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Document Creation

From criminal proceedings to estate planning, generate comprehensive legal documents and forms with our document creation resources, including customizable software from Cowles Trust Plus.

Document Creation, Review & Revision

Drafting Assistant – Litigation

Integrated with Case Notebook, Drafting Assistant allows users to draft quality, cost-effective work product with the best form and substance using research, analysis, and drafting tools right from your word processor. Learn more

Drafting Assistant – Transactional

A comprehensive set of automated tools and content to help you prepare transactional documents with greater efficiency and accuracy. Learn more

Westlaw Doc & Form Builder

Westlaw Doc & Form Builder is an automated online document assembly tool that speeds up the building of your forms and delivers more than 20,000 continuously updated forms and guidance, allowing you to branch out from your usual practice areas into related matters. Learn more

California Jury Instruction Selector – Criminal

Search, select, edit, and print relevant CALCRIM and CALJIC criminal jury instructions for submission to California courts. Learn more

California Jury Instruction Selector – Civil

Search, select, and print relevant CACI and BAJI civil jury instructions for submission to California courts. Learn more


CD-ROM Products

FinPlan Divorce Planner

Evaluate divorce settlement proposals in minutes and see results for both parties simultaneously with this software. Learn more

CFLR Dissomaster

Compute accurate support calculations under the California Statewide Uniform Child Support Guidelines quickly and easily. Learn more

Chap 7…13 Bankruptcy Filing Software

This software includes all the forms you need, along with pleadings, checklists, and calculator functions to assure that your math and creditor sorting is accurate. Learn more

Cowles Estate Practice System

From drafting wills, trusts, and related documents, to creating a marketing plan and setting goals, the Cowles system offers a complete package for the busy professional. Learn more

Drafting Wills and Trust Agreements

Create and customize wills, trusts, and other documents in a fraction of the time with an intuitive, question-and-answer approach. Learn more

ImmForms Plus

Access more than 180 immigration forms, complete with detailed instructions and expert guidance to help you choose the right form. Learn more

Intuitive Estate Planner

Easily perform estate planning calculations, analyze plan development options, efficiently collect and organize client information, and prepare presentations for clients. Learn more


ProDoc automated form-generating software lets you draft accurate legal documents faster by automatically inserting client and case information. Learn more


California family law practitioners rely on this powerful software suite to determine spousal and child support quickly and accurately. Learn more

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