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Court Rules provides rules essential to practice before the courts and serves as a comprehensive yet portable procedural law library.

Book (Full Set)   $328.00
ProView eBook   $328.00

New edition This treatise gives you the blackletter law using Virginia precedents and trends from other jurisdictions.

Book   $370.00
ProView eBook   $370.00

Gives you guidance to handling criminal cases in Virginia, answers common questions, and provides useful strategies.

Book   $351.00
ProView eBook   $351.00

This handbook provides answers for practitioners who have an interest in, or need to know about, Virginia landlord-tenant law.

Book   $362.00
ProView eBook   $362.00

Obtain step-by-step guidance for criminal cases in Virginia courts with this resource.

Book   $351.00
ProView eBook   $351.00

This title provides you with current and historical analysis of products liability law in Virginia.

Book   $320.00
ProView eBook   $320.00

This how-to guide covers every legal aspect of Virginia business entities, including corporations, limited liability companies, and business trusts.

Book   $323.00
ProView eBook   $323.00

This book for defense lawyers, prosecutors, and judges provides insight into legal, medical, scientific, and technological issues surrounding driving-under-the-influence cases.

Book   $319.00
ProView eBook   $319.00

This compact guide to closings provides advice, references to source materials, and many forms not readily available elsewhere.

Book   $281.00
ProView eBook   $281.00

This work is a practical guide to the critical aspects of practicing trial law in Virginia.

Book   $370.00
ProView eBook   $370.00

This treatise provides a comprehensive discussion of Virginia construction law and covers major issues arising in the state's construction industry.

Book   $402.00
ProView eBook   $402.00

This work contains civil and criminal jury instructions for use in Virginia state courts.

Book   $374.00
ProView eBook   $374.00

A comprehensive volume giving you details on assets of an estate, tax issues, accountings, guardianships, and recent statutory changes.

Book   $494.00

This title gives you comprehensive explanation of civil discovery in the Virginia courts.

Book   $362.00
ProView eBook   $362.00

KeyRules provides outlines of the procedural laws needed to draft, file, and serve common civil court filings quickly and correctly.

Book   $112.00

KeyRules provides outlines of the procedural laws needed to draft, file, and serve common civil court filings quickly and correctly.

Book   $80.00

This companion volume to Virginia Criminal Procedure provides official state forms and other forms for your criminal law practice.

Book   $351.00

New edition This title provides information on the parties to a claim and the handling of an accepted or denied claim.

Book   $321.00
ProView eBook   $321.00

Comprehensive coverage of the Virginia statutes, including session law history, cross references, library references, research references, notes of decisions, and comprehensive index.

Book   $3,362.00

Pamphlets contain amended and newly enacted laws of the state of Virginia.

Book (Full Set)

The only official compilation of the rules and regulations adopted by Virginia agencies.

Book (Full Set)   $463.95

This caselaw reporter contains state court opinions from five Southeastern states, plus headnotes and West Key Numbers.

Book (Full Set)   $17,681.00

This work is a practical guide to handling automobile negligence cases in Virginia.

Book   $574.00
ProView eBook   $574.00

This comprehensive treatise covers all major tort actions in Virginia.

Book   $319.00
ProView eBook   $319.00

This set provides court rules plus civil practice guides integrating procedural law and secondary sources specific to common court filings.

Book (Full Set)   $478.00