Circuit (Marion)
BIL4J IL -- 4th Judicial Circuit (Montgomery)
BIL4S IL -- 4th Judicial Circuit (Shelby)
B7ICC IL -- 6th Judicial Circuit (Champaign)
B7IDD IL -- 6th Judicial Circuit (DeWitt)
B7IMD IL -- 6th Judicial Circuit (Douglas)
B7IMA IL -- 6th Judicial Circuit (Macon)
B7IMM IL -- 6th Judicial Circuit (Moultrie)
B7IMP IL -- 6th Judicial Circuit (Piatt)>
BIL12 IL -- 12th Judicial Circuit (Will County)
BIL13 IL -- 13th Judicial Circuit (LaSalle County)
B14HC IL -- 14th Judicial Circuit (Henry)
B14MC IL -- 14th Judicial Circuit (Mercer)
B14RC IL -- 14th Judicial Circuit (Rock Island)
B14WC IL -- 14th Judicial Circuit (Whiteside)
BIL16 IL -- 16th Judicial Circuit (Kane County)
B1ILD IL -- 18th Judicial Circuit (DuPage County)
BIL19 IL -- 19th Judicial Circuit (Lake County)
BIL20 IL -- 20th Judicial Circuit (St. Clair)
BIL2I IL -- 21st Judicial Circuit (Iroquois)
BIL2K IL -- 21st Judicial Circuit (Kankakee)
BIL22 IL -- 22nd Judicial Circuit (McHenry County)
BIL23 IL -- 23nd Judicial Circuit (DeKalb and Kendall County)
FILRP IL -- Rules of Procedure - Family
FILCK IL -- Circuit Court of Cook County - Family
A6SCA IL -- Supreme Court Rules (Appeals)
A7AP1 IL -- Court of Appeals -- First Appellate District
A8AP2 IL -- Appeals - 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Appellate Districts
Indiana - Federal
C4INN USDC -- N.D. Indiana
C5INS USDC -- S.D. Indiana
7NINB USBC -- N.D. Indiana
7SINB USBC -- S.D. Indiana
Indiana - State
B5INP IN -- Rules of Civil Procedure
C6INR IN -- Rules for Alternative Dispute Resolution
Iowa - Federal
24IAF USDC -- N.D. and S.D. Iowa
2XIBN USBC -- N.D. Iowa
2YIBS USBC -- S.D. Iowa
Iowa - State
23ICP IA -- Rules of Civil Procedure
2IDC1 IA -- District Court of Iowa 1st Judicial District
2IDC2 IA -- District Court of Iowa 2nd Judicial District
2IDC3 IA -- District Court of Iowa 3rd Judicial District
2IDC5 IA -- District Court of Iowa 5th Judicial District
2IDC7 IA -- District Court of Iowa 7th Judicial District
2IDC8 IA -- District Court of Iowa 8th Judicial District
25ICR IA -- Rules of Criminal Procedure
2OIAP IA -- Rules of Appellate Procedure
2ZIWC IA -- Workers' Compensation Rules
35ITR IA -- Taxation and Revenue Rules
34IFP IA -- Forfeiture Proceedings
31SVP IA -- Sexually Violent Predator Code
Kansas - Federal
L7KAN USDC -- District of Kansas
L7KSB USBC -- District of Kansas
Kansas - State
L7KCP KS -- Rules of Civil Procedure
L7KDC KS -- Supreme Court Rules for District Courts
L7K02 KS -- 2nd Judicial District
L7K03 KS -- 3rd Judicial District
L7K04 KS -- 4th Judicial District
L7K07 KS -- 7th Judicial District
L7K10 KS -- 10th Judicial District
L7K11 KS -- 11th Judicial District
L7K18 KS -- 18th Judicial District
L7K21 KS -- 21st Judicial District
L7KAP KS -- Supreme Court Rules for Appellate Procedure
Kentucky - Federal
0UKTY USDC -- E.D. and W.D. Kentucky
6EKYB USBC -- E.D. Kentucky
6WKYB USBC -- W.D. Kentucky
