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Thomson Reuters CLEAR
Online investigation software for AML/KYC

CLEAR online investigation software

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Understand potential risks and make
necessary connections to improve due diligence

Thomson Reuters CLEAR, an investigative due diligence platform, provides a one-stop shop for analysts to quickly obtain a complete picture of their subject. Complete your KYC investigations, comply with BSA regulations, and optimize your AML program with CLEAR.

Quality and transparent data

Quality and
transparent data

Effortless user experience

Effortless user

Identification of risks and associations unseen to the naked eye

Identification of risks
and associations unseen
to the naked eye

What customers are saying

In Compliance, we use CLEAR every day. It helps tremendously during our account reviews to make sure clients are who they say they are. It also helps to filter out clients with questionable financial and criminal histories to help avoid fraud, and to link individuals to businesses or other associated individuals, giving us a clear picture of who we are dealing with. It's an invaluable tool.

Stifel Nicolaus
Brokerage and investment banking firm

CLEAR helps with today's toughest
AML/KYC challenges

The data out there is spotty at best

Doing a basic Web search on your subject and checking different databases available to you may give you an idea on how much risk is associated with this person, but do you really see it all? With databases containing old data, unsourced data, and just bits and pieces of the full picture, you can be missing crucial pieces in your due diligence research.

How CLEAR can help

Boost the quality and scope of your investigative data with CLEAR, starting with transparency around the foundations of your research. CLEAR data comes with a time stamp and source information. You'll also access proprietary information that adds new dimensions to what's available publicly. When you use CLEAR, you build a current and reliable picture of each person or entity you're evaluating.

Strengthen your research and investigative efforts with accurate, transparent data.

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Workloads are quickly surpassing the capacity of the team

Balancing consistency and speed without sacrificing quality is a daily challenge of AML and KYC professionals. With limited time, people, and money in your department, do you have enough resources to review all of your current accounts, and the new ones that come in every day? Automation is normally a solution, but it only identifies 50% of the fraud and money laundering you are looking for.

How CLEAR can help

By leveraging the powerful tools within CLEAR, you can scale and simplify your work to address this growing risk more efficiently. Using Quick Analysis flags gives you the ability to easily identify risk factors that require a deeper dive by your team. All sources will come from a single platform, which provides a consistent research tool throughout the team. With a simple and easy-to-understand user interface, CLEAR is easily utilized by the team and will reduce the burden of learning and training as your team grows to face the challenges of the day.

Know which individuals require a deeper dive in one easy-to-use platform with CLEAR.

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Research stops at the surface when deep dives are too cumbersome

Even when you trust your data and can identify the risk, it's crucial to do more extensive research into the risky subjects. With the new CDD rulings, it's no longer acceptable to have one degree of understanding of your subject – you instead need to know their global network of connections. With standard public records, you only scratch the surface, and are unable to reveal hidden risks and connections that put your organization in danger.

How CLEAR can help

Effortlessly uncover clues and connections about your subject with CLEAR. Leverage integrated negative news feeds to read relevant stories about your subject from the smallest town's newspaper to international media coverage. View sanctions and watch lists with WorldCheck to understand their global influence. Easily understand your subject's network to the 10th degree with Associate Analytics.

Build a complete picture from one single vantage point with CLEAR.

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CLEAR features

Live and transparent
data sources

Know the source and when the data was submitted into CLEAR. Get up-to-date information from top agencies and proprietary data sources.

Real-Time Incarcerations
and Arrest Gateway

Know exactly when and where your subject was incarcerated or arrested.

Customizable preferences
Customize your reports, dashboards, and workspace to find and view what matters most.

Associate analytics
Get up to 10 layers of associates for the subject you are researching.

Quick analysis flags
Immediately know when there is additional risk in doing business with your subject.

World-check integration
Check for heightened risk with OFAC and sanctions information to better know your subject.

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Thomson Reuters is proud to partner with ACAMS – the world’s largest membership-based organization dedicated to enhancing the knowledge, skills, and expertise of AML and financial crime detection and prevention professionals.

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