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Business law

Is it material? The top 10 questions to ask when determining materiality

EEOC annual Enforcement and Litigation Statistics report reveals less charge-friendly Commission

Practice toolkit for corporate buy-sell agreements

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NLRB analysis of common employment policies; Impeding whistleblowers; Consumer product warranties

Avoiding retaliation claims; DMCA best practices; Creditor standing under Delaware law

Documentary Requirements for Dissolving and Liquidating a Corporation

Drafting and Use of Preincorporation Agreements

Basics of Share Certificates and Uncertified Securities

Admitting New Owners to Non-Corporate Entities

M&A trends to watch for in 2015

EEOC Statistics Report: Retaliation filings at highest levels

Keeping Up With Outside Counsel: The Ten IP Terms Every In-house Attorney Should Know

IP Injunctions After eBay: What It Means for You

Successfully Navigating the Increasingly Complex Intellectual Property Rights

Expert Q&A on Biosimilar Patent Litigation under the BPCIA

Supreme Court issues new guidance on software patents

An IP Primer: Debunking Myths; International Aspects; and Important Resources

An IP Primer – Part 2: What significant court cases are occurring that require attention?

An IP Primer – Part 3: What are the first steps an organization should take when accused of infringement?

Fees Awarded to Non-infringers; Enforceability of Browsewrap Agreements; Induced Patent Infringement

Employer and Employee Ownership of Intellectual Property: Not as Easy as You Think

Protections to employees of contractors and subcontractors of public companies

Structural Components of Equity Joint Ventures

Top Ten Retirement Plan Issues in Mergers & Acquisitions

Merger Review and Enforcement Trends; Induced Patent Infringement; Consent Decree Review

Policy changes to make before laying off employees

Reviewing employee handbooks checklist

Successful partnering between inside and outside counsel: Trademark protection program

Intellectual property tectonic shifts in the legal landscape

Corporate counsel lessons from the Apple Samsung case

Counsel's opinion on antitrust issues in mergers and acquisitions

What I'd do now as in-house counsel around immigration reform

Even without innovation act, fee-shifting likely to become more common in patent suits

2014: Year of tech mergers and acquisitions and initial public offerings. Are you intellectual property-ready?

Watch for changes in patent litigation: Teva vs. Sandoz

Cost management and budgeting

Top Ten Ways to Get the Most out of Your Legal Matter Management System

Six pillars of engagement: What you need to know about using AFAs in litigation

Top Ten Guidelines For Your Law Firms

Notable court cases

What Obergefell Means for Employers

The top cases of the Supreme Court's next term

New EU High Court Ruling May End All Data Transfers to U.S.

Data security

Whistleblower claims: A new front in the cybersecurity war

Trends in privacy and data security

New EU High Court Ruling May End All Data Transfers to U.S.

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Flying into the cloud without falling: Understanding the intersection between data privacy laws and cloud computing solutions

Hillary Clinton’s E-Mail Woes, and Their Lessons for Your Organization

Despite hacker threats, information security officers remain undervalued

Breaches in the boardroom: What directors and officers can do to reduce the risk of personal liability for data security breaches

Best practices for merger investigations; Data breach standing; Independent contractor misclassification

Data Insecurities and Other Issues: Results of the Latest Consero General Counsel Survey

Managing Employee Relations in the Digital Environment

A data breach as a “trigger” for a litigation hold

A duty of care for computer security and information privacy

Cyber-insurance: An important tool to protect information technology investments

Top 10 tips for managing the "bring your own device to the workplace" environment

Edward Snowden's NSA surveillance revelations and their impact on your organization

Tips for protecting your organization's data

Snowmaggedon: Will your sensitive data make the front page news?

