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Drafting Assistant – Litigation

Keep your drafting rhythm by bringing all the tools and information you need to draft, where you draft – in your word processor.

Attorneys without Drafting Assistant spend an average of one hour per page drafting a document, as the rhythm of good drafting is interrupted by a variety of drafting, research and analytical tasks.

Drafting Assistant was developed with the challenges of drafting in mind – no more stopping and starting, no more distractions, just the ability to get into a rhythm and produce work product with the best form and substance.

  • A workspace that works for you
    Turn your word processor into an efficient drafting workspace, enabling you to create work product with the best form and substance.
  • Streamline the drafting process
    Bring your case files into your word processor to streamline the drafting process from start to finish.
  • Get a structure in place
    Jump-start the drafting process by accessing templates and sample documents on WestlawNext or Westlaw Classic. Or, save your own templates in custom folders.
  • Easily integrate case information
    Drag-and-drop information from your case files – or send it with citations in a click with Case Notebook.
  • Access research when and where you need it
    Initiate a WestlawNext, Westlaw Classic, or Practical Law search from the convenience of your word processor.
  • Flags & Links (formerly BriefTools®) inserts KeyCite® flags and links to Westlaw for easy review and citation verification.
  • Find supporting law
    Mark text where you need supporting authority. Then, with just a click, let WestlawNext or Westlaw Classic run a search and find the best case to support your arguments.
  • Leverage how-to guidance when creating drafts
    Access Practical Law resources to give you the background you need to start a task, or gain more insight into a specific practice area. Practice Notes, Toolkits, Checklists, and more are maintained by an expert team to reflect the latest law and market practice, so you can deliver work product with the best form and substance.
  • Rely on the best authority
    Automatically monitor and update the good law status of your citations as you draft.
  • Create a TOA, Format, and Cite your documents in seconds
    In a few clicks, format documents and citations to comply with jurisdictional rules, and create tables of authorities.
  • Authority Compiler!
    Include the full text for authorities cited in your document. Authority Compiler gathers citations from your document, compiles the full text from WestlawNext, and appends it to your document.

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