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Thomson Reuters CLEAR
Online investigation software

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Thomson Reuters CLEAR is designed to meet the unique needs of your investigations. CLEAR streamlines your research by bringing relevant content into a single working environment. The customizable dashboard and intuitive interface saves time by allowing you to search data and view results in a way that matches how you work.

CLEAR online investigation software makes it easier to locate people, businesses, assets and affiliations, and other critical information. With its vast collection of public and proprietary records, investigators are able to dive deep into their research and uncover hard-to-find data.

See CLEAR in action

Watch this short video to see how CLEAR works (2:12)

“CLEAR is an essential investigation tool. The amount of up-to-date information that can be gathered through one search cuts investigation time.”

Rhonda Warner
Fraud Investigator,
Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission

CLEAR aggregates public records pulled from trusted,
current sources

Get a holistic picture of your subject in one search and know when and where information came from, complete with underlying sources and time stamp information. Access key content from gateways, including:

  • Phone information
  • Top three consumer credit bureaus
  • Motor vehicle registrations
  • Arrest and incarceration data
  • Person records
  • Utilities information
  • Criminal and court records
  • Business data
  • Healthcare provider content

Customize CLEAR reports for the way you work

Save time and avoid wasted effort by filtering out unnecessary data based on date, age, and/or other restrictions you choose to set. Easily access previous search results and save them for future use. Customize reports with the content you want, in the order you choose.

Share reports effortlessly with coworkers and supervisors using My Workspace. Leverage Google® Maps and i2 Analyst’s Notebook to easily visualize your data.

Dashboards offer a complete view of your subject

Click to learn more:

Quickly identify key information about your subject

Use Quick Analysis Flags to see key information that indicates level of risk associated with a person or business. Efficiently evaluate a subject to determine if additional investigation is needed with information such as:

  • OFAC listings
  • Global sanctions
  • Bankruptcy data
  • Criminal records
  • Multiple SSNs associated with subject
  • Subject recorded as deceased
  • Arrest records

Use today’s best mapping technology to locate assets

Easily locate your subjects with Address Map and see all known addresses associated with your subject of interest. Plot a subject’s current address on a map with Map Analytics and view relevant businesses in the surrounding area to easily uncover fraud.

Know all of your subject’s associates

Dive deep with Associate Analytics, which displays a list of relatives and associates of the subject. Or expand your understanding with Graphical Display, with up to 10 layers of an entity’s interpersonal relationships so you can explore degrees of separation and visualize connections between people and companies.

Scour the Internet in just one click

With Web Analytics and Negative News, CLEAR stops the endless Google search. Web Analytics provides access to both surface and deep Web data and returns valuable intelligence not found through public records or traditional search engines. Negative News provides access to articles straight from the Reuters floor. Information could include:

  • Social networks
  • Blogs
  • Chat room handle
  • Business affiliations
  • News references
  • Professional history
  • Web news
  • Obituary information

The best way to understand what CLEAR can do
for your investigations? Try it yourself.

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CLEAR provides investigative research solutions for:

Learn more about advanced CLEAR capabilities

Batch Services
Search thousands of people or businesses all at once and choose the data you want returned.

Integrate CLEAR data within your own system so you can identify, locate, and connect subjects in a familiar environment.

CLEAR ID Confirm
Accurate electronic identity verification helps you manage front-end risk by leveraging the most current and accurate data available.

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Case Study: Detroit Police Department

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Top 10 reasons users trust CLEAR

Top 10 Reasons Users Trust CLEAR

CLEAR is the investigative tool that discovers data other resources miss. Learn the 10 main reasons users choose CLEAR and stay with it.

The Face of Fraud

The Face of Fraud

The faster an organization can spot money laundering in its accounts, the faster it can protect its clients and ultimately ensure the future success of its business.

Everyday Heroes

Everyday Heroes

Each year, customers win the chance to donate $10,000 to a deserving charity for great investigative work.

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Thomson Reuters is not a consumer reporting agency and none of its services or the data contained therein constitute a ‘consumer report’ as such term is defined in the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), 15 U.S.C. sec. 1681 et seq. The data provided to you may not be used as a factor in consumer debt collection decisioning, establishing a consumer’s eligibility for credit, insurance, employment, government benefits, or housing, or for any other purpose authorized under the FCRA. By accessing one of our services, you agree not to use the service or data for any purpose authorized under the FCRA or in relation to taking an adverse action relating to a consumer application.

Sample report

Sample report

Quick Analysis Flags

Quick Analysis Flags

Map Analytics

Map Analytics

Graphical Display

Graphical Display

Web Analytics

Web Analytics