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Litigation History Reports on WestlawNext

Quickly understand the litigation experience of judges and attorneys.

Eliminate the guesswork and increase your command of the case.

For a solid understanding of a judge’s or attorney's experience, rely on Litigation History Reports for authoritative analysis that builds trust and credibility with clients. Quickly review court documents from previous cases and pinpoint the documents most crucial to your case.

  • Examine a judge’s or attorney’s experience by practice area, client, or other criteria
  • Draw from all of our caselaw, federal dockets since 1990, and local dockets from 28 states
  • Customize reports by adjusting the date range or displaying only the most relevant litigation events
  • Link directly to related opinions, dockets, and court documents
  • Know instantly if a decision in a case is still good law with KeyCite flags

Reports provide insightful analysis in a flexible format for:
Trial attorneys

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of opponents with in-depth investigation of opposing counsel's trial experience in various cases
  • Evaluate the types of cases a judge has heard plus the position taken on procedural, evidentiary, and substantive law questions
  • Shape discovery strategy and tactics based on opposing counsel's litigation experience and the judge’s past rulings on discovery issues

Corporate counsel

  • Collect data on attorneys and judges
  • Locate qualified local counsel to handle out-of-state legal matters

Law students

  • Research employment opportunities and prepare for interviews

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