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This title helps lawyers and judges handle digital information and helps you become a more intelligent consumer of technical services.

Book   $253.00 $227.70
ProView eBook   $253.00 $227.70

This product is a comprehensive guide to depositions, including checklists and other deposition aids.

Book (Full Set)   $1,224.00 $1,101.60
ProView eBook   $1,224.00 $1,101.60

Definitive examination of duties and responsibilities of directors and officers of business corporations.

Book (Full Set)   $189.00 $170.10
ProView eBook   $189.00 $170.10

This extensive manual covers scientific and technical evidence, discussing admissions of evidence, expert testimony, extraordinary procedures, and judicial interests.

Book   $79.95 $71.96

Systematic approach to questioning witnesses, providing detailed techniques and tactics for eliciting the response you want from virtually any witness.

Book (Full Set)   $726.00 $653.40
ProView eBook

This guide provides practical, real-life advice on the best practices and methods for voir dire, plus forms.

Book (Full Set)   $609.00 $548.10
ProView eBook   $609.00 $548.10

Describes more than 60 major criminal law defenses and hundreds of miscellaneous defense provisions.

Book (Full Set)   $663.00 $596.70
ProView eBook

Covers more than 125 of the most frequently made pretrial, trial, and posttrial motions.

Book (Full Set)   $549.00
ProView eBook   $549.00

Detailed checklists addressing expert witnesses. Discussing the selection, use, and admissibility of expert testimony, discovery, and cross-examination.

Book (Full Set)   $1,069.00 $962.10
ProView eBook   $1,069.00 $962.10

Authoritative source thoroughly examines substantive criminal law in both state and federal jurisdictions.

Book (Full Set)   $2,193.00 $1,973.70
ProView eBook   $2,193.00 $1,973.70

This treatise covers all aspects of internal and external counsel relationships.

Book (Full Set)   $1,038.00 $934.20
ProView eBook   $1,038.00 $934.20

This Aspatore legal title provides invaluable advice for navigating your way through a criminal case.

Book   $50.00 $45.00

This Aspatore legal title provides an authoritative insider's perspective on the intricacies of drug crimes, investigations, and trials.

Book   $85.00 $76.50

This Aspatore legal title provides an insider's perspective on the role technology plays in collecting, storing, and submitting evidence.

Book   $90.00 $81.00