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Thomson Reuters
eDiscovery Point™

Discover speed and accuracy control ease of use simplified pricing knowledgeable service a better way

Introducing a new age in ediscovery software

eDiscovery Point is a revolutionary new web-based ediscovery software solution. It was designed from the ground up using powerful, modern technology that puts the user back in control over their time and costs with greater speed, accuracy, ease of use, and simplified pricing.

eDiscovery Point delivers greater power and control with:

Discover a Better Way with eDiscovery Point (2:52)

What others are saying

Legaltech news

Legal software reviewers agree this
“well-rounded” offering provides a rational
and simplified approach to ediscovery pricing.

ediscovery software review

eDiscovery Point
customer review

Law firm Chaffetz Lindsey talks about “doing
business smarter” by having control of their
ediscovery processes, data, and costs.

eDiscovery Point review

Is your old ediscovery software holding you back from overcoming today’s challenges?

  • Limited budgets
  • Administrative hassles
  • Growing data volume
  • Increased data complexity
  • Tight deadlines
  • Ethical obligations
  • Reduce
  • Save
  • Increase
eDiscovery Point gives you more control over the ediscovery process so you can work more efficiently and control your costs without sacrificing quality

Discover speed and accuracy

Our powerful, modern infrastructure gets the ediscovery process started quickly and delivers more accurate results faster – because speed is meaningless without accuracy.

Get to review faster

Get to review faster

Concurrent data loading and processing lets you search and review the first documents electronically in minutes

Accurate search results in seconds

Accurate search results in seconds

High-performance search delivers more accurate, comprehensive results faster – regardless of the size of your data set

Filter data early for greater efficiency

Filter data early for greater efficiency

Early data assessment tools give you control to focus your data set

No more lost time

No more lost time

99.99% uptime ensures your ediscovery work stays on track with no interruptions or unexpected downtime

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"Thomson Reuters applies user experience concepts that are highly advanced. eDiscovery Point has a very intuitive and easy-to-grasp user interface that is beyond what I have seen from many of the commonly used platforms that have been around for years. They also harness their vast IT infrastructure in a way that promises significant performance and processing power."

Tom Barnett
Special Counsel eDiscovery
and Data Science
Paul Hastings

Tom Barnett

Discover ease of use

eDiscovery Point puts the user back in control with a clean, intuitive interface and seamless experience. Watch how easy it is to perform a document redaction with eDiscovery Point.

New ediscovery software from Thomson Reuters (:06)

Increase user adoption

Simplified and easy-to-understand user interface makes work easier and faster

Reduce headaches

Enables users and data to move seamlessly through a single platform faster and with fewer errors

Faster review

Intuitive and efficient coding and redaction tools

Design Partner Program

We asked our clients to partner with us to design and build the best ediscovery software solution possible – one that solves real challenges and works the way they want it to work.

Our Design Partners:

  • provide insight into ediscovery processes and challenges
  • have direct input into the design of the platform
  • assist with testing and product optimization

Meet our Design Partners

Chaffetz Lindsey LLP Kolesar & Leatham Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr Paul Hastings
Doug Gibson

“eDiscovery Point will level the playing field for us by making us as competitive with an Am Law 200 firm in the ediscovery space. We will be able to respond to our clients’ demands in real time. We will have more control over processing. We will have more control over productions.”

Doug Gibson
IT Director
Chaffetz Lindsey

Robert Caldwell

We have been a Thomson Reuters customer for decades and are consistently impressed with their solutions for our legal technology needs. We saw the program as a way for us to boost our capabilities in the ediscovery arena, become national experts in ediscovery issues, and to better serve our clients. The team at Thomson Reuters has gone to great lengths to understand how we handle ediscovery matters – and what we can do to be better. The resulting product is a thoughtful and well-designed platform that we look forward to using.”

Robert Caldwell
Kolesar & Leatham

Chris Riddell

“This was a unique opportunity for our attorneys and paralegals to work directly with software developers and address their needs as litigators as they manage ever-increasing amounts of discovery. Even the smallest clients can have complex discovery needs, and the most successful team will use tools that put control back in the hands of practitioners to manage that information efficiently.”

Chris Riddell
Litigation Support Manager
Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr

Tom Barnett

“I have greatly enjoyed the experience and I have been very impressed by the team and their willingness to really work to understand the perspective of the law firm and our clients in attempting to create a solution that is more than just another pretty interface. I think the potential for innovation is vast and I look forward to collaborating in the future because the opportunities are only limited by our imaginations.”

Tom Barnett
Special Counsel
Ediscovery and Data Science

Paul Hastings

Discover simplified pricing

Our simplified pricing model gives you control over your ediscovery costs.

Simplified, all-in model

reduces surprises and doesn’t leave you feeling nickeled-and-dimed

Unlimited user licenses

enable you to scale up and down with ease

Powerful early data assessment tools

give you control to filter your data at no extra cost

Priced on data in review

so you pay only for the most relevant

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Knowledgeable service when you need it

Our staff of ediscovery professionals is always ready to ensure you have the answers and resources you need to work effectively and meet your deadlines.

Technology Managed Services

Technology Managed Services

You have the flexibility to leverage as much of our ediscovery services as you need, whenever you need them.

From processing and predictive coding through production, our seasoned professionals are on hand to support your needs, big or small, 24x7.

eDiscovery services details

Document Review

Document Review Services

The help you need for any electronic document review challenge.

Our dedicated document review professionals have the experience and subject matter expertise to deliver quality results every time.

Document review services details

eDiscovery insights

The Four Pillars of an Effective Predictive Coding Workflow

The Four Pillars of an Effective Predictive Coding Workflow

Read white paper

Important considerations for mid-range eDiscovery data collection

Important Considerations for Mid-Range eDiscovery Data Collection

Read white paper

Leadership spotlight

Edward Sohn, Sr. Director, Client Services – Legal Managed Services, Thomson Reuters

Edward Sohn
Vice President, Product & Partner Management

"We are setting out to transform the way litigators approach ediscovery and fact-finding, making it easier and more effective. We have assembled a team of expert legal technologists, uniquely suited to delight our clients with our case management, training, technical support, professional services and operations."

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