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Deadline Assistant Court Rules Coverage

Deadline Assistant Court Rules Coverage

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Update Summary October 28, 2016:

The following new Rules Sets were created:
No new Rules Sets were created

The following Rules Sets were removed:
No Rules Sets were removed

The following Rules Sets were renamed:
No Rules Sets were renamed

The following Rules Sets were revised:

3BUA9 United States Court of Appeals -- Ninth Circuit
9HBA1 U.S. Bankruptcy Appellate Panel - 1st Circuit
K5AZA AZ -- Apache County Superior Court
I2AZC AZ -- Cochise County Superior Court
I3AZN AZ -- Coconino County Superior Court
0BAZG AZ -- Gila County Superior Court
I6AZG AZ -- Graham County Superior Court
I8AZL AZ -- La Paz County Superior Court
3NARI AZ -- Maricopa County Superior Court
6ZAZM AZ -- Mohave County Superior Court
I9AZJ AZ -- Navajo County Superior Court
5UARP AZ -- Pima County Superior Court
0AZPC AZ -- Pinal County Superior Court
I0AZS AZ -- Samta Cruz County Superior Court
K1AZY AZ -- Yavapai County Superior Court
K2AZU AZ -- Yuma County Superior Court
K3AZA AZ -- Rules of Civil Appellate Procedure
1AUBS USBC -- S.D. California
2CTBK USBC -- District of Connecticut*
G0SCP DE -- Superior Court Rules of Civil Procedure
7BCDC USBC -- District of Columbia
7A9OR FL -- 9th Judicial Circuit - Orange County
7A12C FL -- 12th Judicial Circuit (DeSoto, Manatee, Sars)
7A17C FL -- 17th Judicial Circuit (Broward County)
7A20C FL -- 20th Judicial Circuit (Lee, Collier, Charlotte, Hendry, Glades)
2UNGA USDC -- N.D. Georgia
4UGEO GA -- Rules of Civil Procedure*
6UGAU GA -- Uniform Superior Court Rules (Civil)*
6GAAL GA -- Local Procedures Atlanta Judicial Circuit
F6GASGA -- Uniform State Court Rules (Civil)
A1ISB USBC -- S.D. Illinois
C5INS USDC -- S.D. Indiana
24IAF USDC -- N.D. and S.D. Iowa
L7K03 KS -- 3rd Judicial District
L7K04 KS -- 4th Judicial District
L7K07 KS -- 7th Judicial District
L7K10 KS -- 10th Judicial District
L7K11 KS -- 11th Judicial District
L7K18 KS -- 18th Judicial District
L7KAP KS -- Supreme Court Rules for Appellate Procedure
9CMIC MI -- Rules of Civil Procedure*
B2MTP MT -- Rules of Civil Procedure*
B3MTU MT -- Uniform District Court Rules (Civil)
0NNJ NJ -- Rules of Civil Procedure
5JNMR NM -- Rules of Civil Procedure (District Courts)*
5OFJD NM -- Local Rules First Judicial District
5RSJD NM -- Local Rules Second Judicial District
K7N03 NM -- Local Rules Third Judicial District
K7N04 NM -- Local Rules Fourth Judicial District
K7N05 NM -- Local Rules Fifth Judicial District
K7N06 NM -- Local Rules Sixth Judicial District
K7N07 NM -- Local Rules Seventh Judicial District
K7N08 NM -- Local Rules Eighth Judicial District
K7N09 NM -- Local Rules Ninth Judicial District
K7N10 NM -- Local Rules Tenth Judicial District
K7N11 NM -- Local Rules Eleventh Judicial District
K7N12 NM -- Local Rules Twelfth Judicial District
K7N13 NM -- Local Rules Thirteenth Judicial District
5WNMA NM -- Local Rules of Appellate Procedure
ENDLI EDNY Standing Order - Judge Dora L. Irizarry
ENTCP EDNY Standing Order -- Judge Thomas C. Platt
ENSLT EDNY Standing Order -- Judge Sandra L. Townes
SNLAK SDNY Standing Order -- Judge Lewis A. Kaplan
SNLBS SDNY Standing Order -- Judge Leonard B. Sand
SNRJS SDNY Standing Order -- Judge Richard J. Sullivan
SNXAT SDNY Standing Order -- Judge Analisa Torres
3ZNCP USDC -- E.D. North Carolina - Patent
5BTCP OH -- Butler County Common Pleas - General
37ECP OH -- Probate Rules - Erie County
58WOK USDC -- W.D. Oklahoma
54OKC OK -- Rules of Civil Procedure
F4OAS OR -- Revised Statutes -- Appeals (Civil)
C8EPB USBC -- E.D. Pennsylvania
L2ALL PA -- Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas
L2LAC PA -- Lackawanna County Court of Common Pleas
0ISCF USDC -- District of South Carolina
1XSCP SC -- Rules of Civil Procedure
0PSCM SC -- Magistrate's Court
1YSCA SC -- Appellate Court Rules
7TBED USBC -- E.D. Tennessee
95RCA TN -- Rules of the Court of Appeal
4DWAD TX -- Waller County District Courts
C1TX8 TX -- Eighth Court of Appeals (El Paso)
FTXTR TX -- Tarrant County District Courts - Family*
FTXD3 TX -- Dallas County 255th District Court - Family
FTXD4 TX -- Dallas County 256th District Court - Family
FTXT3 TX -- Tarrant County 325th District Court - Family
L4VDC USDC -- District of Vermont
4EVAB USBC -- E.D. Virginia
4WVAB USBC -- W.D. Virginia
L6VBR VA -- City of Virginia Beach Circuit Court Rules
E1GHW WA -- Grays Harbor County Superior Court
5PWKG WA -- King County District Court
E5LEW WA -- Lewis County Superior Court
E6LNW WA -- Lincoln County Superior Court
L6WVS USDC -- S.D. West Virginia
4NWVB USBC -- N.D. West Virginia
L1ARC Alberta Rules of Court


*All related rules sets must also be updated (including Standing Orders where applicable) for the amendments to be reflected therein.