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Deadline Assistant Court Rules Coverage

Deadline Assistant Court Rules Coverage

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Update Summary August 26, 2016:

The following new Rules Sets were created:
No new Rules Sets were created

The following Rules Sets were removed:
No Rules Sets were removed

The following Rules Sets were renamed:

4RNVANV -- Arbitration and Short Trial Rules

The following Rules Sets were revised:

9LCRI Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure*
2PWMU USDC -- Multidistrict Litigation
4APSC AK -- Rules of Appellate Procedure
65UBC USBC -- C.D. California
01CCP California CCP and CRC*
GDENC DE -- Superior Court - New Castle County
GDESU DE -- Superior Court - Sussex County
45DCR DC -- Rules of Civil Procedure
6TDCA DC -- Rules of Appellate Procedure
7A18B FL -- 18th Judicial Circuit - Brevard County
L3GBN USBC -- N.D. Georgia
9UNDI USDC -- N.D. Illinois*
9UILP USDC -- N.D. Illinois - Patent Rules
2IDC5 IA -- District Court of Iowa 5th Judicial District
25ICR IA -- Rules of Criminal Procedure
2OIAP IA -- Rules of Appellate Procedure
34IFP IA -- Forfeiture Proceedings
2ZIWC IA -- Worker's Compensation Rules
C4MDBUSBC -- District of Maryland
3MMAS USDC -- District of Massachusetts
7RMAA MA -- Rules of Appellate Procedure
6UBEM USBC -- E.D. Michigan
4MMIN USDC -- District of Minnesota
8MBED USBC -- E.D. Missouri
6MO22 MO -- Twenty-Second Judicial Circuit (St. Louis City)
B3MTU MT -- Uniform District Court Rules (Civil)
6ANCP NV -- Rules of Civil Procedure*
6RNV9 NV -- Ninth Judicial District (Douglas County)
4RNVA NV -- Arbitration and Short Trial Rules*
K6NAP NV -- Rules of Appellate Procedure
3JNJP USDC -- District of New Jersey - Patent
O3NJB USBC -- District of New Jersey
ENFB EDNY Standing Order -- Judge Frederic Block
ENNG EDNY Standing Order -- Judge Nina Gershon
ENILG EDNY Standing Order -- Judge I. Leo Glasser
ENENV EDNY Standing Order -- Judge Eric N. Vitaliano
SNGBD SDNY Standing Order -- Judge George B. Daniels
SNJSR SDNY Standing Order -- Judge Jed S. Rakoff
SNGHW SDNY Standing Order -- Judge Gregory H. Woods
47NCP USDC -- W.D. North Carolina - Patent
NNMIB USBC -- District of the Northern Mariana Islands
1FOHP USDC -- N.D. Ohio - Patent
L2BEA PA -- Beaver County Court of Common Pleas
L2CHE PA -- Chester County Court of Common Pleas
L2MON PA -- Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas
L2NOR PA -- Northampton County Court of Common Pleas
1RIBK USBC -- District of Rhode Island
9MTX USDC -- N.D. Texas*
9MTXP USDC -- N.D. Texas - Patent Rules
8MTXP USDC -- S.D. Texas - Patent
G8CCT TX -- Collin County Local Rules (General Civil)
FTXDL TX -- Dallas County District Courts - Family
4DFAY TX -- Fayette County District Courts
B7TXA TX -- Rules of Appellate Procedure*
B8TX1TX -- First Court of Appeals (Houston)
C4T14 TX -- Fourteenth Court of Appeals (Houston)
D1WAS WA -- Procedural Statutes (Civil)*
1PWSS WA -- Superior Court Civil Rules*
8RBFW WA -- Benton/Franklin Counties Superior Court
9ZCKW WA -- Clark County Superior Court
D7COW WA -- Cowlitz County Superior Court
D0GRT WA -- Grant County Superior Court
E2JFR WA -- Jefferson County Superior Court
19KIT WA -- Kitsap County Superior Court
E5LEW WA -- Lewis County Superior Court
7NWPC WA -- Pierce County Superior Court
4LWTH WA -- Thurston County Superior Court
E0WAL WA -- Walla Walla County Superior Court
F2WIT WA -- Whitman County Superior Court
9XCDW WA -- Chelan County District Court (Civil)
D6WLJ WA -- Courts of Limited Jurisdiction*
L4WDV USDC -- W.D. Virginia


*All related rules sets must also be updated (including Standing Orders where applicable) for the amendments to be reflected therein.