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Deadline Assistant Court Rules Coverage

Deadline Assistant Court Rules Coverage

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Update Summary February 28, 2017:

The following new Rules Sets were created:

0SSVK NDCA Standing Order -- Mag. Susan van Keulen

The following Rules Sets were removed:

0SSC NDCA Standing Order -- Senior Judge Samuel Conti

The following Rules Sets were renamed:
No Rules Sets were renamed

The following Rules Sets were revised:

0FRCP Federal Rules of Civil Procedure*
3AUBF Federal Rules of Bankruptcy*
63F11 United States Court of Appeals -- Eleventh Circuit
2NAFC United States Court of Appeals -- Federal Circuit
03TAX United States Tax Court
8ABMD USBC -- M.D. Alabama
8ABSD USBC -- S.D. Alabama
7YALP AL -- Rules of Civil Procedure (Circuit Courts)*
40AKS AK -- Rules of Civil Procedure*
4CINA AK -- Child in Need of Aid Rules
4APCR AK -- Rules of Appellate Procedure - Criminal
28USN USDC -- N.D. California Local Civil Rules*
0SPJH NDCA Standing Order -- Chief Judge Phyllis J. Hamilton*
0SPHP NDCA Standing Order -- Chief Judge Phyllis Hamilton - Patent
0SEMC NDCA Standing Order -- Judge Edward M. Chen
0SMMC NDCA Standing Order -- Judge Maxine M. Chesney
0SEJD NDCA Standing Order -- Judge Edward J. Davila*
0SEDP NDCA Standing Order -- Judge Edward J. Davila - Patent
0SXJD NDCA Standing Order -- Judge James Donato
0SJF NDCA Standing Order -- Judge Jeremy Fogel
0SHSG NDCA Standing Order -- Judge Haywood S. Gilliam Jr.
0SLHK NDCA Standing Order -- Judge Lucy H. Koh
0SWHO NDCA Standing Order -- Judge William H. Orrick
0SYGR NDCA Standing Order -- Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers*
0SYRP NDCA Standing Order -- Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers - Patent
0SRS NDCA Standing Order -- Judge Richard Seeborg
0SJST NDCA Standing Order -- Judge Jon S. Tigar
0SJWP NDCA Standing Order -- Judge Jeffrey S. White - Patent
0SSAP NDCA Standing Order –- Senior Judge Armstrong – Patent
0STEH NDCA Standing Order -- Senior Judge Thelton E. Henderson
0SXLB NDCA Standing Order -- Mag. Laurel Beeler
0SHRL NDCA Standing Order -- Mag. Howard L. Lloyd
0SKAW NDCA Standing Order -- Mag. Kandis A. Westmore
01CCP California CCP and CRC*
7HWD California Unlawful Detainer
0DCOB USBC -- District of Colorado
6SCNC CT -- Superior Court Rules of Practice (Civil)
K8DEB USBC -- District of Delaware
8LSDF USDC -- S.D. Florida
7A04L FL -- 4th Judicial Circuit - Clay County
7A04N FL -- 4th Judicial Circuit - Nassau County
7A05C FL -- 5th Judicial Circuit (Citrus, Hernando, Lake, Marion, Sumter)
7A06C FL -- 6th Judicial Circuit (Pasco, Pinellas)*
6GACA GA -- Court of Appeals
H1IDP ID -- Rules of Civil Procedure
A0ILC USDC -- C.D. Illinois
7CDIB USBC -- C.D. Illinois
C5INS USDC -- S.D. Indiana
C6INR IN -- Rules for Alternative Dispute Resolution
2IDC5 IA -- District Court of Iowa 5th Judicial District
35ITR IA -- Taxation and Revenue Rules
31SVP IA -- Sexually Violent Predator Code
L7KCP KS -- Rules of Civil Procedure*
L7KAP KS -- Supreme Court Rules for Appellate Procedure
L7K04 KS -- 4th Judicial District
0UKTY USDC -- E.D. and W.D. Kentucky