Kentucky - State
K9RCP KY -- Rules of Civil Procedure
K9RAP KY -- Rules of Civil Appellate Procedure NEW
Louisiana - Federal
I8ELA USDC -- E.D. Louisiana
I8MLA USDC -- M.D. Louisiana
I8WLA USDC -- W.D. Louisiana
I8BEL USBC -- E.D. Louisiana
I8BML USBC -- M.D. Louisiana
I8BWL USBC -- W.D. Louisiana
Louisiana - State
I7LSC LA -- Rules of the Supreme Court
I7LAP LA -- Uniform Rules of Appellate Procedure
I81ST LA -- 1st Circuit Rules of Appellate Procedure
I82ND LA -- 2nd Circuit Rules of Appellate Procedure
I83RD LA -- 3rd Circuit Rules of Appellate Procedure
I84TH LA -- 4th Circuit Rules of Appellate Procedure
I85TH LA -- 5th Circuit Rules of Appellate Procedure
I7LCP LA -- Rules of Civil Procedure
I7LDC LA -- Rules for Louisiana District Courts
I6ORP LA -- Local Rules for Orleans Parish Civil District Court
Maine - Federal
M2MDC USDC -- District of Maine
1MEBK USBC -- District of Maine
Maine -State
M2MCP ME -- Rules of Civil Procedure
Maryland - Federal
2MMAR USDC -- District of Maryland
G4MDP USDC -- District of Maryland - Patent
G4MDC USDC -- District of Maryland (Criminal)
C4MDB USBC -- District of Maryland
Maryland - State
K8MDC MD -- Rules of Civil Procedure - Circuit Court
L9SPE MD -- Title 15 - Special Proceedings
L9JUV MD -- Title 11 - Juvenile Causes
L9MCR MD -- Title 4 - Rules of Criminal Causes
L9DCA MD -- Title 7 - Rules of Appellate Review - Circuit
L9COA MD -- Title 8 - Rules of Appellate Review
L9REG MD -- Title 8 - COSA - Regular Appeals
L9CPR MD -- Title 8 - Capital Cases (Regular Appeals)
L9EXP MD -- Title 8 - COSA - Expedited Appeals
L9CPE MD -- Title 8 - Capital Cases (Expedited Appeals)
L9REX MD -- Title 8 - COSA - Deferred Record Appeal
L9CTA MD -- Title 8 - Court of Appeals
Massachusetts - Federal
3MMAS USDC -- District of Massachusetts
1MABC USBC -- District of Massachusetts
Massachusetts - State
4DMAS MA -- Rules of Civil Procedure
98SCR MA -- Superior Court Rules (includes select Orders)
97SPR MA -- Rules of Summary Process
7RMAA MA -- Rules of Appellate Procedure
96SJC MA -- Rules of the Supreme Judicial Court
Michigan - Federal
8QEDM USDC -- E.D. Michigan
74WDM USDC -- W.D. Michigan
6UBEM USBC -- E.D. Michigan
6UBWM USBC -- W.D. Michigan
Michigan - State
4EMWK MI -- Workers' Compensation
9CMIC MI -- Rules of Civil Procedure
2DMDE MI -- 36th Judicial Dist. Court (City of Detroit)
5D03C MI -- 3rd Circuit Court (Wayne)
4TMOA MI -- 6th Circuit Court (Oakland)
3DMMA MI -- 16th Circuit Court (Macomb)
5D38C MI -- 38th Circuit Court (Monroe)
5D40C MI -- 40th Circuit Court (Lapeer)
5D45C MI -- 45th Circuit Court (St. Joseph)
5D46C MI -- 46th Circuit Court (Otsego, Kalkaska and Crawford)
1DMST MI -- District Court - Civil Infraction Actions
Minnesota - Federal
4MMIN USDC -- District of Minnesota
8MNBK USBC -- District of Minnesota
Minnesota - State
8UMIN MN -- Rules of Civil Procedure
H6MDC MN -- General Rules of Practice for the District Courts.
