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Criminal Law Resources on WestlawNext

Criminal law resources provides the valuable resources you need – and just that – no more, no less. Custom-design the plan that best suits your practice by mixing and matching from content sets that offer the most robust collection of criminal law resources available, including:

  • Criminal briefs
  • Criminal trial court filings
  • Federal criminal primary law
  • National criminal secondary law
  • Criminal and arrest records
  • Expert resources
  • White-collar resources
  • Dui resources
  • Practice guides

Save time. Save work. Find more.

Criminal law resources provides unlimited, fixed-rate access to all of the criminal law and information resources you use most often. Stop searching multiple sources, and head right to WestlawNext.

Be confident you have what you need for success in your criminal practice:

  • Get background information about clients/defendants.
  • Locate and research witnesses, and other important parties.
  • Find new ideas and approaches to draft pleadings, motions, and memoranda.
  • Link to judges' decisions or pertinent court orders in similar cases.
  • Evaluate expert witnesses by reading transcripts of their writings and testimony in criminal and civil proceedings nationwide.
  • Study past cases of opposing counsel, to better anticipate what might happen in your case.
  • Review underlying facts and gain a more thorough understanding of appellate precedent.

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