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Time-saving software for divorce professionals.

Streamline the countless, complex financial details of any divorce with divorce planning software at Legal Solutions from Thomson Reuters.

FinPlan for divorce professionals saves time at every stage of the process.

The FinPlan suite includes four specialized products that let you collect, organize, interpret, and present the myriad details regarding income, budgets, assets, and liabilities of the two parties. It also provides tools and documents to help you address child support and custody issues.

Unique features allow you to negotiate better divorce settlements.

When you purchase the entire FinPlan suite, you get:

  • A documentation feature to identify the source of information and make notes for review
  • Powerful what-if scenario capabilities
  • Divorce Planner with state-mandated child support worksheets for 16 states
  • Divorce Math to calculate present value, pension value, alimony recapture, and more
  • Parenting time schedule for non-custodial parents
  • Equal Shares function for property distribution without double data entry
  • Options for structuring tax-friendly divorce settlements
  • Easy-to-understand three-year, after-tax cash reports for both parties
  • The ability to share data with other FinPlan users
  • Unmatched sophistication and ease of use

Choose the right divorce planning software to meet your needs.

FinPlan Divorce Planner »

Present the best settlement proposal for your client, every time. This application performs dozens of complex financial and tax calculations instantly, so you can accurately evaluate divorce settlements in minutes and see results for both parties simultaneously.

FinPlan Assets Plus »

Create simplified financial affidavits. This application generates a complex financial affidavit formatted specifically for a family law matter. Compare between parties to identify discrepancies.

FinPlan Divorce Math »

Calculate present value, pension value, alimony recapture, and more. Divorce Math helps you do all these things, and it also translates your tailored results into understandable, printable reports. An optional add-on module adds an arrearage calculator and parenting time calendar to Divorce Math.

FinPlan Equal Shares Planner »

Quickly prepare marital balance sheets and distribute marital property. This time-saving property distribution tool automatically separates marital and non-marital assets and displays distribution of assets in report form.

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