10 powerful impacts of big data on big law – and how the modern GCs are making it work for them

Managing the information privacy obligations of your organization

Lessons from Target’s security breach

5 things your IT department wants you to know about data security

Your organization's responsibilities for managing apps and other online content

A perfect storm: The rise in white collar investigations and the proliferation of electronic information

Pack up the desk, turn in the keys, and hand over the company data

Important trends in information privacy

C-suite strategies: Data incident risks and 5 steps to manage them

A non-technical corporate counsel's guide to IT

Benefits of cloud-based litigation tools

An information security alphabet soup

Does the survival of your business depend on your choice of "cloud computing" service provider?


An inside job: Becoming a valued strategic business partner

Power to the people

Knowing what you don't know

Law 3.0: The challenges facing legal leadership


Top Ten Tips in Drafting and Negotiating International Contracts

Top Ten Steps for Effective Contract Management

Failure to Review paralegal's Error Costs $1.5 Billion

California automatic renewal class action lawsuits on the rise

Outside counsel management

Innovative techniques to manage outside counsel move mainstream

Are your outside counsel guidelines working for or against you?

Top 10 considerations when evaluating a system for managing outside counsel work

Legal department management

Top Ten Ways to Know It’s Time to Employ Technology in Your Legal Department

Using numbers (and analytics) to your advantage

The “New Order” of GCS and the Law: Comments on the Results of the 2015 General Counsel Excellence Report

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Thomson Reuters Survey of Legal Departments Highlights In-Sourcing, Outside Partners

From the Outside In: Making the Case to Bring More Work In-House

From the Outside In: Making the Case to Bring More Work In-House (Part 2)

Overwhelmed by your Workload? Outside Counsel is Not Your Only Option

Planting the seeds of diversity with Eric de los Santos

Power to the people

Law 3.0: The challenges facing legal leadership

Leading change in your legal department

Team Design Principles for Law Firms and law Departments

ACCAM15 – Maximize the value of your legal department

A new playbook for Capital One: Accelerating the speed of legal advice

"Trust Falls" and Hiring Processes in Legal Departments

Knowledge of the business is an essential trait for effective law department leadership

Ten things by Sterling Miller: Running an effective staff meeting

Are Your Processes Working For or Against You?

Three resolutions for in-house counsel for 2015

"Think-time" topics for legal departments

Driving transformation in your legal department

How legal research can improve legal project management

Survey: In-house counsel report growth in headcount

The new black: Legal department operations managers

Study finds potentially significant opportunities to move additional work in-house

Managing reputational risk: Why lawyers and PR professionals should be friends

Maintaining the corporation's credibility in a crisis

How general counsel can avoid personal liability

A general counsel among general counsel: Interview with James Merklinger

Benchmarking professional development success practices: A deeper dive

Challenges for general counsel structuring an effective global law department

Attorneys' fees: Be careful what you ask for, you might not get it

Applying lean six sigma methods to litigation practice

Who's getting the most and least from the RFP process?

Who's getting the most and least from the RFP process? (part 2)

Professional development

Words to lead by: A discussion with top general counsel

New GC? Top 10 ways to succeed in your new role

What it takes to stay where you are (Hint: it's not by standing still)

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Top Leaders Share Best Practices for General Counsel

Press 'up' on your career: How to develop a good elevator pitch

Proving your worth in the first 100 days of a new role

Knowing what you don't know

What GCs and CCOs can learn from each other

Business Counselors Neet to Understand and Respect Organizational Culture

3 key steps to navigating legal department politics

The rise of in-house pro bono

An inside job: Becoming a valued strategic business partner

Be more than a legal advisor

Be your own cheerleader

Law 3.0: The challenges facing legal leadership

What Law School Didn't Teach You: Observations from ACC's Corporate Counsel University

For GCs, is LinkedIn the new golf course?

Top Ten Tips Out of the Gates for New In-house Counsel

Top 5 must do's for the first in-house counsel

For GCs, is LinkedIn the new golf course?

