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Investigative platform designed for professionals who need information about people and companies

With fast access to a vast collection of public and proprietary records, CLEAR helps you find out about people and their connections for fraud prevention and investigations. Powered with innovative, easy-to-use tools, CLEAR offers information that is:

  • Complete – includes extensive cell phone and work affiliations data
  • Deep – data from social networks, blogs, news, watchlists and more
  • Current – live gateways to real-time data
  • Easy to use – mapping, link charts, reports, Web Analytics and more

CLEAR is available to:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Government agencies
  • Companies and organizations
  • Law Firms

Integrated Solutions

Thomson Reuters Integrated Solutions allow you to effectively and securely conduct investigations by accessing our public and proprietary data from within your own portals, workflow applications, or other internal systems. Search queries and results are customizable, so they return only the data that matters most to you, in the format that brings the most efficiency to your organization.

CLEAR System-to-System

Search both your internal systems and the CLEAR public records platform from one user interface - yours. Use CLEAR System-to-System to perform search queries - and receive results - within your own internal user interface and workflow so you can work more efficiently in a familiar environment. Learn more about CLEAR System-to-System.

Palantir System-to-System Integration

You can easily access extensive CLEAR® data right from your Palantir desktop for a streamlined workflow. Search results are populated into Palantir and immediately included in your graphs and analysis.

Additional benefits of the CLEAR/Palantir integration include:

  • Direct access to millions of public and proprietary databases in CLEAR from your Palantir workspace
  • Uninterrupted workflow with seamless integration of CLEAR data delivered into Palantir, reducing the need to manually enter data, saving you time and money
  • Ability to perform link, geospatial, statistical, and temporal analysis within the Palantir workspace
  • Ability to map CLEAR data objects/properties/relationships to your own customized Palantir ontology
  • With Social Media Analytics, CLEAR expands your investigative reach by allowing you to detect, analyze and mitigate threats through unique analysis, filtering and geo mapping of social media activity

Learn more about the CLEAR/Palantir integration.

Strategic Partnerships

To further our goal of providing our customers with access to the best public records data available, Thomson Reuters teams with third-party solution providers to offer our data through their proprietary platforms. By partnering with third-party solution providers, Thomson Reuters helps customers expand their capabilities by giving them access to premium data when and where they need it within their workflow. The result is increased performance and efficiency.

For more information on CLEAR solutions for your needs, visit

Product Highlights & Benefits



Access to live gateway data such as address, phone and vehicle information Real-time information pulled from multiple sources provides the most current and accurate data to find people and businesses
Web Analytics data VIEW PDF » Integrated deep web searching provides information not found in public records and uncovers social connections and preferences
Real-time incarceration and arrest records VIEW PDF » Integrated with your public records search, access near real-time incarceration and arrest data on your subject, with photo lineups
Provider data for healthcare fraud investigations Retrieve integrated healthcare-related content, including National Provider Identifier (NPI) numbers, sanctions, and expanded professional licenses



Linked searching Search from within search results, making it fast and convenient to dive deeper into returned data
My Workspace functionality Make connections between people, assets, businesses and other critical facts, visualize data connections with link charts and map views
Alerting functionality VIEW PDF » Be notified when key information changes on your target or subject of interest
Customizable reports Choose the content you want in your report, in the order you want to view it, and print or save for later use
Mobile access VIEW PDF » Get full access to core search and report capabilities from mobile, wireless devices
Batch capabilities VIEW PDF » Streamline your work by easily searching large volumes of person and phone records at once and run automatic searches, alerting you whenever key data changes VIEW PDF »
System-to-System capabilities VIEW PDF » Access Thomson Reuters' premier public record data, seamlessly, from within your current desktop workflow


Our CLEAR products have helped professionals find information about people and businesses for all kinds of purposes. These are just a few examples of success stories from a range of customers around the country.

"We have had success in identifying key information that would not have otherwise been discovered without that [Web] search capability."

"Through my investigation on CLEAR, I was able to locate a subject who had been hiding for over 3 years from my client. We found through using the phone search that he had been registering cell phones for his use in someone else's name. At that point, we were able to reverse the name, get a good address for the subject and have him served. 'Account resolved, job well done' was the compliment I received from the company I was working for, along with a big fat bonus."

"I work as an investigator [for a state agency]. I have been using CLEAR for a little over a year now. I use it so often and in so many different ways. I would be lost without it."

CLEAR Success Stories

"... by using CLEAR I have been successful locating assets, and chipping away at the balance."

Patrick M. – Metro Legal Services, Minneapolis, MN

"Investigators used Thomson Reuters' CLEAR program to locate relatives of the suspect and arrested him as he hid within one of their homes."

Kevin D. – Warren Police Department, Warren, MI


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