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Law of Defamation, 2d



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Brand: Clark Boardman Callaghan
Pages: 4460
Copyright: 1999-2014
ISBN: 0876325126

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Law of Defamation, 2d

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Law of Defamation offers a comprehensive analysis of defamation law, useful to legal practitioners and other professionals, including professors, publishers, and media industry experts. Updated every year, this two-volume set provides step-by-step guidance to all the legal and business complexities posed by modern libel law and addresses topics, such as:

    • Definition of public employee

    • Corporate speech

    • Recipient approach to determining defamatory character of words

    • Criminalization of mere “lies”

    • Preliminary injunctions and the “Occupy Wall Street” protests

    • Right of publicity and the First Amendment

    • Public figure/private figure dichotomy

    • Fault requirements

    • Defamatory meaning

    • Truth as a constitutional defense

    • Opinion and fair comment

    • Special harm

    • Libel and slander rules

    • Common law privileges

    • Damages and other remedies

    • Invasion of privacy

    • Emotional distress

    • Injurious falsehood

    • Negligent publication

    • Litigation

    • Counseling and strategy

    • Defamation in the workplace

Checklists and charts detailing accepted guidelines and procedures are included.