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Thomson Reuters CLEAR
Online investigation software for tax and revenue agencies

CLEAR online investigation software

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Utilize the most current and comprehensive data to increase revenue and strengthen community growth

Community boundaries are blurred. Technology is changing rapidly. Without comprehensive information and technologies that allow you to see a complete picture of a person or business, fraud and data inaccuracies are going to continue to outpace your ability to keep up. You need to have the right tools to help you accurately determine assessments, make connections between people and property, and identify fraudulent activity. When you work with CLEAR, tax fraud detection is made easy by allowing you to connect the dots across properties, people, and assets like never before.

Access a single platform that delivers data you can trust

Access a single platform that
delivers data you can trust

Identify community and department threats

Utilizing real-time gateways, identify risk quickly with underlying source and time detail

Save time on investigative research

Accurately assess property
history and ownership

According to the IRS:

Since 2010, about 3 million people have been victims of tax identity theft fraud. That number is expected to go even higher this year.

IRS study accompanying image

CLEAR helps with today's toughest tax, revenue, and accounting challenges

System and research inefficiencies lead to lower revenues

When you're struggling to conduct thorough investigations while accomplishing daily tasks, something has to give. If you can't efficiently and accurately search data to assess an asset, you won't be able to determine the correct tax rate and collect from the right person. Inefficient systems cost millions of dollars in uncollected revenues, and that is only expected to increase as fraud becomes more sophisticated and investigations become more time-consuming.

How CLEAR can help

By working with CLEAR, you will be quickly informed of critical details that lead to more connections, better tax distribution, and more revenue. By conducting fewer searches within a single interface and having the ability to build context around your results, you will find a better balance between accomplishing daily tasks and conducting thorough investigations.

CLEAR gives you reliable, real-time data to collect tax dollars, detect fraud, and improve your community.

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Unreliable information on people and assets results in millions in lost revenue

With one in nine people in the U.S. moving every year, it can be a challenge to locate and properly identify and assess a person or business within your jurisdiction. Your research tools and resources can quickly become outdated, meaning you can't be sure the information at hand is timely, accurate, or reliable. As a result, you may miss out on millions of dollars in revenue that could be used to drive community growth and development.

How CLEAR can help

CLEAR is powered by real-time gateways that provide source and time details, so you will be able to use up-to-date information to expedite your research and simplify your workload. If your research is more efficient and your data more reliable, you can collect more tax dollars and build a better community.

CLEAR gives you reliable, real-time data to collect tax dollars, detect fraud, and improve your community.

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Tax fraud and homestead exemption fraud are on the rise

Today there are more ways to commit tax fraud than ever before. Given rapid globalization, it has become increasingly difficult to pinpoint the value of an asset, ascertain homestead exemptions, and find elusive taxpayers. Without a comprehensive, technologically superior tool, you will miss this essential information, which will contribute to further revenue loss and unrealized taxes.

Technology has greatly advanced criminals' capabilities to commit fraudulent activities. To combat these fraudsters, you need advanced tools that can connect people and property and verify information.

How CLEAR can help

When you use CLEAR, you have the technology to mitigate criminal capabilities with tools that can identify risk, connect people and property, and verify information en masse. Your ability to identify potential fraud can help you build a stronger community.

CLEAR gives you reliable, real-time data to collect tax dollars, detect fraud, and improve your community.

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CLEAR features

Dashboard tools - icon

Struggling to identify key risk flags indicating fraud within your community? Dashboard tools help you identify potential inaccuracies, fraud, or other risk factors and uncover crucial data.

Fixed-rate batch - icon

Running individual searches across unconnected information sources is time-consuming and inefficient. With batch searching capabilities, you can efficiently track thousands of subjects based on custom criteria within a single interface.

Asset insights - icon

The creation and acceptance of both fraudulent documents and identities is harder to manage in today's mobile, borderless world. Access to real property reports, deed images, and parcel maps added into public records provides the interconnectedness needed to combat fraud.

Source transparency - icon

When you start your search with CLEAR, you begin with trusted and verified sources. Through source transparency and time stamps, you no longer have to question the data relevancy and currency.

Real-time gateways - icon

CLEAR gateways provide updated information on a real-time basis. When a person or business relocates, applies for credit, purchases property, or acquires property, you can be confident that you have the most recent information.

Identify verification - icon

CLEAR ID Confirm is the premium electronic identity verification program that gives you the ability to verify initial identity information to minimize potential fraud and meet regulatory requirements.

[Thomson Reuters CLEAR] makes the world more safe and secure by providing a "complete" picture of both individuals and businesses. There is no telling how much longer this [identity thief] would have kept moving from place to place, stealing innocent people's Social Security numbers, and cheating creditors and the government. Thomson Reuters benefits are not limited to one area of the law. It is far-reaching, and is vital for every business.

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