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Deadline Assistant Court Rules Coverage

Deadline Assistant Court Rules Coverage

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Update Summary November 30, 2016:

The following new Rules Sets were created:
No new Rules Sets were created

The following Rules Sets were removed:

0SRMWNDCA Standing Order - Judge Ronald M. Whyte
0SPSGNDCA Standing Order - Mag. Judge Paul Singh Grewal

The following Rules Sets were renamed:
No Rules Sets were renamed

The following Rules Sets were revised:

0FRCPFederal Rules of Civil Procedure*
9LCRIFederal Rules of Criminal Procedure*
3AUBFFederal Rules of Bankruptcy*
6KBNKFederal Rules of Bankruptcy - Adversary Proceedings*
2BFRAFederal Rules of Appellate Procedure*
4H1CR United States Court of Appeals -- First Circuit
2WFC8 United States Court of Appeals -- Eighth Circuit
9BAAAAAA -- Commercial Dispute Resolution Procedures
8ABND USBC -- N.D. Alabama
28USN USDC -- N.D. California Local Civil Rules*
26USC USDC -- C.D. California Local Civil Rules*
8TVAP CDCA Standing Order -- Chief Judge Virginia A. Phillips
8TDMG CDCA Standing Order -- Judge Dolly M. Gee
8TDDP CDCA Standing Order -- Judge Dean D. Pregerson
8TODW CDCA Standing Order -- Judge Otis D. Wright II
3SUCN USDC -- District of Connecticut
11FCP FL -- Rules of Civil Procedure*
7A08CFL -- 8th Judicial Circuit (Alachua, Baker, Bradford, Gilchrist, Levy, Union)
7A13C FL -- 13th Judicial Circuit (Hillsborough County)
7A15C FL -- 15th Judicial Circuit (Palm Beach County)
2FLA1 FL -- First Appellate District
2FLA5FL -- Fifth Appellate District
BIL23 IL -- 23rd Judicial Circuit (DeKalb and Kendall Counties)
B5INP IN -- Rules of Civil Procedure*
L7KDC KS -- Supreme Court Rules for District Courts*
5D03C MI -- 3rd Circuit Court (Wayne)
8UMIN MN -- Rules of Civil Procedure*
52EDM USDC -- E.D. Missouri
60WDMUSDC -- W.D. Missouri
9TNEB USDC -- District of Nebraska
H0NE3 NE -- Rules of the Third Judicial District
I1NE4 NE -- Rules of the Fourth Judicial District
6ANCP NV -- Rules of Civil Procedure*
K6N01 NV -- First Judicial District
8ANWA NV -- Second Judicial District (Washoe County)
K6N03 NV -- Third Judicial District
K6N07 NV -- Seventh Judicial District
7ANCL NV -- Eighth Judicial District (Clark County)
1TNVI NV -- Industrial Insurance
1NHBK USBC -- District of New Hampshire
NNJSA NJ -- Supreme Court and Appellate Rules
3EDNY USDC -- E.D. New York*
ENJBWEDNY Standing Order -- Senior Judge Jack B. Weinstein
ENLDW EDNY Standing Order -- Judge Leonard D. Wexler
3SDNY USDC -- S.D. New York*
SNVLB SDNY Standing Order -- Judge Vincent L. Briccetti
SNALC SDNY Standing Order -- Judge Andrew L. Carter
SNPGG SDNY Standing Order -- Judge Paul G. Gardephe
SNNSR SDNY Standing Order -- Judge Nelson S. Roman
7OUDC NY -- Uniform District Court Act*
5CNYDNY -- Uniform Civil Rules for the District Courts
2NYCT NY -- New York County - Supreme Civil Term
3CNYF NY -- Uniform Rules for the Family Court
5HCCPOH -- Huron County Court of Common Pleas - General
5MOCP OH –- Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas - General
5SMCP OH -- Summit County Common Pleas - General
3OMCP OH -- Probate Rules - Medina County
5EOKB USBC -- E.D. Oklahoma
L2WAS PA -- Washington County Court of Common Pleas
5AEDT USDC -- E.D. Texas*
5ATXP USDC -- E.D. Texas - Patent Rules
8MSTX USDC -- S.D. Texas*
4DCCD TX -- Cameron County District Courts
4XDAL TX -- Dallas County District Courts
4EELP TX -- El Paso County District Courts
4KGAL TX -- Galveston County District Courts
4BHID TX -- Hidalgo County District Courts
FTXD2TX -- Dallas County 254th District Court - Family
FTXHR TX -- Harris County District Courts - Family
FTXT2 TX -- Tarrant County 233rd District Court - Family
0MUTH USDC -- District of Utah*
0MUTP USDC -- District of Utah - Patent
9PWDC USDC -- W.D. Washington - Criminal
7PWAP USDC -- W.D. Washington - Patent


*All related rules sets must also be updated (including Standing Orders where applicable) for the amendments to be reflected therein.