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Thomson Reuters CLEAR
Online investigative software for
Child and Family Services agencies

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CLEAR online investigation software

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Increase your positive impact to society through enhanced data and a deepened situational understanding of your community and programs.

As programs grow and expand to support the needs of local neighborhoods, so does the need for a solution that not only enables casework management, but also provides real-time information to make trusted decisions. Child and family service agencies need up-to-date information with speed and accuracy. Thomson Reuters CLEAR provides thorough and comprehensive search results within a single platform, allowing agencies to make confident decisions in order to deliver a positive impact for community health, welfare and security.

Single, secure platform

Single, secure platform

Effortless user experience

Effortless user experience

Data integrity with data source transparency - icon

Accurate and transparent data

My first go-to is always CLEAR. I have to say that this program is a lifesaver! I was able to conduct a search of the name that was on the child's birth certificate and cross-reference the state in which the mother was born. CLEAR has so much information that it was able to find [a] new name of the mother ... and give me the address and current information.

State of Michigan Office of Child Support

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CLEAR helps with today’s toughest challenges.

Protecting children and at-risk adults is a huge responsibility

You strive to provide a safe, secure and healthy living environment for groups that are often least able to help themselves. For agencies focused on maintaining programs for adoption, foster care, elder care, and other protective services, the currency of data is critical to ensure safety and security.

How CLEAR can help

CLEAR combines billions of public and proprietary records, real-time data connections, and historical information into a single interface. Agencies can trust the valuable CLEAR public records data to better serve this vulnerable population and prevent harm.

CLEAR helps you maximize your efforts and make confident decisions for those least able to help themselves.

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Uphold the integrity of community programs by preventing fraud

Your research tools and resources may be limited by jurisdiction and become outdated, meaning you can't be sure the information at hand is timely, accurate, or reliable. Without current and accurate information, data inaccuracies can jeopardize your investigations and enable potential fraud, abuse or errors to continue – reducing available resources for those in need.

How CLEAR can help

By working with CLEAR, you will be better informed of critical details that lead to additional connections, more complete profiles and potential areas for further investigation. With features designed to locate, identify, and connect disparate information, CLEAR brings the most critical details to the top of your investigation.

When you use CLEAR, your investigations and verifications are based on data sources that are current and transparent.

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Meeting the basic needs of a community requires services and support

You are asked to wear a lot of hats and perform duties to ensure individuals receive needed resources. Balancing speed, consistency and accuracy means something might fall by the wayside, reducing community stability. You require tools that increase your effectiveness.

How CLEAR can help

The unique data combinations CLEAR delivers allow you to select the data that is needed to perform the variety of tasks at hand, from verifying identities, validating mailing addresses for payments, and investigative tools to lead to faster case resolution.

Using CLEAR, you will be better equipped to promote the wellbeing of your community.

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CLEAR features and benefits

Manage your workload by searching thousands of current and historical public records at once with on-demand, fixed-rate options

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Verify identities with CLEAR ID Confirm to minimize potential fraud through a fully customizable interface using trusted CLEAR data

CLEAR ID Confirm ›

Access a robust collection of articles from the Thomson Reuters newsroom, including obituaries and negative news reports from the smallest local publications.

Be confident you are referencing the most current data with accurate details of where the data came from, when it was supplied, and who supplied it.

Billions of cell phone, landline, TracFone, business, and VoIP records delivered in real-time ensure your phone searches bring back comprehensive results.

Real-time booking information from more than 2,200 facilities and from the most complete network of 90 million historical arrest records and intake photos

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Keeping Children out
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Tracking down $63,000 in unpaid child support

Tracking down $63,000
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