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Shop law books from Thomson Reuters and keep your competitive edge with current practice materials, treatises, statutes and reference books. Standard shipping is always free.

Present estate planning documents to clients in a professional binder.

Book   $15.00

The 4-in-1 “Goldbook” contains California statutes and rules of court relating to civil practice and procedure, along with research references.

Book   $76.00
ProView eBook

This is a complete collection of California statutes and court rules relating to California criminal law and procedure.

Book   $49.00
ProView eBook

New edition This work provides a portable, yet complete, edition of the full text of the California Education Code.

Book   $71.00
ProView eBook   $71.00

This tab set incorporates estate planning information and documents into an organized client binder.

Book   $8.00

This law dictionary contains more than 50,000 terms, earliest usage dates for nearly all terms, pronunciation guidance, Latin maxims, and more.

Book   $81.95

This pamphlet contains the complete text of the California Probate Code along with selected provisions from other relevant codes.

Book   $53.00
ProView eBook

Present estate planning documents to your clients in a professional binder with descriptive inserts on all elements of the estate plan.

Book (Full Set)   $35.00

This latest edition provides a unique collection of more than 31,000 topically organized proverbs, quotations, toasts, blessings, and famous sayings.

Book   $164.00
ProView eBook   $164.00

This product contains the Federal Acquisition Regulation Parts 1 to 53.

Book   $108.00
ProView eBook   $108.00

Present estate planning documents to your clients in a professional binder with descriptive inserts on all elements of the estate plan.

Book (Full Set)   $35.00

New edition Contains complete text of Civil Code and Title 9 of Louisiana Revised Statutes, both as revised and amended by the Legislature.

Book (Full Set)   $272.00

Court Rules provides rules essential to practice before the courts and serves as a comprehensive yet portable procedural law library.

Book   $128.00
ProView eBook   $128.00

This title lays out legal principles and approved law office procedures for those who have previous experience in the legal fields

Book   $64.00

New edition Complete text of California Probate Code, related California and federal statutes, and rules of court regarding estate planning and probate.

Book   $74.00

New edition The full text of the California Vehicle Code is incorporated into this portable pamphlet.

Book   $64.00
ProView eBook   $62.00

Contains the full text of the California Family Code, significant family-related provisions from other codes, and expert commentary from Blumberg.

Book   $69.00

This litigator's "bible" provides step-by-step guidance through pretrial procedures, from client intake, to commencing suit, and bringing it to trial.

Book (Full Set)   $555.00
ProView eBook   $638.00

This product allows your clients to organize their estate plans, substantive explanations of the plans, and other useful information.

Book   $20.00

This product provides comprehensive discussion of each rule, including practical applications, practice tips, limitations, and traps to avoid.

Book   $228.00

New edition

This manual contains the text of the United States Sentencing Guidelines, Policy Statements, and Commentary, amended and effective November 1, 2014.

Book (Full Set)   $135.00

Provides full text of the Louisiana Code of Civil Procedure, as amended by the Legislature.

Book   $245.00

This manual provides paralegals with the fundamentals of family law, helping the paralegal to become an essential part of any family law practice.

Book   $130.00

This title contains the entire text of the California Evidence Code.

Book   $40.00
ProView eBook