8MNCA MN -- Rules of Civil Appellate Procedure
Mississippi - Federal
F7MSD USDC -- N.D. and S.D. Mississippi
F7MSB USBC -- N.D. and S.D. Mississippi
Mississippi - State
F7MSP MS -- Rules of Civil Procedure
F8MSU MS -- Uniform Circuit and County Rules (Civil)
Missouri - Federal
52EDM USDC -- E.D. Missouri
60WDM USDC -- W.D. Missouri
8MBED USBC -- E.D. Missouri
8MBWD USBC -- W.D. Missouri
Missouri - State
5XMOR MO -- Rules of Civil Procedure
6MO07 MO -- Seventh Judicial Circuit (Clay)
6MO11 MO -- Eleventh Judicial Circuit (St. Charles)
6MO13 MO -- Thirteenth Judicial Circuit (Boone and Callaway)
6MO16 MO -- Sixteenth Judicial Circuit (Jackson County)
6MO18 MO -- Eighteenth Judicial Circuit (Cooper and Pettis)
64SLC MO -- Twenty-First Judicial Circuit (St. Louis County)
6MO22 MO -- Twenty-Second Judicial Circuit (St. Louis City)
6MO23 MO -- Twenty-Third Judicial Circuit (Jefferson)
6MO29 MO -- Twenty-Ninth Judicial Circuit (Jasper) NEW
6MO31 MO -- Thirty-First Judicial Circuit (Greene) NEW
5ZMOA MO -- Rules of Appellate Procedure
Montana - Federal
B4MTF USDC -- District of Montana
9MTBK USBC -- District of Montana
Montana - State
B2MTP MT -- Rules of Civil Procedure
B3MTU MT -- Uniform District Court Rules (Civil)
Nebraska - Federal
9TNEB USDC -- District of Nebraska
8NEBK USBC -- District of Nebraska
Nebraska - State
H7NEB NE -- Rules of Civil Procedure
H8NEC NE -- Uniform County Court Rules
H9NED NE -- Uniform District Court Rules
H0NE3 NE -- Rules of the Third Judicial District
I1NE4 NE -- Rules of the Fourth Judicial District
Nevada - Federal
4JNEU USDC -- District of Nevada
4JNVP USDC -- District of Nevada - Patent
K6NBP USBC -- District of Nevada
Nevada - State
6ANCP NV -- Rules of Civil Procedure
73DCN NV -- District Court Rules
4RNVA NV -- Arbitration and Short Trial Rules
K6N01 NV -- First Judicial District
8ANWA NV -- Second Judicial District (Washoe County)
K6N03 NV -- Third Judicial District
K6N04 NV -- Fourth Judicial District
K6N07 NV -- Seventh Judicial District
7ANCL NV -- Eighth Judicial District (Clark County)
6RNV9 NV -- Ninth Judicial District (Douglas County)
K6NAP NV -- Rules of Appellate Procedure
1TNVI NV -- Industrial Insurance
New Hampshire - Federal
5MNHM USDC -- District of New Hampshire
5MNHP USDC -- District of New Hampshire - Patent
1NHBK USBC -- District of New Hampshire
New Hampshire - State
5NHCR NH -- Superior Court Rules
New Jersey - Federal
3JNJU USDC -- District of New Jersey
3JNJP USDC -- District of New Jersey -- Patent
O3NJB USBC -- District of New Jersey
New Jersey - State
0NNJ NJ -- Rules of Civil Procedure
NNJSA NJ -- Supreme Court of Appellate Rules
New Mexico - Federal
5INMF USDC -- District of New Mexico
5NMBK USBC -- District of New Mexico
New Mexico - State
5JNMR NM -- Rules of Civil Procedure (District Courts)
5OFJD NM -- Local Rules First Judicial District
5RSJD NM -- Local Rules Second Judicial District
K7N03 NM -- Local Rules Third Judicial District
K7N04 NM -- Local Rules Fourth Judicial District
K7N05 NM -- Local Rules Fifth Judicial District
K7N06 NM -- Local Rules Sixth Judicial District
K7N07 NM -- Local Rules Seventh Judicial District
K7N08 NM -- Local Rules Eighth Judicial District
K7N09 NM -- Local Rules Ninth Judicial District
K7N10 NM -- Local Rules Tenth Judicial District
K7N11 NM -- Local Rules Eleventh Judicial District
K7N12 NM -- Local Rules Twelfth Judicial District
K7N13 NM -- Local Rules Thirteenth Judicial District
5WNMA NM -- Rules of Appellate Procedure
New York - Federal
2SNYN USDC -- N.D. New York
2SNYP USDC -- N.D. New York - Patent
7ENYW USDC -- W.D. New York
3EDNY USDC -- E.D. New York
ENCBA Standing Order -- Chief Judge Carol Bagley Amon
ENJMA Standing Order -- Judge Joan M. Azrack
ENJFB Standing Order -- Judge Joseph F. Bianco
ENFB Standing Order -- Judge Frederic Block
ENMKB Standing Order -- Judge Margo K. Brodie
ENPKC Standing Order -- Judge Pamela K. Chen
ENBMC Standing Order -- Judge Brian M. Cogan
ENRJD Standing Order -- Judge Raymond J. Dearie
ENAMD Standing Order -- Judge Ann M. Donnelly
ENSJF Standing Order -- Judge Sandra J. Feuerstein
ENNGG Standing Order -- Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis
ENNG Standing Order -- Judge Nina Gershon
ENILG Standing Order -- Judge I. Leo Glasser
ENLDH Standing Order -- Standing Order -- Judge LaShann DeArcy HallNEW
ENDRH Standing Order -- Judge Denis R. Hurley
ENDLI Standing Order -- Judge Dora L. Irizarry
ENSJ Standing Order -- Judge Sterling Johnson, Jr.
