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This work contains the complete state criminal and motor vehicle statutes and rules.

Book   $226.00
ProView eBook   $226.00

The Blockchain: A Guide for Legal and Business Professionals provides professionals with the information they need to know in order to understand how it might be able to help their business.

Book   $59.95 $47.96

New edition This product is a portable, quick-reference guide to bankruptcy laws and rules.

Book   $244.00 $195.20
ProView eBook   $244.00 $195.20

This product covers provisions of Titles 42 Pa.C.S.A. Judiciary and Judicial Procedure and 44 Pa.C.S.A. Law and Justice, plus court rules.

Book   $146.00 $116.80
ProView eBook   $146.00 $116.80

This book provides a comprehensive summary of the new swap regulatory regime under Title VII of the Dodd-Frank Act to assist industry professionals and their counsel in understanding the substance of these new requirements.

Book   $295.00 $236.00
ProView eBook   $295.00 $236.00

This unannotated pamphlet contains the text of Maryland statutes and Maryland State Court Rules relating to family law and is updated annually.

Book   $182.00 $145.60
ProView eBook   $182.00 $145.60

This title provides state and federal provisions affecting family law practice in Pennsylvania, supplemented with expert commentary and case citations.

Book   $348.00 $278.40
ProView eBook   $348.00 $278.40

This title helps legal, compliance, and business money management professionals familiarize themselves with essential materials that ensure compliance.

Book   $679.00 $543.20
ProView eBook   $679.00 $543.20

This volume covers Title 23 Pa.C.S.A. Domestic Relations and other Pennsylvania family law topics and court rules.

Book   $270.00
ProView eBook   $270.00

New edition This handbook provides answers for practitioners who have an interest in, or need to know about, Virginia landlord-tenant law.

Book   $362.00 $289.60
ProView eBook   $362.00 $289.60

Electronic Medical Records is an excellent source of information for all those involved in medical negligence cases about new issues being raised regarding electronic medical records.

Book   $173.00 $138.40

New edition Designed to provide the trial attorney with a reference for raising objections at trial and for making responses to objections.

Book   $65.00 $52.00
ProView eBook   $65.00 $52.00

New edition This title gives you a complete overview of the evidentiary issues that may arise during litigation in Utah courts.

Book   $307.00 $245.60
ProView eBook   $307.00 $245.60

This handbook uses case studies to illustrate how state law principles may be combined in order to solve client problems and includes extended practice resource materials.

Book   $264.00 $211.20
ProView eBook   $264.00 $211.20

Recently cited by the United States Supreme Court in Nautilus, Inc. v. Biosig Instruments, Inc., this book is a concise reference that collects caselaw dealing with every aspect of patent claim construction by the Federal Circuit.

Book   $241.00 $192.80

New edition This title provides procedural and substantive Arkansas statutory laws and constitutional provisions relating to civil practice and procedure.

Book   $225.00 $180.00
ProView eBook   $225.00 $180.00

This unannotated pamphlet contains the text of selected state criminal statutes from West's® Annotated Code of Maryland and is updated annually.

Book   $207.00 $165.60
ProView eBook   $207.00 $165.60

New edition

Understanding FINTech and Banking Law: A Practical Guide takes a comprehensive look at the evolving intersection between financial technology and regulation.

Book   $129.00 $103.20

This book provides a road map for anyone venturing into the world of schedule contracting.

Book   $104.00 $83.20

New edition This work addresses every conceivable aspect of confessions ever discussed by Maryland appellate courts.

Book   $353.00 $282.40
ProView eBook   $353.00 $282.40

New edition Rules and forms for family law practice in Florida.

Book   $302.00 $241.60

New edition Gives you guidance to handling criminal cases in Virginia, answers common questions, and provides useful strategies.

Book   $351.00 $280.80
ProView eBook   $351.00 $280.80

New edition This book provides a sampling of annotated jury instructions in patent infringement actions covering issues most often implicated at trial.

Book   $275.00 $220.00
ProView eBook   $275.00 $220.00

New edition This new publication will assist you in navigating your way through the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection examinations, investigations, and enforcement actions.

Book   $203.00 $162.40
ProView eBook   $203.00 $162.40

New edition This practical manual for attorneys, contractors, architects, engineers, and developers covers virtually every legal issue involved in New York construction.

Book   $209.00 $167.20
ProView eBook   $209.00 $167.20