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Practitioner Treatises

Redfearn Wills and Administration in Georgia is a complete guide to wills and the administration of estates from the petition-for-letters to the final discharge of the personal representative.

Book (Full Set)   $190.00 $171.00
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This title provides authoritative guidance on New York practice, reflecting statutory and caselaw changes, and amended disclosure provisions.

Book (Full Set)   $302.00 $271.80
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This title is designed to assist in the preparation of jury instructions in the state of Missouri.

Book (Full Set)   $255.00 $229.50

This work gives guidance for cases involving personal injury, death, or damages caused by trucks or commercial trailers.

Book (Full Set)   $414.00 $372.60
ProView eBook   $414.00 $372.60

Trawick explains the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure, taking a case from discovery through trial.

Book   $489.00 $440.10
ProView eBook   $489.00 $440.10

Comprehensive coverage of all aspects of Section 1983, discussing procedure, substantive law, cases, and decisions.

Book (Full Set)   $708.00 $637.20
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Provides a discussion of Louisiana criminal law, trial strategies, and citations to current authority.

Book (Full Set)   $229.00 $206.10
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New edition

This title contains Texas Rules of Evidence, plus analysis of evidentiary impact of discovery rules.

Book   $391.00 $351.90
ProView eBook   $391.00 $351.90

Provides you with a concise, thorough body of information on Louisiana evidence law.

Book   $323.00 $290.70
ProView eBook   $323.00 $290.70

New edition This volume is a comprehensive treatise on civil procedure in Florida.

Book   $565.00 $508.50
ProView eBook   $565.00 $508.50

This title reviews the law of trusts, including applicable rules, statutes, and cases and changes to the Florida Trust Code.

Book   $203.00 $182.70
ProView eBook   $203.00 $182.70

This work gives you a complete overview of wills and estate administration in Mississippi.

Book (Full Set)   $161.00 $144.90
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This work provides a detailed explanation of the Florida Personal Injury and Wrongful Death areas of law.

Book   $523.00 $470.70
ProView eBook   $523.00 $470.70

This work provides a guide to understanding and addressing Florida-specific issues in DUI cases.

Book   $407.00 $366.30
ProView eBook   $407.00 $366.30

A comprehensive and authoritative analysis of the rules and theory of the law of evidence with a pragmatic approach.

Book (Full Set)   $358.00 $322.20
ProView eBook   $358.00 $322.20

This book is an invaluable reference for any lawyer, construction, or engineering practitioner who deals with construction schedule delays, from project negotiation through litigation.

Book   $141.00 $126.90

A practice-oriented deskbook for the Alabama attorney involved in criminal law, arranged sequentially in the order of a criminal case.

Book (Full Set)   $335.50 $301.95

Gives you a complete guide to workers' compensation law in Florida, and includes official and suggested forms.

Book (Full Set)   $854.00 $768.60
ProView eBook   $854.00 $768.60

This work provides comprehensive information about the legal and practical aspects of civil practice in Florida.

Book   $558.00 $502.20
ProView eBook   $558.00 $502.20

This 2-volume resource provides an extensive treatment of Colorado criminal law and procedure.

Book (Full Set)   $466.00 $419.40
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Companion to Florida Practice and Procedure, providing procedural forms using clear, accurate language on disk.


This book gives the practitioner or mortgage lender assistance in foreclosure actions, with forms.

Book   $227.00 $204.30
ProView eBook   $227.00 $204.30

Step-by-step guide to preparing, settling, and trying mass tort cases.

Book (Full Set)   $386.00 $347.40
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Designed for in-court or outside use, provides access to basic principles, plus concise treatment of the law's critical aspects.

Book   $163.00 $146.70
ProView eBook   $163.00 $146.70

This is a quick reference to the complex and involved field of Alabama auto insurance law.

Book (Full Set)   $198.00 $178.20
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