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Environmental Science Deskbook (Environmental Law Series)

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Environmental Science Deskbook (Environmental Law Series)


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Environmental language has become highly technical and specialized – like a foreign language that's difficult to master and interweave into legal discussions. Environmental Science Deskbook solves this problem with plain-English explanations of scientific terms, acronyms, concepts, methods, and applications. The text enables you to be conversant with such acronyms as PAHs, PQLs, VOCs, BOD, and DNAPLS, and have a better understanding of environmental science concepts from fields such as statistics, physics, chemistry, and toxicology. This title helps you:

  • Identify which environmental science concepts are essential to your briefs, pleadings, and advocacy strategies
  • Speak knowledgeably with technical experts on topics such as well construction and quantification limits
  • Keep current with new and evolving techniques, including enhanced remediation methods and Monte Carlo simulation
New Chapter!: "Scientific and Technical Aspects of Industrial Hygiene" by Steve Barnett, PE, CIH, MSPH, Esq. defining industrial hygiene and discussing generically applicable concepts—concepts relevant to OSHA standards for general industry, aspects of diseases caused by dust, and examples of literature bearing on the state of the art in industrial hygiene.

This resource also provides explanatory environmental legal practice examples so you can see the practical applications.