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Small law firm software
and solutions

Whether you’re a small law firm attorney or a solo practitioner, Thomson Reuters has legal software to help you practice law, manage your law firm, and grow your practice.

Practice the law

When time and resources are limited, our law practice software helps solo and small law firms practice efficiently and effectively. We're known for Thomson Reuters Westlaw, our award-winning legal research platform, but we also offer tools and solutions to help you gain legal know-how, draft documents, and manage litigation.

Westlaw legal research

Maximize your legal research with the proven advantages of Westlaw, the world’s most advanced online legal research software. No other legal research software can match our depth and accuracy, provide more market-leading legal content, or help you save more time.

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Practical Law

Need to quickly get up to speed in a new legal practice area? Practical Law delivers the legal know-how to help you quickly interpret and apply the law. It offers the concise, up-to-date resources you need to practice law more efficiently, improve client service, and grow your practice.

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Drafting Assistant

Tired of exceeding your alotted paid drafting time, with rounds of review and tedium? Drafting Assistant brings tools, facts and legal research into your word processor, spotting legal conflicts and errors. And 77% of users believe it reduces the amount of billable time written off.

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Westlaw Doc & Form Builder

Looking for an easier way to streamline legal document assembly? Westlaw Doc & Form Builder is the online legal document assembly tool that speeds up the form building process – so you can finish faster and move on to other work.

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Custom Forms

Easily customize your law firm's forms for streamlined assembly with Custom Forms. It's a legal forms drafting tool that allows you to customize, build, and save your forms directly in Westlaw Form Builder.

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Exclusive resource for small law customers

Small Law Legal Community

Connect with a network of fellow small law practitioners to improve your visibility and grow your practice. The Legal Community is a private online network available exclusively to small law customers, like you - free of charge. It enables you to access custom content, gain referrals and collaborate on business development, firm operations and the practice of law.

Join Your Exclusive Network

Litigation law practice software

Case Notebook

You can be productive and efficient without sacrificing the quality of your legal work product. Case Notebook is a centrally accessible and searchable electronic case file that helps you easily organize, analyze, and share essential legal case information.

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Case Logistix

Discovery can generate higher costs, extra work, and risk. Case Logistix is the electronic document review and production platform that helps you manage those issues. Available as server-installed software or hosted on our secure cloud.

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Expert Materials

When you need to choose the strongest expert candidates and acquire knowledge on the experts on either side of your case, Expert Materials is the reliable, easy-to-use solution. It draws on thousands of court-filed resumes, proprietary challenge reports, Daubert Tracker Reports, more than 500,000 testimonial documents, affidavits, cases, and jury verdicts.

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Westlaw litigation resources

Litigation resources on Westlaw support you at every stage of the litigation process, from your evaluation of the legal and economic merits of a case all the way through the appellate process.

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Additional software for small firms

Company Investigator

What if you could consolidate a lot of business data and use those insights to make the most informed decisions? Company Investigator saves you hours of research time by showing you corporate family trees and relationships among corporate entities.

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Public Records & PeopleMap

Our public records software allows you to search a vast collection of unique proprietary and public records to discover relationships between people, assets, and businesses.

PeopleMap makes it easier to do research on individuals. You can filter and focus your research, giving you the results of a deep web search. And PeopleMap continually updates public records, even as you’re working with them.

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