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Court Management Software from Thomson Reuters

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C-Track helps courts of all types
effectively serve their communities

Whether you process cases, enter data, preside over hearings, support court technology, or interact with the courts on a regular basis, C-Track helps you work more efficiently.

Court types

  • Appellate courts
  • Trial courts
  • Specialty courts

Appellate courts

In addition to core case management functionality, C-Track AppellateCMS provides a complete set of appellate-specific functions, such as:

  • Oral arguments and conference scheduling
  • Configurable briefing and case schedules
  • Chambers/opinion processing
  • Vote recording
  • Conference agendas
  • Staff assignments
  • Work management
  • View of assigned work
  • Performance measure report
  • Settlement conference/mediation
  • Formatted order production
  • Formatted templates for opinions
  • Oral argument results
  • Conference results
  • Motion management
  • Citation referencing
  • Judicial and attorney discipline
  • Judge recusals
  • Lower tribunal information
  • Harvested data from lower courts

Trial courts

C-Track TrialCMS includes the core functionality our customers expect, with added features and functionality specific to fast-paced, high-volume trial court needs:

  • Advanced in-court processing
  • Judicial dashboard
  • Full-text searching
  • Web services library
  • Ad hoc reporting
  • Rules engine toolkit

Specialty courts

For specialty case types such as Family, Mental Health, and Juvenile, C-Track has additional functionality to protect the privacy of all minors.

Other specialty and problem-solving courts – like Drug courts or Administrative courts – can benefit from the methodical management of their cases. As specialty and problem-solving courts adopt alternative dispute resolution options, a flexible case-management system like C-Track will streamline case management.

User types

  • Clerks and court administrators
  • Judges
  • Technology staff

Clerks and court administrators

C-Track helps clerks at all levels and court administrators manage case information accurately through effective and efficient case processing – regardless of the type of court or type of cases being processed. You can:

  • Quickly create a case record online, prepopulating case category and party information from intuitive drop-downs
  • Eliminate reentry of case information across jurisdictions and other redundant activities (e.g., scanning and processing paper documents)
  • Enter case documents digitally with e-filing at any time
  • Search across index entries (addresses/contact details) for parties and legal representatives
  • Schedule courtrooms, judges, and other resources based on your listing requirements
  • Improve accessibility and transparency of information and online capabilities
  • Use confidentiality marking to ensure sensitive case information is seen only by the right people
  • Reduce paper costs and environmental impact
  • Reduce time dedicated to constituent questions via phone and in person
  • Enable estate consolidation


Judges and judicial chambers staff are driven to provide just, equitable, and timely resolution of matters before the court. To that end, C-Track helps you efficiently manage your caseload and your courtroom.

  • View real-time case information
  • Access chamber and court schedules
  • Review case notes, filings, memos, documents, and case records from chambers or from remote locations
  • Use judge-specific disposition templates
  • Track and manage courtroom performance via ad hoc reporting
  • Configure judicial dashboard for easy access to pending matters, documents, and caseload data
  • View case and participant historical information

Technology staff

Whether you’re the state Chief Information Officer, Court IT Director, or IT Manager, supporting a case management system that is manageable, adaptable, and secure is your key priority. C-Track features:

  • Open Web Services Library – Allows IT staff to compress implementation time and support current and new third-party justice partners without relying on the vendor.
  • Ad Hoc Reporting Toolkit – Allows court staff to independently construct new custom reports on demand without relying on the vendor.
  • Rules Engine Toolkit – Automates the execution of actions based on court-pro¬vided data and allows non-technical court and IT staff to manage business rules and data values.
  • Configuration Manager – Allows non-tech¬nical court and IT staff to tailor code values and data lookup tables such as case types, docket entry types, and ticklers in a simple spreadsheet environment.