6WKYB USBC -- W.D. Kentucky
K9RCP KY -- Rules of Civil Procedure
1MEBK USBC -- District of Maine
L9DCA MD -- Title 7 - Rules of Appellate Review - Circuit
L9REG MD -- Title 8 - COSA - Regular Appeals
L9EXP MD -- Title 8 - COSA - Expedited Appeals
L9CPR MD -- Title 8 - Capital Cases (Regular Appeals)
L9CPE MD -- Title 8 - Capital Cases (Expedited Appeals)
L9COA MD -- Title 8 - Rules of Appellate Review
L9REX MD -- Title 8 - Appellate - Deferred Record Appeal
1MABC USBC -- District of Massachusetts
74WDM USDC -- W.D. Michigan
F7MSP MS -- Rules of Civil Procedure*
F8MSU MS -- Uniform Circuit and County Rules (Civil)
6MO13 MO -- Thirteenth Judicial Circuit (Boone and Callaway)
6MO16 MO -- Sixteenth Judicial Circuit (Jackson County)
5ZMOA MO -- Rules of Appellate Procedure
4JNVP USDC -- District of Nevada - Patent
73DCN NV -- District Court Rules
5MNHM USDC -- District of New Hampshire*
5NMBK USBC -- District of New Mexico
ENCBA EDNY Standing Order -- Chief Judge Carol Bagley Amon
ENBMC EDNY Standing Order -- Judge Brian M. Cogan
ENKAM EDNY Standing Order -- Judge Kiyo A. Matsumoto
ENDRH EDNY Standing Order -- Senior Judge Denis R. Hurley
SNRMB SDNY Standing Order -- Judge Richard M. Berman
SNGHW SDNY Standing Order -- Judge Gregory H. Woods
2CNYS NY -- Civil Rules for Supreme and County Courts*
4ENCB USBC -- E.D. North Carolina
3YNCA NC -- Rules of Appellate Procedure
M5RCP ND -- Rules of Civil Procedure
0WOSP OH -- Rules of Practice of the Supreme Court
5GCCP OH -- Greene County Court of Common Pleas - General
5WACP OH -- Warren County Court of Common Pleas - General
5NOKB USBC -- N.D. Oklahoma
4ORCC OR -- Supplemental Rules for Clackamas County
4ORCL OR -- Supplemental Rules for Clatsop County
4ORJC OR -- Supplemental Rules for Jackson County
4ORJO OR -- Supplemental Rules for Josephine County
4ORKC OR -- Supplemental Rules for Klamath County
4ORLN OR -- Supplemental Rules for Lincoln County
4ORLC OR -- Supplemental Rules for Linn County
4ORMH OR -- Supplemental Rules for Malheur County
4ORMC OR -- Supplemental Rules for Multnomah County
4ORUW OR -- Supplemental Rules for Union and Wallowa Counties
4ORUM OR -- Supplemental Rules for Umatilla and Morrow Counties
4ORWC OR -- Supplemental Rules for Washington County
4ORYC OR -- Supplemental Rules for Yamhill County
3QORA OR -- Rules of Appellate Procedure
L2BEA PA -- Beaver County Court of Common Pleas
L2CHE PA -- Chester County Court of Common Pleas
L2NOR PA -- Northampton County Court of Common Pleas
C9RAP PA -- Rules of Appellate Procedure*
8ZEDT USDC -- E.D. Tennessee (Civil)
94TNA TN -- Rules of Appellate Procedure
4DAUS TX -- Austin County District Courts
4DBLC TX -- Bell County District Courts
4DBRZ TX -- Brazoria County District Courts
4DFAY TX -- Fayette County District Courts
4LFOR TX -- Fort Bend County District Courts
4PLUB TX -- Lubbock County District Courts
FTXD6 TX -- Dallas County 302nd District Court - Family
C2T10 TX -- Tenth Court of Appeals (Waco)
6OUTR UT -- Rules of Civil Procedure
L4VTC VT -- Rules of Civil Procedure


*All related rules sets must also be updated (including Standing Orders where applicable) for the amendments to be reflected therein.