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Introducing Legal Managed Services

Ushering in a new era of Pangea3 legal outsourcing

Regulatory change management

Is your organization struggling to keep up with the volume and velocity of regulatory change? By leveraging the right mix of people, process, and technology, Thomson Reuters can help you create and execute a methodical and well-documented approach to regulatory change management.

An overview of regulatory change management

An Overview of Regulatory Change Management

Did you know?

Since 2004, regulatory updates have increased from about 10 to over 185 per day.

Our Regulatory Compliance Services

Regulatory Compliance Services (2:52)

Managing the Pace and Mitigating the Pain of Regulatory Change and Financial Services Compliance

This practical advice contains critical information you need to start overcoming financial services compliance challenges, so you can stay ahead of changing rules and regulations.

Read financial services compliance white paper

Regulatory mapping

We link rapidly changing laws, rules, and regulations to our client’s compliance and business functions, so key information becomes a part of your overall compliance workflow.

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How Thomson Reuters helps a large financial services firm keep track of the untrackable

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Regulatory research

We comprehensively summarize current regulatory requirements and help you understand the potential impacts on your business. We also monitor changes to those requirements, closing the feedback loop and providing necessary updates.

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Regulatory research

5 key areas of risk

We perform a variety of regulatory research and monitoring services including:

Legal inventory management/ compliance checklists

Capturing industry-specific laws, rules, and regulations

Map and gap analysis

Identifying and closing gaps between legal requirements and relevant client obligations

Multi jurisdictional survey

Providing at-your- fingertips visualization of cross-jurisdictional mandates

Records information management

Tracking regulatory requirements for creation, maintenance, and disposition of business records

“The fundamental principles for being or becoming a compliant, well-attuned good corporate citizen do not entail a need to over-think, nor to overreact, in applying a variety of simple practical fixes to thrive in what has become the 'new normal' changing environment.”

Dave Curran,
Global Director, Risk & Compliance
Thomson Reuters Legal Managed Services

Read Dave Curran’s latest article, Managing the Pace & Mitigating the Pain of Regulatory Change Management

Dave Curran

Leadership spotlights

Versha Goenka

Versha Goenka
Director, Risk & Compliance

Versha oversees diverse teams working on a array of matters, including regulatory mapping, legal research, insurance compliance, securities compliance, database management, business intelligence, and legal entity/subsidiaries management projects. During her nearly eight years with Pangea3 and Thomson Reuters, she has supervised multiple regulatory projects for multinational banks, as well as leading insurance and healthcare companies.

Charlie Serocold

Charlie Serocold
Director, Legal Managed

With over 12 years of experience in regulatory change management, including risk analysis, regulatory mapping, advising on technology services and project management, Charlie works with our major clients to help address and mitigate systemic regulatory, compliance, risk, and related challenges.