ENERK Standing Order -- Judge Edward R. Korman
ENWFK Standing Order -- Judge William Francis Kuntz II
ENKAM Standing Order -- Judge Kiyo A. Matsumoto
ENRRM Standing Order -- Judge Roslynn R. Mauskopf
ENARR Standing Order -- Judge Allyne R. Ross
ENJS Standing Order -- Judge Joanna Seybert
ENADS Standing Order -- Judge Arthur D. Spatt
ENSLT Standing Order -- Judge Sandra L. Townes
ENENV Standing Order -- Judge Eric N. Vitaliano
ENJBW Standing Order -- Judge Jack B. Weinstein
ENLDW Standing Order -- Judge Leonard D. Wexler
3SDNY USDC -- S.D. New York
SNXRA Standing Order -- Judge Ronnie Abrams
SNDAB Standing Order -- Judge Deborah A. Batts
SNRMB Standing Order -- Judge Richard M. Berman
SNVLB Standing Order -- Judge Vincent L. Briccetti
SNVSB Standing Order -- Judge Vernon S. Broderick
SNNRB Standing Order -- Judge Naomi R. Buchwald
SNVEC Standing Order -- Judge Valerie E. Caproni
SNALC Standing Order -- Judge Andrew L. Carter
SNPKC Standing Order -- Judge P. Kevin Castel
SNDLC Standing Order -- Judge Denise L. Cote
SNPAC Standing Order -- Judge Paul A. Crotty
SNGBD Standing Order -- Judge George B. Daniels
SNPAE Standing Order -- Judge Paul A. Engelmayer
SNKPF Standing Order -- Judge Katherine Polk Failla
SNKBF Standing Order -- Judge Katherine B. Forrest
SNJMF Standing Order -- Judge Jesse M. Furman
SNPGG Standing Order -- Judge Paul G. Gardephe
SNTPG Standing Order -- Judge Thomas P. Griesa
SNCSH Standing Order -- Judge Charles S. Haight
SNAKH Standing Order -- Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein
SNLAK Standing Order -- Judge Lewis A. Kaplan
SNKMK Standing Order -- Judge Kenneth M. Karas
SNJFK Standing Order -- Judge John F. Keenan
SNJGK Standing Order -- Judge John G. Koeltl
SNVM Standing Order -- Judge Victor Marrero
SNXCM Standing Order -- Judge Colleen McMahon
SNAJN Standing Order -- Judge Alison J. Nathan
SNJPO Standing Order -- Judge J. Paul Oetken
SNWHP Standing Order -- Judge William H. Pauley III
SNLAP Standing Order -- Judge Loretta A. Preska
SNJSR Standing Order - Judge Jed S. Rakoff
SNXER Standing Order -- Judge Edgardo Ramos
SNNSR Standing Order -- Judge Nelson S. Roman
SNLGS Standing Order -- Judge Loma G. Schofield
SNCS Standing Order -- Judge Cathy Seibel
SNLLS Standing Order -- Judge Louis L. Stanton
SNSHS Standing Order -- Judge Sidney H. Stein
SNRJS Standing Order -- Judge Richard J. Sullivan
SNLTS Standing Order -- Judge Laura T. Swain
SNRWS Standing Order -- Judge Robert W. Sweet
SNXAT Standing Order -- Judge Analisa Torres
SDKMW Standing Order -- Judge Kimba M. Wood
SNGHW Standing Order -- Judge Gregory H. Woods
New York - Federal - Bankruptcy
8DNBN USBC -- N.D. New York
8DNBW USBC -- W.D. New York
8DNBE USBC -- E.D. New York
8DNYB USBC -- S.D. New York
New York - State
3NYCT NY -- Court of Appeals
3NYD1 NY -- Appellate Division, First Department
3NYD2 NY -- Appellate Division, Second Department
3NYD3 NY -- Appellate Division, Third Department
3NYD4 NY -- Appellate Division, Fourth Department
2CNYS NY -- Civil Rules for the Supreme Court and County Court
2ACSC NY -- Albany County Supreme Court
2BCSC NY -- Bronx County Supreme Court
2KCSC NY -- Kings County Supreme Court
2NCSC NY -- Nassau County Supreme Court
2NYCT NY -- New York County - Supreme Civil Term
2QCSC NY -- Queens County Supreme Court
2RCSC NY -- Richmond County Supreme Court
3CNYF NY -- Uniform Rules for the Family Court
4CNYS NY -- Uniform Rules for the Surrogate's Court
7DNCC NY -- New York City Civil Court Act
6EUCC NY -- Uniform Rules for New York City Civil Courts
79COC NY -- Uniform Civil Rules for the City Courts Outside of NYC
