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This title is designed to assist in the preparation of jury instructions in the state of Missouri.

Book (Full Set)   $255.00 $229.50

Statutes, cases, forms, author commentary, and practical strategy for attorneys practicing family law. Complete text of statutes and source credits.

Book (Full Set)   $492.00 $442.80

This title gives you a detailed and current analysis of statutory and decisional authority concerning workers' compensation.

Book (Full Set)   $243.75 $219.38
ProView eBook   $243.75 $219.38

Discussion of common practices, cases, and statutes governing real estate law.

Book (Full Set)   $389.00 $350.10

Provides needed forms to handle decedent’s estates, guardianship matters, mental health proceedings, and independent administration.

Book (Full Set)   $361.00 $324.90

This title provides an up-to-date selection of civil procedure forms for Missouri.

Book (Full Set)   $460.00 $414.00

Covers criminal law at every procedural stage from arrest and detention through appeal and executive clemency.

Book (Full Set)   $242.00 $217.80

Encompasses huge collection of forms and analysis; materials prepared exclusively for the Missouri practitioner.

Book (Full Set)   $712.00 $640.80

This title offers practical advice on areas such as real estate, business formation and estate planning from a transactional perspective.

Book (Full Set)   $362.00 $325.80

Combines the best attributes of a practice book and a treatise by providing commentary and step-by-step practice tips.

Book (Full Set)   $245.00 $220.50
ProView eBook   $245.00 $220.50

Explains civil courts, law of jurisdiction, venue, change of venue, and statutes of limitations in civil cases.

Book (Full Set)   $245.00 $220.50
ProView eBook   $245.00 $220.50

Provides current developments occurring under the Missouri Administrative Practices Act, the Missouri Open Government Proceedings Act, and the latest reported cases.

Book (Full Set)   $371.00 $333.90
ProView eBook   $371.00 $333.90

Covers issues relevant to the existence and validity of the contract of insurance, plus all aspects of insurance law.

Book (Full Set)   $215.00 $193.50
ProView eBook   $215.00 $193.50

Single, complete source on the law of evidence in state and federal courts.

Book (Full Set)   $554.00 $498.60
ProView eBook   $554.00 $498.60

Guides both occasional defense lawyer and experienced criminal attorney chronologically as case unfolds.

Book (Full Set)   $231.00 $207.90

This work provides an up-to-date selection of petition forms for use in Missouri civil litigation.

Book (Full Set)   $188.00 $169.20

This book provides a full set of statutory forms for Missouri practitioners.

Book (Full Set)   $234.00 $210.60

This title addresses all aspects of litigation practice from a unified perspective.

Book (Full Set)   $454.00 $408.60

This set addresses Missouri law relating to business organizations.

Book (Full Set)   $426.00 $383.40
ProView eBook   $426.00 $383.40

Provides thoughtful expert analysis of Rules of Civil Procedure 52 through 88, including rules text.

Book (Full Set)   $889.00 $800.10
ProView eBook   $889.00 $800.10

Provides step-by-step guidance through every phase of estate planning and administration.

Book (Full Set)   $300.00 $270.00
ProView eBook   $300.00 $270.00

Guide to preparing or contesting wills and administrating estates; includes all aspects of probate division jurisdiction.

Book (Full Set)   $890.00 $801.00
ProView eBook   $890.00 $801.00

Provides you complete analysis of code, cases, trusts and guardianship laws, nonprobate transfers, transfers to minors, and more.

Book (Full Set)   $413.00 $371.70

Forms recommended for use in areas governed by the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and certain related state and federal laws.

Book (Full Set)   $535.00 $481.50

This set conforms to the text of the Revised Statutes of Missouri, and includes annotations, cross-references, and other research aids.

Book (Full Set)   $6,959.00 $6,263.10