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Thomson Reuters CLEAR
Skip tracing tools for collections

CLEAR online investigation software

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Receive accurate, real-time information to efficiently recover assets

Thomson Reuters CLEAR for skip tracing is a platform that helps collections professionals increase their efficiency and accuracy. CLEAR for skip tracing combines real-time data with advanced skip tracing tools for collections to save time and increase your success rate.

real-time data

real-time data

Quick analysis capability

Quick analysis

Effortless user experience

user experience

CLEAR is crucial to my everyday job tasks. I was tracing a certain customer that had skipped out of the local area. I knew she had just had a birthday and I was able to obtain newly issued drivers license information. I was able to recover the collateral and recover auction proceeds, without the loan charging off as a huge bad debt.

— Loss Prevention Detective/Manager, Small Business Financial Services Company

CLEAR for skip tracing helps with today's toughest collections challenges:

How accurate is your information?

In the collections industry, time is money. And if the information you have is inaccurate or outdated, either it will take too long to find the right people, or you’ll waste time and resources seeking more accurate data.

How CLEAR for skip tracing can help

CLEAR provides live access to key credit header data, including the latest phone and address information. View utility information to help you locate people that don't want to be found. All sources are transparent with easy access to scope and update frequencies.

Feel confident that you’re accessing the most current and comprehensive data.

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How much time are you wasting?

If you’re manually compiling data from multiple sources, you could be sabotaging your productivity and decreasing your potential caseload. And in an industry with tight profit margins, every case counts.

How CLEAR for skip tracing can help

CLEAR for skip tracing provides debt collectors professionals with tools to help ease the burden of caseload volume. Contact view provides critical live information early in the search process to save time and enable the quick turnaround needed to be successful.

Cut turnaround time and increase productivity and profitability with CLEAR for skip tracing.

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Technology shouldn’t be a roadblock

Multiple, complicated Web searches can lead not only to spotty results, but also to wasted time. And using different sites for different searches can lead to disjointed processes among your team and within your company.

How CLEAR for skip tracing can help

CLEAR for skip tracing provides a one-stop shop that enables collections professionals to quickly and easily locate people. With Quick Analysis flags and a wealth of public and proprietary records all combined into one platform, you can establish a repeatable process while gaining time to conduct further investigations.

Create an efficient, repeatable process using integrated research tools.

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CLEAR for skip tracing features


Live and transparent data sources
Know your data’s source and when it was submitted to Thomson Reuters. Get up-to-date information from top agencies and proprietary data sources.


Focused Collections Workflow
View relevant contact information of your subject without running another report.


Accurate and timely Utility Information
With daily updates, feel confident in locating people who do not want to be found.


Customizable preferences
Customize your reports, dashboards, and workspace to find and view what matters most.

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