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Commercial Law

This volume contains the Business Organizations Code, as amended through the 2017 Regular and First Called Sessions of the 85th Legislature.

Book   $103.00 $92.70
ProView eBook   $103.00 $92.70

Contains official code text with official comments and is intended for use as a quick reference.

Book   $184.00 $165.60

This book includes hundreds of forms and specific clauses for many purchasing needs, from construction contracts to international purchasing agreements.

Book (Full Set)   $794.00 $714.60

This work provides thorough analysis and advice concerning all aspects of contracts governed by New York State law.

Book (Full Set)   $288.00 $259.20
ProView eBook   $288.00 $259.20

This set includes a complete explanation of all the legal issues in purchasing, from antitrust to quantum meruit.

Book (Full Set)   $1,104.00 $993.60

New edition This collection of checklists covers areas of corporate practice from employee relations to Internet-related issues.

Book (Full Set)   $742.00 $667.80
ProView eBook   $742.00 $667.80

This newsletter provides comprehensive coverage of the consumer bankruptcy industry. Every issue provides details and analysis of the most recent rulings in cases filed by consumers.

Book (Full Set)

Complete collection of Uniform Commercial Code forms with detailed expert analysis, checklists, trial aids, chronologoical procedural timetable, and statutory and text references.

Book (Full Set)   $1,289.00 $1,160.10

This comprehensive resource contains the information you need to pursue commercial litigation in New York state courts.

Book (Full Set)   $1,198.00 $1,078.20
ProView eBook   $1,198.00 $1,078.20

Complete forms for handling any commercial transaction under the Uniform Commercial Code.

Book (Full Set)   $982.00 $883.80

This book will help corporate counsel advise clients on all types of construction projects, from relatively simple to very complex.

Book (Full Set)   $704.00 $633.60

This extensive guide examines electronic discovery, records management, and production of electronically stored information.

Book   $489.00 $440.10
ProView eBook   $489.00 $440.10

This work reviews the basics of customs law and regulation, and includes the text of many statutes and regulations.

Book   $483.00 $434.70

New edition Courtroom Handbook on Nevada Evidence is a compact, all-inclusive guide to the rules and laws of evidence in the State of Nevada.

Book   $447.00 $402.30
ProView eBook

This publication provides regulatory guidance, assists in compliance efforts, and provides an understanding of the issues that result from gathering information.

Book (Full Set)   $431.00 $387.90

This title gives you the full text of the Articles of the Uniform Commercial Code, as well as commentary.

Book (Full Set)   $308.00 $277.20
ProView eBook   $308.00 $277.20

Provides a comprehensive, authoritative, and annotated version of the Texas Uniform Commercial Code, including related state and federal commercial statutes.

Book   $183.00 $164.70
ProView eBook   $183.00 $164.70

Comprehensive survey and analysis of all aspects of suretyship, including commercial guaranty agreements, performance bonds, and standby letters of credit.

Book   $171.00 $153.90
ProView eBook   $171.00 $153.90

New edition A step-by-step practice guide that emphasizes strategic considerations and covers every aspect of a commercial case, from the assessment through pleadings, discovery, motions, trial, and appeal.

Book (Full Set)   $1,811.00 $1,629.90
ProView eBook   $1,811.00 $1,629.90

This edition contains the full text of the California Commercial Code.

Book   $68.00 $61.20
ProView eBook   $68.00 $61.20

The index for the official text of New York Codes, Rules, and Regulations (NYCRR).

Book   $59.86 $53.87

This treatise provides expert advice on drafting and negotiating commercial agreements and includes adaptable forms (including alternative solutions).

Book (Full Set)   $621.00 $558.90
ProView eBook   $621.00 $558.90

New edition This collection of checklists covers areas of corporate practice from employee relations to Internet-related issues.

Book   $742.00 $667.80

This publication answers questions in a wide range of bankruptcy-related areas, including fraudulent transfers, involuntary petition, proofs of claim and more.

Book (Full Set)   $707.00 $636.30

This publication covers the most common and pressing concerns of sellers and their counsel in a highly practical way.

Book (Full Set)   $472.00 $424.80