7OUDC NY -- Uniform District Court Act
5CNYD NY -- Uniform Civil Rules for the District Courts
North Carolina - Federal
6MMNC USDC -- M.D. North Carolina
6MNCP USDC -- M.D. North Carolina - Patent
3ZNCE USDC -- E.D. North Carolina
3ZNCP USDC -- E.D. North Carolina - Patent
47NCW USDC -- W.D. North Carolina
47NCP USDC -- W.D. North Carolina - Patent
4MNCB USBC -- M.D. North Carolina
4ENCB USBC -- E.D. North Carolina
4WNCB USBC -- W.D. North Carolina
North Carolina - State
3XNCP NC -- Rules of Civil Procedure
3YNCA NC -- Rules of Appellate Procedure
49NCA NC -- Administrative Hearings Division
9ENCA NC -- Rules for Court-Ordered Arbitration
North Dakota - Federal
M5DND USDC -- District of North Dakota
8NDBK USBC -- District of North Dakota
North Dakota - State
M5RCP ND -- Rules of Civil Procedure
Northern Mariana Islands - Federal
NNMIB USBC -- District of the Northern Mariana Islands
Ohio - Federal
1FOND USDC -- N.D. Ohio
1FOHP USDC -- N.D. Ohio - Patent
1ZFOS USDC -- S.D. Ohio
1ZOHP USDC -- S.D. Ohio - Patent
1NDOB USBC -- N.D. Ohio
1SDOB USBC -- S.D. Ohio
Ohio - State
0WORP OH -- Rules of Civil Procedure
5ATCP OH -- Athens County Court of Common Pleas - General
5BTCP OH -- Butler County Court of Common Pleas - General
5CCCP OH -- Clermont County Court of Common Pleas - General
5CYCP OH -- Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas - General
5FRCP OH -- Franklin County Court of Common Pleas - General
5GCCP OH -- Greene County Court of Common Pleas - General
5HMCP OH -- Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas - General
5HCCP OH -- Huron County Court of Common Pleas - General
5LKCP OH -- Lake County Court of Common Pleas - General
5LGCP OH -- Licking County Court of Common Pleas - General
5LCCP OH -- Lorain County Court of Common Pleas - General
5LUCP OH -- Lucas County Court of Common Pleas - General
5MACP OH -- Mahoning County Court of Common Pleas - General
5MOCP OH -- Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas - General
4SCCP OH -- Stark County Court of Common Pleas - General
5SMCP OH -- Summit County Court of Common Pleas - General
5TCCP OH -- Trumbull County Court of Common Pleas - General NEW
5WACP OH -- Warren County Court of Common Pleas - General
5WCCP OH -- Wood County Court of Common Pleas - General
0WRAP OH -- Rules of Appellate Procedure
OH1ST OH -- Appeals - First Appellate District
OH8TH OH -- Appeals - Eighth Appellate District
OH10T OH -- Appeals - Tenth Appellate District
0WOSP OH -- Rules of Practice of the Supreme Court
0ROHP OH -- Probate Code
0XLOR OH -- Probate Rules - Lorain County
0YCUY OH -- Probate Rules - Cuyahoga County
0ZLAK OH -- Probate Rules - Lake County
12RIC OH -- Probate Rules - Richland County
13GEA OH -- Probate Rules - Geauga County
37ECP OH -- Probate Rules - Erie County
3OMCP OH -- Probate Rules - Medina County
3TOCP OH -- Probate Rules - Ottawa County
3WLCP OH -- Probate Rules - Lucas County
Oklahoma - Federal
58WOK USDC -- W.D. Oklahoma
57EOK USDC -- E.D. Oklahoma
59NOK USDC -- N.D. Oklahoma
5WOKB USBC -- W.D. Oklahoma
5EOKB USBC -- E.D. Oklahoma
5NOKB USBC -- N.D. Oklahoma
Oklahoma - State
54OKC OK -- Rules of Civil Procedure
5DOKA OK -- Supreme Court Rules
Oregon - Federal
3HORU USDC -- District of Oregon
D3ORA USDC -- District of Oregon Local Admiralty Rules
K9ORB USBC -- District of Oregon
Oregon - State
F4OAS OR -- Revised Statutes -- Appeals (Civil)
3QORA OR -- Rules of Appellate Procedure
2QOCP OR -- Rules of Civil Procedure
4QORT OR -- Uniform Trial Court Rules
4ORBC OR -- Supplemental Rules for Baker County
