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An International Review of Criminal Evidence (Volume 1)

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An International Review of Criminal Evidence (Volume 1)



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Book - hardbound
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General Authors/Editors: The Honourable Justice Casey Hill, David M. Tanovich, Louis P. Strezos The first edition of An International Review of Criminal Evidence is the annual review by the General Authors/Editors and the International Advisory Panel for McWilliams' Canadian Criminal Evidence (5th Edition), which tracks all of the key developments in evidentiary law from the preceding year. With contributions by the experts on the International Advisory Panel, this publication identifies numerous cases of significance not only from Canada, but also from England and Wales, Northern Ireland, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, India and South Africa, and summarizes the recent developments in criminal evidence for easy reference as well as providing a global perspective. The first edition covers two Year in Review periods that were included in McWilliams Canadian Criminal Evidence (5th Edition). TheYear In Review: 2013 covers a range of subjects including hearsay, prior consistent and inconsistent statements, right to silence, adverse inferences, expert and lay opinion testimony, demeanour and credibility determinations, eyewitness identification, confessions, admissions, corroboration, character evidence, collateral facts, admission/exclusion of improperly obtained evidence, similar fact evidence, prior criminal record evidence, after-the-fact conduct, presumptions, dying declarations, and proof issues in sentencing proceedings. The Year In Review: 2014 covers a range of subjects including authentication, anonymisation of criminal defendants, burden of proof, child witnesses, circumstantial evidence, collateral evidence, compelled testimony, credibility assessments, confessions, corroboration, disclosure, dying declarations, eyewitness identification evidence, failures to object to evidence admissibility, fresh evidence on appeal, guilty pleas, narrative, opinion evidence, pre-trial silence, prior discreditable conduct, and, sexual history.