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Thomson Reuters CLEAR
Online public records investigative software for the federal government


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Make necessary connections to deliver on your agency mission.

CLEAR helps government investigators quickly find critical data points to build a full picture of a subject, witness, or business. With access to current and transparent credit header, utility, phone, and motor vehicle registration data, you can be confident your searches will be reliable and complete.

CLEAR features and benefits


Real-time booking information from more than 2,200 facilities and the most complete network of 90 million historical arrest records and intake photos


Professional licensure information, National Provider Identifier (NPI) records, sanction records, and Expanded Healthcare License records across all professional healthcare taxonomies by state


OFAC and sanctions information to identify potential financial crime activity, including AML and financing terrorism



Conduct high-volume searches of current and historical public records at once with on-demand, fixed-rate options



Live access to more than 7 billion license plate detections from Vigilant Solutions® to make data-driven connections to enhance and accelerate your investigations


Verify identities through a fully customizable interface using trusted CLEAR data

CLEAR ID Confirm


Billions of cell phone, landline, TracFone, business, and VoIP records delivered in real time ensure your phone searches bring back comprehensive results

What CLEAR customers are saying:

"For the past five to six years, I have been using another database source which I was totally disappointed with. I no longer use the other database source due to its very low results and CLEAR’s ability to provide current information such as dates when the information was entered
by the data provider."

Investigator with the U.S. Department of Justice

"Thomson Reuters products not only help make the world a safer, more secure place – they can also enable government agencies to locate individuals to ensure they receive timely disability benefits that are due."

CLEAR User, Department of Veterans Affairs

"There is no telling how much longer this lady would have kept moving from place to place, stealing innocent people's Social Security Numbers, and cheating creditors and the government. Thomson Reuters makes the world more safe and secure by providing a ‘complete’ picture of both individuals and businesses – and their benefits are not limited
to one area of the law."

User with U.S. Department of Justice

Real-life results

See how CLEAR data makes a difference to the most critical investigations.

See how CLEAR was used during the San Bernardino mass shooting in 2015 Hear why the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families trusts CLEAR

Fixed-rate pricing for
government customers

With content offerings to meet your agency’s investigative needs, along with predictable fixed-rate pricing, you can be confident your investigation can move forward without unexpected charges.

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Case Study: Detroit Police Department

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Top 10 reasons users trust CLEAR

Top 10 Reasons Users Trust CLEAR

CLEAR is the investigative tool that discovers data other resources miss. Learn the 10 main reasons users choose CLEAR and stay with it.

The Face of Fraud

The Face of Fraud

The faster an organization can spot money laundering in its accounts, the faster it can protect its clients and ultimately ensure the future success of its business.

Everyday Heroes

Everyday Heroes

Each year, customers win the chance to donate $10,000 to a deserving charity for great investigative work.

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