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Expert Investigation Reports

Experience the best way to find, compare, and research expert witnesses.

Expert Investigation Reports are like an x-ray of an expert witness' qualifications and experience. In three concise, information-packed reports, you'll find all of the information you need to identify, select, or impeach expert witnesses.

  • Look far beyond the expert's resume
  • Read transcripts of courtroom testimony
  • See how the testimony survived challenges
  • Check jury verdicts to see if the expert was persuasive

Daubert Tracker Reports let you confirm an expert's history with challenge outcomes, associated case information, and more.

Expert Materials' powerful search engine provides results from the largest collection of online resources. In addition to searching across Daubert Tracker and Expert Investigation Reports, searches provide results from all expert-related documents on WestlawNext:

  • Expert testimony filings
  • Profiles
  • Court-filed resumes
  • Directories
  • Caselaw
  • Court documents

Select the in-depth report that helps you choose – or impeach – an expert witness.

Daubert Tracker Reports — Access information associated with reported and unreported "evidentiary gatekeeping" cases. Track cases from both federal and state jurisdictions going back to 1993.

Expert Evaluator Report — View an expert's specific areas of expertise and see whether they really fit your needs.

Expert Comparison Report — See a side-by-side comparison of two or three experts' litigation experience.

Expert Challenge Report — Find all available relevant information on an expert in one document instead of case-by-case searching.

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