4ORBT OR -- Supplemental Rules for Benton County
4ORCC OR -- Supplemental Rules for Clackamas County
4ORCL OR -- Supplemental Rules for Clatsop County
4ORCB OR -- Supplemental Rules for Columbia County
4ORCO OR -- Supplemental Rules for Coos and Curry Counties
4ORCJ OR -- Supplemental Rules for Crook and Jefferson Counties
4ORDE OR -- Supplemental Rules for Deschutes County
4ORDG OR -- Supplemental Rules for Douglas County
4ORGH OR -- Supplemental Rules for Gilliam, Hood River, Sherman, Wasco and Wheeler Counties
4ORGR OR -- Supplemental Rules for Grant and Harney Counties
4ORJC OR -- Supplemental Rules for Jackson County
4ORJO OR -- Supplemental Rules for Josephine County
4ORKC OR -- Supplemental Rules for Klamath County
4ORLK OR -- Supplemental Rules for Lake County
4ORLA OR -- Supplemental Rules for Lane County
4ORLN OR -- Supplemental Rules for Lincoln County
4ORLC OR -- Supplemental Rules for Linn County
4ORMH OR -- Supplemental Rules for Malheur County
4ORMA OR -- Supplemental Rules for Marion County
4ORMC OR -- Supplemental Rules for Multnomah County
4ORPC OR -- Supplemental Rules for Polk County
4ORTC OR -- Supplemental Rules for Tillamook County
4ORUM OR -- Supplemental Rules for Umatilla and Morrow Counties
4ORUW OR -- Supplemental Rules for Union and Wallowa Counties
4ORWC OR -- Supplemental Rules for Washington County
4ORYC OR -- Supplemental Rules for Yamhill County
Pennsylvania - Federal
1HPAE USDC -- E.D. Pennsylvania
C8MDP USDC -- M.D. Pennsylvania
C7WDP USDC -- W.D. Pennsylvania
C7PAP USDC -- W.D. Pennsylvania - Patent
C8EPB USBC -- E.D. Pennsylvania
C8MPB USBC -- M.D. Pennsylvania
C8WPB USBC -- W.D. Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania - State
C9PAP PA -- Rules of Civil Procedure
L2ALL PA -- Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas
L2BEA PA -- Beaver County Court of Common Pleas
L2BER PA -- Berks County Court of Common Pleas
L2BUC PA -- Bucks County Court of Common Pleas
L2BUT PA -- Butler County Court of Common Pleas
L2CHE PA -- Chester County Court of Common Pleas
L2CUM PA -- Cumberland County Court of Common Pleas
L2DAU PA -- Dauphin County Court of Common Pleas
L2DEL PA -- Delaware County Court of Common Pleas
L2ERI PA -- Erie County Court of Common Pleas
L2LAC PA -- Lackawanna County Court of Common Pleas
L2LAN PA -- Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas
L2LEB PA -- Lebanon County Court of Common Pleas
L2LEH PA -- Lehigh County Court of Common Pleas
L2LUZ PA -- Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas
L2LYC PA -- Lycoming County Court of Common Pleas
L2MON PA -- Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas
L2NOR PA -- Northampton County Court of Common Pleas
L2PHI PA -- Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas
L2WAS PA -- Washington County Court of Common Pleas
L2WES PA -- Westmoreland County Court of Common Pleas
L2YOR PA -- York County Court of Common Pleas
C9RAP PA -- Rules of Appellate Procedure
C9PSC PA -- Superior Court-Internal Operating Procedure
Puerto Rico - Federal
M5PRD USDC -- District of Puerto Rico
Rhode Island - Federal
4ORIF USDC -- District of Rhode Island
1RIBK USBC -- District of Rhode Island
Rhode Island - State
4RRCP RI -- Rules of Civil Procedure
South Carolina - Federal
0ISCF USDC -- District of South Carolina
0KSCB USBC -- District of South Carolina
South Carolina - State
1XSCP SC -- Rules of Civil Procedure
1YSCA SC -- Appellate Court Rules
0PSCM SC -- Magistrate's Court
0GSCA SC -- Court-Annexed ADR Rules
09SCA SC -- Administrative Law Judge Division
6WSCP SC -- Probate Code
South Dakota - Federal
