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West km

Unlock the value of your organization's best thinking

West km integrates your organization's work product – your best thinking and experience – with WestlawNext enhancements and search technology.

In one search, you retrieve the best of your work and the best of WestlawNext or Westlaw Classic on any matter at hand. It's a sure way for your legal organization to maximize productivity and efficiency.

West km is designed for the legal profession

Discover how West km is specifically designed to meet the legal knowledge management needs of litigators and transactional attorneys.

For organizations that handle both litigation and transactional work, the comprehensive legal knowledge management solution is West km Enterprise. You receive West km for Litigation and Transactions, complete with the core KM software components, including security, administration, fundamental document indexing and search, and integration with your document management system and your organization's portal. West km for Litigation is also available in an Express version, designed for small to mid-sized firms that have a need to search across a smaller collection of internal work product in a more streamlined package.

Find previous work product plus related WestlawNext information

  • Easily locate and repurpose work product
  • Retrieve WestlawNext information on your matter at hand
  • Share intellectual capital in your remote offices
  • Sharpen your litigation edge with additional on-point information
  • Draft transactional documents faster
  • Cross-train new associates more efficiently

Get easy access to the information your attorneys need most
With the WestlawNext connection to your West km searches, your attorneys gain access to all related information in the online legal research system including information linked by KeySearch and KeyCite, as well as analytical sources such as ALR, practice guides, and treatises. West km also employs profile extraction technology to build your KM repository of searchable work product and helps ensure you don't miss anything important.


Makes legal knowledge management easy for lawyers
West km, the knowledge management system designed for the legal profession, features automated technology so your attorneys aren't required to do anything to add their documents into the system. They can access the system in multiple ways, preview summaries before opening documents, and more.

Extracts the most useful documents
Efficiency begins as we build your West km repository of searchable work product using the powerful WestlawNext profile extraction engine. Proprietary algorithms developed from our partnerships with leading law firms tag documents by firm, court, jurisdiction, document type and title, and extract them from your document management system (DMS) or other document store. So even if your documents are formatted inconsistently or incompletely, you still find what you need. It's "intelligent searching" no DMS or other legal knowledge management provider offers you – for maximum productivity across your organization.

Keeps documents safe and secure
Your original documents are never touched, nor do they leave the organization. We only work with a copy of your data.

Updates your knowledge management system daily West km updates daily with your new work product so you always search current, thorough information.

Enables easy searching
You can search internal or WestlawNext documents, or both, from an interface that mirrors WestlawNext search functionality.

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