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Georgia Law Books

Thomson Reuters offers comprehensive legal resources on Georgia law – law books, eBooks on Proview, online books, and CD-ROMs. Standard shipping is always free.

This work is a complete guide to evidence law in Georgia and fully covers the new Evidence Code, which went into effect January 1, 2013.

Book $174.00 $121.80

This title provides an in-depth analysis of the issues typically encountered in family law in Georgia.

Book $419.00 $293.30
ProView eBook   $419.00 $293.30

This title summarizes all facets of automobile insurance law in Georgia, with an emphasis on tort cases involving automobile insurance.

Book $419.00 $293.30
ProView eBook   $419.00 $293.30

Provides procedural guidance and forms to help you represent either party in a landlord/tenant dispute.

Book (Full Set) $143.00 $100.10

Gives you a comprehensive review of collection tools, and suggestions on their use.

Book (Full Set) $155.00 $108.50

This guide to Georgia probate and administration law discusses common problems and their solutions.

Book (Full Set) $145.00 $101.50

Provides a complete guide to civil discovery in Georgia, including practical forms.

Book $196.00 $137.20

This treatise provides practical insight on general contract law, reviews specific contract types, and gives examples of standard contracts.

Book (Full Set) $170.00 $119.00

Provides a tool for the practitioner who needs to know state and federal employment principles applicable in Georgia.

Book (Full Set) $161.00 $112.70

This landmark set provides detailed coverage of all aspects of Georgia real estate law.

Book (Full Set) $505.00 $353.50
ProView eBook   $505.00 $353.50

You will find a step-by-step guide to workers’ compensation matters in this work, guiding you from initial interview through appeal.

Book $188.00 $131.60

Provides an in-depth and comprehensive treatment of the law of damages in Georgia, addressing every substantive area of the subject.

Book $441.00 $308.70
ProView eBook   $441.00 $308.70

This set provides court rules plus civil practice guides integrating procedural law and secondary sources specific to common court filings.

Book (Full Set) $375.00 $262.50

This discussion of real estate finance and foreclosure law reviews background and current law, and includes forms and sample letters.

Book $180.00 $126.00

Gives you a thorough analysis of recent developments in corporate practice and procedure, and provides forms.

Book (Full Set) $554.00 $387.80
ProView eBook   $554.00 $387.80

This treatise provides a full picture of Georgia trust law, and compares and contrasts this law with the prominent laws and trends in other states.

Book $178.00 $124.60

This title gives you quick answers to questions on the duties and powers of guardians and conservators under Georgia law.

Book $204.00 $142.80

This set provides a comprehensive compilation of the Code of Georgia Annotated, with annotations by West attorney-editors.

Book (Full Set) $1,605.00 $1,123.50

This comprehensive manual provides answers and guidance for all stages of a criminal case and is an invaluable resource trusted by judges, prosecutors, and defense lawyers alike.

Book $374.00 $261.80
ProView eBook   $374.00 $261.80

This practical handbook provides Georgia attorneys with a straightforward and thorough foundation in Georgia medical malpractice law.

Book $263.00 $184.10

Provides a quick reference manual of Georgia criminal statutes and case annotations for use in the office and courtroom.

Book $255.00 $178.50

This is an updated reference work on evidence law in Georgia, fully incorporating the new Evidence Code which went into effect January 1, 2013.

Book $174.00 $121.80

Substantial revision of Professor Agnor's work resulting in a true practice guide that fully incorporates the new Evidence Code which goes into effect January 1, 2013.

Book $174.00 $121.80

A legal encyclopedia providing comprehensive treatment of environmental law in Georgia.

Book (Full Set) $279.00 $195.30

This title gives practical guidance for both legal professionals and laypersons to deal with security interests, repossession, and disclosure.

Book (Full Set) $170.00 $119.00