G9DSD USDC -- District of South Dakota
8SDBK USBC -- District of South Dakota
South Dakota - State
G9SDP SD -- Rules of Civil Procedure
Tennessee - Federal
8XWDT USDC -- W.D. Tennessee (Civil)
8XTNP USDC -- W.D. Tennessee - Patent
8YMDT USDC -- M.D. Tennessee (Civil)
8ZEDT USDC -- E.D. Tennessee (Civil)
7TBWD USBC -- W.D. Tennessee
8TBMD USBC -- M.D. Tennessee
7TBED USBC -- E.D. Tennessee
Tennessee - State
8WTNP TN -- Rules of Civil Procedure
94TNA TN -- Rules of Appellate Procedure
95RCA TN -- Rules of the Court of Appeals
Texas - Federal
9MTX USDC -- N.D. Texas
9MTXP USDC -- N.D. Texas - Patent
8MSTX USDC -- S.D. Texas
8MTXP USDC -- S.D. Texas - Patent
7MWTX USDC -- W.D. Texas
5AEDT USDC -- E.D. Texas
5ATXP USDC -- E.D. Texas - Patent
5TBND USBC -- N.D. Texas
5TBSD USBC -- S.D. Texas
5TBED USBC -- E.D. Texas
5TBWD USBC -- W.D. Texas
5TBWA USBC -- W.D. Texas, Austin Division
5TBWE USBC -- W.D. Texas, El Paso and Waco Divisions
5TBWM USBC -- W.D. Texas, Midland-Odessa Divisions
5TBWS USBC -- W.D. Texas, San Antonio Divisions
Texas - State
3VTEX TX -- Rules of Civil Procedure
4DAUS TX -- Austin County District Courts
4DBLC TX -- Bell County District Courts
4WBEX TX -- Bexar County District Courts
4DBRZ TX -- Brazoria County District Courts
4RBRZ TX -- Brazos County District Courts
4DCCD TX -- Cameron County District Courts
G8CCT TX -- Collin County Local Rules (General Civil)
4XDAL TX -- Dallas County District Courts
4MDEN TX -- Denton County District Courts
4EELP TX -- El Paso County District Courts
4DFAY TX -- Fayette County District Courts
4LFOR TX -- Fort Bend County District Courts
4KGAL TX -- Galveston County District Courts
4YHAR TX -- Harris County District Courts
4BHID TX -- Hidalgo County District Courts
4ZJEF TX -- Jefferson County District Courts
4PLUB TX -- Lubbock County District Courts
4DMLC TX -- McLennan County District Courts
4DMID TX -- Midland County District Courts
4DMGC TX -- Montgomery County District Courts
4CNUE TX -- Nueces County District Courts
4DSMC TX -- Smith County District Courts
G7TCT TX -- Tarrant County Local Rules (General Civil)
50TRA TX -- Travis County District Courts
4DWAD TX -- Waller County District Courts
4OWEB TX -- Webb County District Courts
4AWIL TX -- Williamson County District Courts
FTXRP TX -- Rules of Procedure - Family
FTXDL TX -- Dallas County District Courts - Family
FTXD2 TX -- Dallas County 254th District Court - Family
FTXD3 TX -- Dallas County 255th District Court - Family
FTXD4 TX -- Dallas County 256th District Court - Family
FTXD5 TX -- Dallas County 301st District Court - Family
FTXD6 TX -- Dallas County 302nd District Court - Family
FTXD7 TX -- Dallas County 303rd District Court - Family
FTXD8 TX -- Dallas County 330th District Court - Family
FTXHR TX -- Harris County District Courts - Family
FTXTR TX -- Tarrant County District Courts - Family
FTXT2 TX -- Tarrant County 233rd District Court - Family
B7TXA TX -- Rules of Appellate Procedure
B8TX1 TX -- First Court of Appeals (Houston)
B8TX2 TX -- Second Court of Appeals (Fort Worth)
B8TX3 TX -- Third Court of Appeals (Austin)
B9TX4 TX -- Fourth Court of Appeals (San Antonio)
B0TX5 TX -- Fifth Court of Appeals (Dallas)
C1TX8 TX -- Eighth Court of Appeals (El Paso)
C2T10 TX -- Tenth Court of Appeals (Waco)
C4T14 TX -- Fourteenth Court of Appeals (Houston)
H2PRP TX -- Residential Construction Liability
Utah - Federal
0MUTH USDC -- District of Utah
0MUTP USDC -- District of Utah - Patent
UUTBK USBC -- District of Utah
Utah - State
6OUTR UT -- Rules of Civil Procedure
7WUTA UT -- Rules of Appellate Procedure
Vermont - Federal
