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Drafting Assistant – Litigation

Streamline the drafting process with comprehensive tools and information

Drafting Assistant – Litigation

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Create an efficient legal drafting workspace

Preformatted legal document templates and access to relevant prior work gives you an ideal starting point in the legal drafting process.

Create a table of authorities quickly and easily

With Drafting Assistant, it’s never been easier to build a Table of Authorities within your litigation briefs, motions, or memos.

Maintain and update the good-law status of your citations

Rely on the Locate Authority feature to find the best cases to support your arguments and automatically monitor and update the good-law status of your citations.

Run Westlaw searches from your document

Maintain your drafting rhythm by moving easily from your document to research on Westlaw, importing supporting content directly into your draft. Full integration with Case Notebook allows you to move files and documents seamlessly from one to the other.

Validate the format of your legal documents

In just a few clicks, you can format legal documents and citations to comply with jurisdictional rules.

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Case Notebook helps you organize, analyze and collaborate on essential case information. All from one centrally accessible and searchable electronic case file.

Case Notebook details

Time saved with Drafting Assistant – Litigation

According to a Thomson Reuters nationwide study including more than 60 attorneys.

Task Without Drafting Assistant With Drafting Assistant Time Saved
Starting the Drafting Process
Building a Table of Authorities 118 minutes 26 minutes 78%
Merging Facts & Law
Looking for cited authority to prove an argument 156 minutes 64 minutes 59%
Performing legal research within the word processor 142 minutes 77 minutes 45%
Locating a case by citation 51 minutes 24 minutes 53%
Locating and checking the status of "good law cited" cases while drafting 89 minutes 52 minutes 41%
Verifying accuracy of quotations cited in draft using Westlaw 74 minutes 30 minutes 59%
Final Formatting
Formatting citations 64 minutes 29 minutes 54%
Formatting documents for court submission 68 minutes 25 minutes 64%

See how it works:

Drafting Assistant - Litigation demo (2:16)