Three resolutions for in-house counsel for 2015

Top Leaders Share Best Practices for General Counsel

New GC? Top 10 ways to succeed in your new role

A Professional Recruiter's Perspective on Laying Groundwork to Becoming a General Counsel

New GC? Making a successful transition in your first six months

Ethics on the inside: What every in-house attorney needs to know

Challenging corporate counsel to continuously improve through every stage of their career

Transforming the role of the GC in a changing industry

Top 10 things I know now that I wish I knew then

In-house counsel salaries: What can you expect in the first 3 years?

Leading the way for general counsel in FBA: Interview with John Okray

Of income and insights: Going behind the scenes of the 2012 In-House Counsel Compensation Report

In-house interns: Harnessing young brainpower with Allen Institute's GC, Maja Larson

Transforming legal education for corporate counsel of the future: Interview with Ron Naves of the UC-Irvine Center for Corporate Legal Leadership

From internship to in-house: A conversation with Allen Institute's Lemuel Navarro

Inequality everywhere: Can corporate counsel help bridge the gap in billing disparity between male & female outside counsel?

Top 10 ways to become a more efficient (and possibly happier) in-house attorney

The intersection of whistleblowing, ethics, and in-house counsel

Looking to skip the firm and go in-house

Avoiding potential pitfalls in corporate attorney client privilege

In-house pro bono opportunities

HP's pro bono program provides assistance to those in need

Top 10 tips out of the gates for new in-house counsel

Law firm to in-house: A different type of mountain, but not insurmountable

Harnessing young brainpower at the Allen Iinstitute for Brain Science

Risk and compliance

The Ten Factors Which Most Impact Heads of AML

Top 10 things to know about due diligence for corporate counsel

Enhanced due diligence – best ways of meeting the requirements and managing business risk

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The evolving customer due diligence landscape

Know your customer to protect your organization’s exposure to money laundering

Law Firm Memo Survey: Q3 2015

ACCAM 15 – Reputation or Regulatory Compliance? Structuring an Ethical Supply Chain

ACCAM15 – Similarities and Differences: In-house Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer

Avoiding the cost of noncompliance: A discussion with Michael Shepard

Report finds growing regulatory fatigue; offers possible remedies

What GCs and CCOs can learn from each other

Board oversight of social media compliance; Securities fraud liability for corporate insiders; Online interest-based advertising

Proactive Planning in this Regulatory Environment: Hope is not an Option

FIFA Corruption Charges Likely Only the Beginning

Beyond Regulations: 'Bring Your Own Device' and Big Data

Hillary Clinton’s E-Mail Woes, and Their Lessons for Your Organization

Email use during non-work time; Assessing public corruption risk; New ISS and Glass Lewis executive compensation guidelines

Definitions and Categories of Risks for your Clients

Confluence of Legal, Risk and Compliance – Best Practices and Insights

Audits are essential for effective compliance programs

Top Ten Bitcoin Issues: World Peace, Wild West, or Both?

Email use during non-work time; Assessing public corruption risk; New ISS and Glass Lewis executive compensation guidelines

Expert Q&A on Bitcoin Compensation

Ten Eye-Opening (and Some Expected) Findings Regarding AML and Compliance for 2014

Due diligence for venture capital investment transactions

Definitions and Categories of Risks for your Clients

Business due diligence: Mitigating risk and sweetening the deal

The art of avoiding unpleasant surprises in proper due diligence

Top 10 things to keep in mind as your company considers whether or not to conduct business with an organization or individual

10 eye-opening (and some expected) findings regarding AML and compliance for 2014

Top 10 risk allocation pitfalls to avoid

Compliance programs for supply chain partners

The rising popularity of digital currency and its impact on your organization


Sterling Miller’s Ten Things: Explaining litigation to the board and the CEO

5 unbreakable rules for ensuring counsel select the right expert witness

Help executives master depositions with these three depo prep tips

Human resources

Employers: Your Independent Contractors May Actually be Employees

New NLRB Ruling is Game-Changer for Employment and Labor Law

What Obergefell Means for Employers