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Deadline Assistant Court Rules Coverage

Deadline Assistant Court Rules Coverage

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Update Summary January 31, 2016:

The following new Rules Sets were created:
No new Rules Sets were created

The following Rules Sets were removed:

9SRBBSDCA Standing Order – Mag. Ruben B. Brooks

The following Rules Sets were renamed:
No Rules Sets were renamed

The following Rules Sets were revised:

H3AAX AAA -- Commercial Disspute Resolution (Expedited)
JAMS1 JAMS -- Comprehensive Arbitration Rules
8OSDA USDC -- S.D. Alabama
9AKBK USBC -- District of Alaska
8TDSF CDCA Standing Order -- Judge Dale S. Fischer
8TMWF CDCA Standing Order -- Judge Michael W. Fitzgerald
8TJAK CDCA Standing Order -- Judge John A. Kronstadt*
8TBRO CDCA Standing Order -- Judge Beverly Reid O'Connell
8TGHWCDCA Standing Order -- Judge George H. Wu
29USS USDC -- S.D. California
9SMMA SDCA Standing Order -- Judge Michael M. Anello
9SLAB SDCA Standing Order -- Judge Larry Alan Burns
9SWQH SDCA Standing Order -- Judge William Q. Hayes
9SMLH SDCA Standing Order -- Judge Marilyn L. Huff
9SXJL SDCA Standing Order -- Judge James Lorenz
9SJTM SDCA Standing Order -- Judge Jeffrey T. Miller
9SDMS SDCA Standing Order -- Judge Dana M. Sabraw
9STJW SDCA Standing Order -- Judge Thomas J. Whelan
9SJMA SDCA Standing Order -- Mag. Jan M. Adler
9SJLB SDCA Standing Order -- Mag. Jill L. Burkhardt
9SMDDSDCA Standing Order -- Mag. Mitchell D. Dembin
9SBLM SDCA Standing Order -- Mag. Barbara Lynn Major
69EDF CA -- El Dorado County Superior Court
7CGLE CA -- Glenn County Superior Court
8GINY CA -- Inyo County Superior Court
53LKS CA -- Lake County Superior Court
6GMAR CA -- Mariposa County Superior Court
0CAMO CA -- Modoc County Superior Court
2JMOS CA -- Mono County Superior Court
99MTF CA -- Monterey County Superior Court
5KNEV CA -- Nevada County Superior Court
90PLF CA -- Plumas County Superior Court
66SBF CA -- San Benito County Superior Court
82WKC California Workers' Compensation
L5FBM USBC -- M.D. Florida
7A09C FL -- 9th Judicial Circuit (Orange, Osceola)*
7A9OS FL -- 9th Judicial Circuit - Osceola County
7A9OR FL -- 9th Judicial Circuit - Orange County
7A9BC FL -- 9th Judicial Circuit Business Court
7A11C FL -- 11th Judicial Circuit (Miami-Dade County)*
7A11BFL -- 11th Judicial Circuit (Miami-Dade) - Complex Business Litigation
H4MDG USDC -- M.D. Georgia
2UNGA USDC -- N.D. Georgia
0KHDC HI--Rules of the District Courts
A1INB USBC -- N.D. Illinois
G4MDC USDC -- District of Maryland (Criminal)
98SCR MA -- Superior Court Rules and Select General Orders
52EDM USDC -- E.D. Missouri
5XMOR MO -- Rules of Civil Procedure*
H9NEDNE -- Uniform District Court Rules
ENRJD EDNY Standing Order -- Judge Raymond J. Dearie
ENRRM EDNY Standing Order -- Judge Roslynn R. Mauskopf
ENADS EDNY Standing Order -- Judge Arthur D. Spatt
SNPGG SDNY Standing Order -- Judge Paul G. Gardephe
SNJFK SDNY Standing Order -- Judge John F. Keenan
SNXER SDNY Standing Order -- Judge Edgardo Ramos
7DNCC NY -- New York City Civil Court Act*
79COC NY -- Civil Rules for City Courts Outside NYC
3NYD1 NY -- Appellate Division, First Department
3XNCP NC -- Rules of Civil Procedure
5HMCP OH -- Hamilton County Court Common Pleas - General
57EOK USDC -- E.D. Oklahoma
1HPAE USDC -- E.D. Pennsylvania
L2BUT PA -- Butler County Court of Common Pleas
L2LYC PA -- Lycoming County Court of Common Pleas
09SCA SC -- Administrative Law Judge Division
0PSCM SC -- Magistrate's Court
1YSCA SC -- Appellate Court Rules
5TBSD USBC -- S.D. Texas
4RBRZ TX -- Brazos County District Courts
FTXD8 TX -- Dallas County 330th District Court - Family
4MDEN TX -- Denton County District Courts
4DMLC TX -- McLennan County District Courts
4DMID TX -- Midland County District Courts
4CNUE TX -- Nueces County District Courts
G7TCT TX -- Tarrant County Local Rules (General Civil)
B8TX3 TX -- Third Court of Appeals (Austin)
B9TX4 TX -- Fourth Court of Appeals (San Antonio)
L5VSC VA -- Supreme Court Rules
L6RCR VA -- Richmond Circuit Court
7PWAD USDC -- W.D. Washington - Local Admiralty
8NWBE USBC -- E.D. Washington
L6WVN USDC -- N.D. West Virginia
7WWBC USBC -- W.D. Wisconsin


*All related rules sets must also be updated (including Standing Orders where applicable) for the amendments to be reflected therein.