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Restatement of the Law (3d) of Foreign Relations Law of the United States

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Brand: American Law Institute
Copyright: 1988-2015

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Restatement of the Law (3d) of Foreign Relations Law of the United States


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Reflects the opinions of the American Law Institute in international law as it applies to the United States and domestic law impacting foreign relations. Discusses the sources of international law and its place in U.S. jurisprudence. Divided into nine main parts: I. International Law and its Relation to the United States; II. Persons in International Law; III. International Agreements; IV. Jurisdiction and Judgements; V. The Law of the Sea; VI. The Law of the Environment; VII. Protection of Persons (Natural and Judicial); VIII. Selected Law of International Economic Relations; IX. Remedies for Violations of International Law.


  • Lists recent changes in the domestic component of international law
  • Significantly expanded discussion of the international law of remedies
  • Notes where international law and domestic law differ, and where they agree
  • Covers international environmental law
  • Covers international human rights law
  • Covers certain areas of international economic law
  • Covers the law of the sea
  • Covers the law of diplomatic relations, international dispute settlement, and cooperation in law enforcement