L4VDC USDC -- District of Vermont
2VTBK USBC -- District of Vermont
Vermont - State
L4VTC VT -- Rules of Civil Procedure
L4VAP VT -- Rules of Appellate Procedure
Virgin Islands - Federal
3VIBK USBC -- District of the Virgin Islands
Virginia - Federal
1NEVR USDC -- E.D. Virginia
L4WDV USDC -- W.D. Virginia
4EVAB USBC -- E.D. Virginia
4WVAB USBC -- W.D. Virginia
Virginia - State
L5VCP VA -- Rules of Civil Procedure
L6FCR VA -- Fairfax County Circuit Court Rules
L6NCR VA -- City of Norfolk Circuit Court Rules
L6RCR VA -- City of Richmond Circuit Court Rules
L6VBR VA -- City of Virginia Beach Circuit Court Rules
L5VSC VA -- Supreme Court Rules
L5VCA VA -- Court of Appeals Rules
Washington - Federal
2HWAE USDC -- E.D. Washington
2HWAP USDC -- E.D. Washington - Patent
7HWAW USDC -- W.D. Washington
7PWAP USDC -- W.D. Washington - Patent
7PWAD USDC -- W.D. Washington - Admiralty
8NWBE USBC -- E.D. Washington
3PWDB USBC -- W.D. Washington
9PWDC USDC -- W.D. Washington - Criminal
Washington - State
9NWSA WA -- Rules of Appellate Procedure
6PWCL WA -- Appeals - Limited Jurisdiction (Civil)
F3DCS WA -- Civil Procedure Statutes - District Courts
D6WLJ WA -- Courts of Limited Jurisdiction
9XCDW WA -- Chelan County District Court (Civil)
5PWKG WA -- King County District Court
D1WAS WA -- Procedural Statutes (Civil)
1PWSS WA -- Superior Court Civil Rules
9IADW WA -- Adams County Superior Court
8RBFW WA -- Benton/Franklin Counties Superior Court
9WCLW WA -- Chelan County Superior Court
9YCMW WA -- Clallam County Superior Court
9ZCKW WA -- Clark County Superior Court
D7COW WA -- Cowlitz County Superior Court
D8DGW WA -- Douglas County Superior Court
D9FPS WA -- Ferry, Pend Oreille and Stevens Counties Superior Court
D0GRT WA -- Grant County Superior Court
E1GHW WA -- Grays Harbor County Superior Court
9OAGC WA -- Hells Canyon Circuit Local Rules
17ISL WA -- Island County Superior Court
E2JFR WA -- Jefferson County Superior Court
07WKC WA -- King County Superior Court
19KIT WA -- Kitsap County Superior Court
E3KTS WA -- Kittitas County Superior Court
E4KLK WA -- Klickitat and Skamania Counties Superior Court
E5LEW WA -- Lewis County Superior Court
E6LNW WA -- Lincoln County Superior Court
E7MAS WA -- Mason County Superior Court
E8OKN WA -- Okanogan County Superior Court
E9PAC WA -- Pacific and Wahkiakum Counties Superior Court
7NWPC WA -- Pierce County Superior Court
17SJC WA -- San Juan County Superior Court
2LWSK WA -- Skagit County Superior Court
5TSNO WA -- Snohomish County Superior Court
3LWSP WA -- Spokane County Superior Court
4LWTH WA -- Thurston County Superior Court
E0WAL WA -- Walla Walla County Superior Court
F1WHT WA -- Whatcom County Superior Court
F2WIT WA -- Whitman County Superior Court
5YAK WA -- Yakima County Superior Court
FWARP WA -- Rules of Procedure - Family
FWAKN WA -- King County Superior Court - Family
West Virginia - Federal
L6WVN USDC -- N.D. West Virginia
L6WVS USDC -- S.D. West Virginia
4NWVB USBC -- N.D. West Virginia
4SWVB USBC -- S.D. West Virginia
West Virginia - State
K8WVC WV -- Rules of Civil Procedure
K8WVA WV -- Supreme Court Rules of Appeals
Wisconsin - Federal
M3EDW USDC -- E.D. Wisconsin
M3WDW USDC -- W.D. Wisconsin
7WEBC USBC -- E.D. Wisconsin
7WWBC USBC -- W.D. Wisconsin
Wisconsin - State
2VWIS WI -- Rules of Civil Procedure
Wyoming - Federal
M4WDC USDC -- District of Wyoming
M4WYB USBC -- District of Wyoming
Wyoming - State
M4WYC WY -- Rules of Civil Procedure
L1ARC Alberta Rules of Court
British Columbia
L1BRC British Columbia Rules of Court
3UONT Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure