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Westlaw Legal Calendaring

Automated legal calendaring based on court rules governing your case.

Manage your litigation calendar more effectively and avoid missing deadlines.

Westlaw Legal Calendaring is a web-based, rules-based calendaring tool that automatically calculates your litigation deadlines based on applicable federal, state, and local court rules – then adds the information directly to your Microsoft Outlook calendar. As dates change, you can recalculate accordingly.

Solo and small law firms can use Deadline Assistant, a new legal calendaring feature on Firm Central, which integrates all of your legal practice management needs into one location. Deadline Assistant details >>

Westlaw Legal Calendaring updates your Outlook calendar automatically.

No more manually calculating dates from multiple sources. Simply enter the matter information, applicable rules set, event, and date. Then, from one single location, Legal Calendaring makes it simple to:

  • Calculate dates and deadlines for specific litigation events
  • Access the full-text court rule that determines these deadlines
  • Add events and deadlines to your Outlook calendar
  • Recalculate and repopulate your calendar as litigation dates change

Court Calendar Tracking keeps you current with the court’s calendar.

Legal Calendaring is also available with Court Calendar Tracking, providing access to the court’s calendar for a specific case, along with full-text dockets and Docket Tracks.

  • Gain access to the court’s calendar from a full-text docket
  • Track newly scheduled events and changes to the courts calendar in cases of interest
  • Add those events directly to your Outlook calendar

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